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Easy to use method of particleboard protection against fungi


The Polish research institute working on wood technologies has developed an innovative method of particleboard protection against fungi. This technology could be easily implemented in the traditional production process of particleboard. The technology was developed as a laboratory tested method of particleboard protection. The Institute is currently looking for partners to develop technology and implement it on the market. The desired type of cooperation is a license agreement.

Partner sought

The desired type of partner is a company experienced in and actively working on various chemical products for particleboard protection. The partner should have appropriate experience, scientific team and laboratory equipment allowing further development of the technology to the industrial scale and appropriate experience, skills and possibilities to introduce the final product on the international scale. Experience in introduction of similar products on the international market is essential. The other type of desired partner is a company from particleboard industry for the method of particleboard protection can be used in the process of particleboard production. The role of the partner is to further develop the technology to the industrial scale and introduce it internationally.


The Polish research institute working on wood technologies has developed an innovative method of particleboard protection against fungi. The offered invention concerns a method of antifungal protection of particleboards and a substance for such antifungal protection of particleboards based on the application of ionic liquids. A method of antifungal protection of particleboards comprising the introduction of a fungicide into an adhesive resin characterized in that a dispersion of a mixture of ionic liquids and 1,2,4-triazole derivative. The fungicide, which could be a mixture of ionic liquids with nitrate(V) anion and tebuconazole in a solution of an adhesive resin used for particleboard bonding, is prepared and, subsequently, the so prepared composition of the resin and the ionic liquid dispersion is spread onto the chips with known methods and thus the process of particleboard production is continued. The scope of application of the technology includes a wide range of products of the wood industry, in particular boards manufactured of: - machined woodchips, - waste woodchips from mechanical wood processing, - fragmented lignocellulosic materials of agricultural origin, e.g. rape straw, cereal straw, hemp or linen hurl. The current invention aims at providing a method for antifungal protection of particleboards and OSB (Oriented strand board) boards "in bulk" that is effective in the entire volume of the particleboard. The technology is at the stage of advanced laboratory tests. Tests were carried out on samples made of wood chips. A patent on the technology is pending in EPO. The Institute is now willing to introduce this technology to the market. Therefore the Institute is now looking for an industrial partner from chemical industry which targets its offer to particleboard manufacturers. The potential partner should have appropriate laboratory equipment, team and experience in research and development of new agents and chemical products for particleboard protection and particleboard preservation. The desired type of agreement is license agreement. The desired type of cooperation is further development of the technology to the industrial scale and introduction of the product on the international scale.

Advantages and innovations

The most important strength of the technology is that it can be applied in the existing production process. According to the presented recipe the protective substance is mixed with an adhesive. Thanks to this, the dosing of the product does not require modifications or adding subsequent stages to the existing production process. Another important advantage of the solution is deep penetration, which is obtained thanks to the use of ionic liquids as a solvent for an active substance with fungicidal activity. Alternative methods of antifungal protection are applied to ready-made particleboards. The old methods are based on coating the particleboard surface with suitable fungicidal and biocidal substances by smearing, spraying or bathing. These methods have limited efficacy due to the difficult application of the biocide. The impregnation of particleboards by means of bathing or vacuum impregnation has a negative impact on their physical and mechanical properties. The quality of the protection is also insufficient because of a non-uniform distribution of the active substance. The described solution does not have a negative impact on the mechanical strength of treated boards. Many methods of protection against fungi, e.g. immersion, cause a decrease in the board’s strength.

Development stage

Under development/lab tested

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

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