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A Korean company specialized in an AI-based image analysis platform for a smart city is looking for a technical cooperation and commercial partner


A Korean company developed and successfully practiced an artificial intelligence (AI)-based image analysis integrated platform for a smart city, which can be applied to control smart traffic, smart security, smart disaster prevention, etc. The company wants to export its technology to Europe and is looking for a government organization in charge of planning smart city or private companies related to the smart city for technical cooperation and commercial cooperation with technical assistance.

Partner sought

- Type of partner sought: companies which participate in public tenders for a smart city, companies related to a smart city project, government organizations, public and university R&D organizations - Specific area of activity of the partner: Companies and organizations related to IT, telecommunications service provider, system integrator, image technology provider, big data company, etc. - Task to be performed: - A partner in a public or private sector planning a smart city will adopt the company’s product and apply to the administration of the smart city, such as traffic, security, disaster prevention, etc. - A partner with profound knowledge in technology interface or management of big data will share the know-how with the company. The company is also interested in cooperation with the IT companies which are interested in transferring the company’s technology.


Established in 2011, this Korean company developed an artificial intelligence(AI)-based image analysis integrated platform for a smart city. The company started out as a venture company and grew as it carried out numerous government projects inside and outside of Korea from the beginning of the company’s establishment. The platform is made of three parts, namely the field system, image analysis integrated engine, and service provision. The field system serves as the receptor of information. Devices such as an image analysis engine, video system, and storage device collect and control the information in the city area. Then, the image-analysis-integrated engine identifies and classifies the data. Through the collected image, objects are recognized and divided into sectors such as smart traffic, smart park, smart factory safety, and smart security. Finally, the processed data is provided as platform service to the clients such as the government organizations notifying the location, time, event type and responding on the spot. The service is based on AI and pattern technology. The platform’s image analysis technology may be separated, partially combined or totally integrated to meet a customer’s needs and demands with different types of computing environment, data volume and link. The platform’s service list includes traffic control, pedestrian safety, waterside monitoring, and road/park safety, etc. Below is the explanation of each service in detail: 1) The smart traffic control increases the safety and convenience of the residents by analyzing traffic at intersection and arterial link traffic in second-unit; the service identifies the accurate traffic situation and produces various traffic scales. 2) The smart crosswalk alerts pedestrians and vehicles when unusual behaviours such as jaywalk and traffic signal violation take place by automatically detecting the pedestrians. The service is especially helpful in preventing the collision between vehicles making a turn and pedestrians crossing the street. 3) The waterside monitoring is a real-time monitoring system for dams and rivers to prevent the damage by detecting a potential flood. The system enables an immediate response to a natural disaster which is made possible through the monitoring system and minimizes the damage. 4) Smart park management is a service that detects dangerous activities such as a crime and accident. It can also monitor specific factors such as homeless people, smoking, and restroom safety. With the help of the smart park management, the residents are protected from such harm and may enjoy their time at the park safely. The service further supports the maintenance of the park environment by monitoring the electronic signs and street lamps in the park. The service is successfully adopted by some of the largest metropolitan governments and private organizations in Korea. The City of Busan has adopted the company’s smart traffic service and Daegu is using the smart security service including smart park management. Based on these success cases in Korea, the company would like to expand its area of business to other countries. The company is interested in transferring their technology to IT companies in need of the AI and image analysis expertise. In addition, a public organizations or private companies planning a smart city can adopt the company’s product through a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The company will provide the first stage training and instruction of the platform to such partner.

Advantages and innovations

- The product’s key advantage is that the company owns a vast amount of real CCTV video data, and does not use other images such as the game image. Using the real data enhances the accuracy of the company’s solution. - Also, the similar types of solutions already in the market use pattern image analysis. This means that the solution detects the object but is not able to respond to the change on its own. The company’s solution is AI and pattern-based, so the solution proactively responds to the change and re-learns the geometric pattern. Also, the detection accuracy is increased in line with self-learning. Besides A.I, deep learning and machine learning are employed depending on the functionality and site environment of the solution. - The platform utilizes existing resources such as the city government’s CCTVs. In case any additional installation is necessary, the company manages the budget at the most efficient way, for instances, installing 3.5 units of bus shelters while other companies install one shelter for the same amount. - The company has extensive experience of working with government organizations related to the smart city. Next to Busan’s smart city project, the company established a surveillance system, smart traffic system, and smart facility management systems in different parts of South Korea. - Most Importantly, the company’s platform focuses on social safety net, considering human life as the ultimate value: a smart crosswalk was developed to protect the safety of pedestrians and smart passenger & bus reservation system. The Smart Bus Information Transportation (BIT) System detects the elderly passengers through face recognition technology and reserves a free ride for the seniors over 65 years old. This is related to the Korean policy offering a free pass in public transportation service for those over 65 years old.

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