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Software infrastructure and instructional design skills for e-learning


An Italian start-up offers e-learning service both as software developer and instructional designer. No ICT skill is required to create interactive learning experiences. The entire process can be completely customized to suit every need. The company is looking for collaboration in product and content development in healthcare, soft skills and hard skill training. They are looking for partners for technical cooperation and license agreement.

Partner sought

The potential partnership could be technical cooperation agreement and license agreement. - License agreement: Partnership to provide the product to large companies and organizations in order to provide the expertise and technical support to design and develop new e-learning courseware or update existing contents for mobile fruition. - Technical cooperation agreement: Partnerships with e-learning providers and Industries to set up services in vertical sector for industry, school and healthcare. Partnerships with Academic institutions and research organizations to investigate and develop new features and methodologies with focus on Digital Natives training or joint expertise in R&D projects.


An Italian start-up offers e-learning services: a powerful 5-modules suite composed by a WYSWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Html5 multi-language authoring tool (story-boarder and editor), an LCMS (Learning Content Management System), an LMS (Learning Management System) and a mobile application. - Software Infrastructure: The suite was initially designed to facilitate the social inclusion of citizens and funded by EU FI-WARE / FI-ADOPT program, and then developed as a powerful five modules system, all cloud-based, which follows the training process from content creation to final delivery. The story-boarder and editor allow to easily create Html5 multi-language courseware. The same lesson can be enjoyed in different languages, in terms of text and voice, based on the languages implemented during the development phase. The tool allows the developers to automatically convert the written text into synthetic audio files and to automatically translate the content of the text boxes. A “language flag” can be selected by the student in order to play the lesson in the target language. Highly interactive courseware is build using a simple drag and drop system, adding and syncing different multimedia files in the final lesson structure. Advanced Htm5 script interface is available for expert e-learning producers in order to implement enhanced, customized features. Every multimedia is independently stored in an LCMS (Learning Content Management System) that allows to use and re-use the same file in different lessons, always keeping track of changes and raw versions. Once the lesson is finalized, it is exported in an LMS (Learning Management System) where the entire learning community is managed: you can create classes, assign roles (administrator, teacher, student), disseminate courseware and assessments and automatically collect performance reports. If the customer already has an LMS, he can easily add his own lessons and run the academy from there, or he can rent a space and customize it to suit his needs. For the final step of the training process, students can access and complete lessons assigned to them on any mobile device or PC, thanks to the mobile app supplied with the product and available in the most common app stores. It ensures student traceability even without internet connection and allows communication between trainers and learners via dedicated chat, calls or webinars. If needed, its look & feel can be completely customized with the customer’s colors and logo or can be easily embedded in other apps or websites. - Instructional design: The company developed instructional design skills by creating courseware for the customers in different markets: starting from aviation, moving to soft skills and healthcare. The lessons are specifically designed for digital natives and make use of training methods like micro-learning, adaptive-learning and gamification to engage students and ensure effectiveness. The e-learning suit don’t work with pre-made general courses, but the learning content is customized on the client’s needs and knowledge. The process starts with existing materials like PDF files, slides, notes or books, which are then “translated” into interactive courseware. Every lesson is checked by all parties and finalized when there are no more trouble tickets pending. The company is looking for partners for license agreement and for technical cooperation to collaborate in product and content development in healthcare, soft skills and hard skill training.

Advantages and innovations

The company aims to provide a new and complete ecosystem to design, distribute, play and track fruition of e-learning content on any mobile device in healthcare, industry and soft skills development. The suite allows to easily create courseware and manage academies, even without specific ITC knowledge. Being in cloud, it does not require any in-house installation but runs on a license that can be activate or deactivate according to the customer’s needs. Licensing costs depends on the extent of students, teachers and materials involved. Customized solutions can be designed if an in-house infrastructure is needed. For instructional design services, the costs are related to the hours of e-learning created and to the level of interaction required. In any case, at the end of the process the complete ownership of all content is ensured to the client, which can use it on all Html5-based platforms. All courseware produced is SCORM compliant, which ensures the maximum level of quality. Together with the progress tracking system, available both online and offline, it allows to use e-learning for certification purposes even for high demanding markets like aviation and healthcare. The simple structure of the suite and of the designed content allows to easily embed it in any other existing system at any level of the process, creating completely tailored solutions to suit any specific requirement. The use of leading-edge methodologies in instructional design, specifically conceived for digital natives, allows to extend the attention span and increase the engagement levels, keeping learners involved and boosting the effectiveness of the learning process. In combination with face-to-face training, it allows to take the most of training time and ensure the achievement of all preset goals.

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