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Lithuanian medical software manufacturer offers intelligent solution allowing a connection of all medical devices into a unified network


Lithuanian software developers, who specialize in the development of medical IT devices, have built an operating system capable of servicing all medical devices on a network, as well as providing access to and management of the medical data. The company is looking for partners to work under a license agreement.

Partner sought

The ideal partners are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) companies, which are providing CE certified and FDA approved ophthalmic and dermatology cameras. The partnership, which will integrate our software decisions (medical OS) and medical devices (ophthalmic and dermatology camera‘s) products, should help to expand both companies' businesses in the European and USA market.


The company was founded in 2007 and possesses 12 years of experience in development of medical IT devices for processing, visualization and transmission of diagnostic medical data. Company products are unique and designed to aid medical professionals in every day decision-making process, connecting all the medical data into a unified and fast performing network. Company products are installed in 52 countries, i.e. 630 server installations, 1690+ workstation installations, 462k+ shared studies. Technology offer: medical operating system (OS) is a unique operating system with embedded components to ensure communication and medical workflow by most important medical protocols and integrated medical standards. the OS includes 4 separate products which could be used as integrated part of a system or could be integrated into other systems: 1. Mobile medical device operating system's functionalities: OS service that performs the analytics / log function; Received image conversion to the DICOM standard and transfer to PACS server working with the DICOM standard; Ability to view RTSP and WebRTC video; Creation, storage, review of the diagnostic description; Export studies in different formats: DICOM, jpeg; Sending a study to another DICOM server; 2. Mobile Ophthalmic Camera - Workstation. Software functionalities: Identification the patient according to HIS data and work schedule; Initiating a photo and assigning a picture to a particular patient; Image processing (contrast, zoom, incremental, marking) and RGB colour change; View and modify patient and study data; Converting studies to DICOM standard records according to ophthalmology standards and sending studies to PACS servers, DICOM archives and workstations operating according to DICOM standards; Analysis function. 3. Mobile Dermatologic Camera - Workstation. Software functionalities: Identification of patient according to HIS data and work schedule; Initiating a photo and assigning a picture to a particular patient; Image processing and imaging of hyperspectral dermatoscopic camera; Image processing (contrast, zoom, incremental, marking); Conversion of studies into DICOM standard dermatology records; Converting studies to DICOM standard records according to dermatology standards and sending studies to PACS servers, DICOM archives and workstations operating according to DICOM standards; View patient and study data. Modify study / patient data; Analysis function. 4. IOS/Android Applications for Ophthalmic Image Review: Bottom of the eye imaging for diagnosis; View and edit patient data (HL7 FHIR support), annotations; Image Editing Features (Contrast Ratio, Incrementation / Reduction, etc.); Send and receive images from the selected PACS server and / or compatible medical device; Real-time video view of the camera; Possibility to capture the bottom of the eye using a specialized Smart Optical Adapter. Partnerships: The company is looking for partners from industry interested in license agreement with technical assistance.

Advantages and innovations

The main advantage of the medical operating system is integrated interfaces, which allow any mobile medical device to communicate with other medical devices through the operating system. The innovative solutions allow for: - an eliminated need for a stationary physician workstation; - the ability to connect directly to the ophthalmic/ dermatological camera from another device (e.g., tablet, computer, or smartphone); - the iOS and Android applications support of the latest medical communication standard HL7 FHIR.

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