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An award-winning pellet boiler with innovative burner offered under the joint-venture agreement


A Polish company has been operating in the heating industry since 2014. They specialise in the sustainable central heating systems and offer a pellet boiler of their own design. Its main advantage is a burner that produces fewer pollutants and more energy using less fuel. The firm wants to form a joint venture in order to start mass production of the invention and is looking for partners that can contribute their manufacturing capacities, financial resources and knowledge of local markets.

Partner sought

Type of Partner Sought: companies active in the heating industry, especially ones that specialise in the manufacturing of heating equipment. Role of Partner Sought: Partner should contribute either production capacities or financial resources that are necessary to start mass-production of the boiler. The firm would also welcome partners with knowledge of their local markets and experience in introducing new products.


Increasing the use of biomass derived from organic, renewable materials for heating, electricity generation and transport purposes can help to diversify energy sources, create growth and jobs, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. That requires an effective and sustainable way of converting biomass into energy. Currently, available pellet boilers are less than ideal and can be improved in both these respects. An SME from northwestern Poland that operates in the heating industry and specialises in the sustainable central heating systems has developed a new, award-winning pellet boiler. It has a power of up to 21 kW, operating it requires only 1h a month, and the device can be controlled remotely. What makes the boiler unique and highly efficient is a patented burner. First, it gasifies pellet, then burns resulting gases in a heat exchanger and, finally, transmits produced heat throughout the building. Sensors measure the amount of pellet in the burner and, if needed, refuel it in order to sustain optimal heating parameters. Construction of the pellet feed system prevents any jams and interruptions. The device is equipped with automatic electric ignition. The resulting flue gases are clean (near-zero emissions) and almost all of the ashes (95%) stay in the ash pan. The whole boiler is customisable and lighter than the traditional heating solutions. It has been designed with the automated, mass production in mind, so the number of required welding joints is reduced to a bare minimum. The cleaning process of a boiler grate is fully automated. The company would like to start mass-producing the invention and introduce it into the foreign markets. To that end, it is looking for partners to create a joint-venture. A partner will be expected to provide production capacities, financial resources and/or knowledge of local markets. The firm will, in turn, contribute its pellet boiler and expertise on producing it.

Advantages and innovations

- easy-to-use, user-friendly solution - the device has been designed so that operating and maintaining it requires as little effort from customers as possible (most of the tasks are automated or can be done remotely); - the offered boiler is lighter than the currently available ones, so its production requires fewer materials and installation is easier (the device is also highly customisable); - the boiler is more effective (produces fewer pollutants and more energy from less input), what makes it also an environment-friendly solution; - the device is constantly improved in cooperation with local scientists;

Development stage

Prototype available for demonstration

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Patents granted

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