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An italian designer has patented a multifunctional space-saving piece of furniture


An Italian designer offers an innovative multifunctional space-saving piece of furniture that includes in all in one solution: bed, sofa, cabinet, bookcase and work surface. The invention provides several advantages both in terms of use of space and in terms of practicality. The designer is offering the technology under license and manufacturing agreements.

Partner sought

The Italian company is looking for furniture factories that are willing to start the serial production of this innovative piece of furniture.The cooperation will be carried out under license agreements. The Italian designer grants the international partners the right to produce and sell goods in its market. Also a grant of exclusive territory can be included in the collaboration. To start the serial production of this innovative piece of furniture, the other viable kind of collaboration is the manufacturing agreement. In this case the designer will provide all the indications and the know-how necessary to start the furniture production.


An Italian designer has great expertise related to the design of furniture. In designing his works, he considers both aesthetics and functionality and pays great attention to factors such as sustainability, ergonomics, customer preferences and practicality. Often in the design of his works, he has addressed the issue of creating design objects suitable for small spaces, without sacrificing user needs and comfort. The technology offered relates a multifunctional space-saving piece of furniture. To meet the personal need related to the space in a house, one is often forced to opt for a sofa bed, giving up differents room's use destinations. Sofa beds are all conceived with opening and closing mechanism to substantially modify space, since at the time of their opening they cover an area which, at the time of their closure, is walkable. Moreover, once the bed has been opened, the sofa/bed can not be used for any other function other than the function of the bed itself. At the state of the art, everything related to the current "bed sofa" (so-called "clic clac" sofa beds and so-called "folding" sofa beds) is characterized by a deformation of the skeleton of the structure and its accessories, first in all the mattress. Always regarding limited surfaces, individual choices often fall onto another furniture section, such as bookcase and work surfaces. The purpose of the technology offered by the Italian designer is to provide a multifunctional space-saving piece of furniture that enables the consumer to benefit of bed, sofa, cabinet, bookcase and work surfaces at the same time in small spaces. This aim is achieved through the realization of a bifacial monoblock composed by the above mentioned pieces of furniture. This is all made functionally by a sliding mechanism of the bed below the monoblock structure outlining the configuration of two different sofas (when the bed is blocked in the middle of the upper structure) and for a bed (when the bed slides through half of itself in the direction of the area selected as sleeping area). The sliding system of the bed can be also powered electrically. In particular, this space-saving piece of furniture is composed by: - a sliding bed on at least four wheels. At least two are equipped with a stopping system. - a bifacial monoblock comprising cabinets and bookcase. The bifacial monoblock is equipped with an opening at the bottom centre, which is as wide as the width of the bed, allowing the bed to slide through the bifacial monoblock; - a dividing panel placed at the centre of the bifacial monoblock in the area below the utility modules (bookcase and closets) allowing, by placing the cushions, the configuration of two different sofas, one at each side of the monoblock, and each one being the half of the bed. The dividing panel, being part of the monoblock, is double at the side as it is possible to rotate 90 degrees over the coplanar panel through a simple hinge which allows to be used as a working surface. The Italian designer is willing to cooperate with international partners interested in accessing the market with this innovative piece of furniture under license and manufacturing agreements.

Advantages and innovations

The main innovation of the technology is to integrate into a single furniture solution all that a small living area needs without sacrificing space and comfort. Unlike the solutions commonly available on the market, in the bed closed position, there is no deformation of the skeleton of the structure and its accessories, first of all the mattress. It is a bifacial furniture piece dividing the area into two separate ones with different destinations of use, that is living area and sleeping area. The proposed invention provides several advantages both in terms of use of space and in terms of practicalness of use of the components that the structure incorporate: sofas, bed, cabinets, bookcase, work surfaces. It also allows to divide into two different areas the single available room and it is possible to design multiple functional solutions by easily changing the monoblock. The technology increases the comfort offered by a living room. The mattress does not deform during the sliding mechanism. The sliding mechanism enables to configure two sofas or the bed. In the living area it is possible to use a working desk integrated to the monoblock. This piece of furniture can be easily realized in serial production.

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