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Polish research institute which offers cooperation in the field of 3D protein structures and protein ligand complexes is looking for business partners


Bio-crystallography team with experience in supporting drug discovery projects organized a dedicated commercial laboratory in Poland’s leading biomedical research institute. X-ray crystallography is the primary method for determining the 3D structure of the protein or protein-ligand complexes. Biotech and pharma companies are sought for agreements such as commercial with technical assistance, manufacturing, or services.

Partner sought

The institute is looking for partners that can benefit from extensive experience in structural biology (mainly in supporting drug discovery projects), especially in the medical market. Research Institute is open to: 1. supporting projects, 2. being your subcontractor realizing projects for customers, 3. establishing a partnership to offer a broader range of services, 4. obtaining funds from the EU for projects in the lab service which can be a co-contractor or a subcontractor. Role of future partner is a collaboration in the medical research which will be including work on drug discovery and development projects.


Dedicated commercial bio-crystallography lab in Poland’s leading international research institute offers extensive experience in drug discovery projects and other R&D endeavors by 3D structure determination of protein and protein-ligand complexes using X-ray crystallography as a primary method. X-ray crystallography is a powerful tool for determining 3D structure of protein. It uses the ability of proteins to form crystals under specific conditions. Molecules in the crystal form a very regular three-dimensional pattern, which upon being exposed to radiation of X-rays allows the registration of the diffraction pattern on a special detector. Such data is usually collected by synchrotron X-ray sources. Analysis of the resulting images allows the researchers to determine the position of each of the thousands of atoms of the test substance with great precision, which makes it possible to create a three-dimensional model. This level of observation of either the proteins or protein-ligand complexes makes crystallography powerful approaches to new drugs discovery. Medications are often designed to block the activity of the protein (inhibitors), if the excess is the cause of the disease. High resolution of the protein structure, which is a potential goal for therapy, allows for the design of specifically tailored chemical molecules that can interact with it. This technique is also necessary to verify that the designed molecule combines with the protein as expected and that it has the potential to be used as a drug. Bio-crystallography’s team experience, expertise and technology allow to offer: solving protein structures, drug discovery support, consulting and sharing insider know- how. Crystallographic methods are the last and crucial stage of the cycle of work necessary to know the atomic structure of the protein. Before starting the crystallization it is necessary to produce a very pure sample of a protein that has the appropriate concentration level. First the gene of the target protein is optimized, usually for expression in bacterial/mammalian cells (ie. the preparation of expression constructs – gene cloning), and then the gene is introduced into the cells which are then grown in bacterial/mammalian cultures. During their growth, the modified cells produce the protein encoded by the introduced genetic information. A purified product is obtained through the extraction of cell biomass (ie. production and purification of recombinant proteins). Services the solving protein structures and the drug discovery support are consist of three service modules that can be developed extending all the way from gene to structure: I. preparation of expression constructs, II. recombinant protein production in e-coli and mammalian cells, II. bio-crystallography of protein or protein-ligand complexes. The bio-crystallography team organized a commercial venture in Poland’s leading biomedical research institute established under an international agreement between the Polish government and UNESCO. The principles of operation of the institute are based on ideas from the best research institutes in the world which also makes it a good business partner. Due to the low operating costs in Poland, the team can offer very attractive prices, which do not affect the highest quality of services. The bio-crystallography team has extensive experience and follows world’s trends in protein crystallography. CSO is a principal investigator with significant scientific output – his structural work has been published in top scientific journals ( Molecular Cell, the EMBO Journal, Nature Structural Molecular Biology, Nature Communications). Institute is a recipient of prestigious research grants, such as the European Research Council Starting Grant, the Wellcome Trust International Senior Research Fellowship and the Howard Hughes International Early Career Scientist Award. The institute is looking for the commercial, manufacturing, services agreement.

Advantages and innovations

For the last several years the bio-crystallography team has worked on drug discovery and development projects in close cooperation with a number of major players in the Polish and international biotech-pharma industry. The team has been cooperating as a commercial service provider as well as a partner in various grant consortia. Main advantages of the bio-crystallography team are: - the advanced technology of 3D structure of protein and protein-ligand complexes, - a very high quality of using X-ray crystallography, - extensive experience in biomed research, - big experience in R&D projects, - high quality with good prices.

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