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Technology to build anaerobic digesters, cover domes and constant pressure gasholders with double-sided PVC-coated fiber fabric.


An Italian company has developed proprietary production lines that work double-sided PVC-coated fiber fabric to build anaerobic digesters, cover domes, constant pressure gasholders and tank covers for odour limitation. The systems allow high flexibility in shape and equipment to regulate and control the working pressure and gas flow rates. The company is looking for partners interested in biogas plants design/construction/management, within commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Partner sought

Type of partner sought: farms, agro-food companies, municipalities interested in the storage of biogas generated from the anaerobic digestion of agriculture waste, municipal waste water treatment, industrial and urban waste; engineering companies interested in biogas plants design, construction and management. Task to be performed: biogas plants design, construction and management within commercial agreement with technical assistance.


The Italian company has been working in the environmental field and in the green energy production since 2000. The core business is related to the project and production of high tech components for the biogas powered plants. The factory, with its unique production system lines that work special plastic membranes, builds anaerobic digesters cover domes and constant pressure gasholders, that allow the use of the biogas for the electric and thermal energy production. The company has developed worldwide a great number of biogas production plants from the anaerobic digestion of dairy farm manure or urban and industrial sludge. The product range is very wide: gasholders on solid base, gasholder domes on liquid filled tanks in substitution of the metallic bell gasholders, floating lagoon or tank covers of any dimension, smell reducing covers for sludge tanks, membrane sealing of ground basins, flexible tanks for liquids. The gasholder’s membranes (external, gas and bottom) are constructed using single or double-sided fabric made with PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride)-coated fibre, that makes it UltraViolet-microbial-abrasion-biogas resistant. Individual membrane sections are welded together using high frequency welding (ISO 9001 quality). All welding edges are sealed using an eco-safe layer of pure PVC in order to prevent biogas and other contaminants from degrading the fibres within the membrane. The inner biogas chamber is a completely sealed, one-piece chamber which prevents gas losses that can pass through anchor bolts used to secure the gasholder to the concrete base. The external membrane works as the outer shell of the system and supports the environmental loads that the gasholder will experience throughout its life. In addition, through the use of a continuously operating air handling system, the proper level of pressure is maintained allowing the biogas chamber to operate at a pre-set and constant working pressure. The biogas chamber’s storage capacity varies according to the production and use of biogas while operated at a constant working pressure regulated by the air membrane and air handling system. From an operational safety standpoint, a gradual and continual replenishing of the air chamber by the air handling system removes any biogas that might pass from the biogas chamber into the air chamber. The company is looking for new international partners involved in biogas production. The proposed collaboration will be carried out within commercial agreement with technical assistance, as the company can give its technical support during the design, construction and management activities.

Advantages and innovations

With more than 500 holders and covers installed around the world, the Italian company has reached high performance based on leading technology and knowhow. The wide variety of products and solutions includes gasholders and covers, floating covers, odor control covers and biogas plant accessories. The company has the engineering capabilities and experience to deliver tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of its customers, including gasholders with working pressure that can range from near-zero up to 70 mbar, or more. This flexibility is due to the technical capabilities of selecting materials, shape and equipment to regulate and control the working pressure and gas flow rates.

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