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Cloud-based software for livestock farm management


A Romanian software company has developed a cloud-based platform via a user identification device, that helps livestock farm managers through all the management process. The platform is already available on the national market and offers innovative elements like records and reproduction of animals, health status, bonitation according to ideal race, stock management, and events complex reports. The company is looking for partners to conclude commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Partner sought

The Romanian software company is looking for partners under a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The partners sought should be: - ICT companies with experience in the agro-food and agribusiness industry. The partners should find customers and take over the installation of the platform, and support of the local customers. - Big companies from the agro-food and agribusiness sectors, specialized institutions, organizations and/or associations in the livestock field. The partners should integrate the platform and provide content according to their specific activity. The Romanian company will support its partners with technical assistance, in order to create specialized services that will seamlessly interoperate, thus creating a sophisticated and customizable working environment for the foreign end users. If needed, the Romanian company will also provide staff training.


The Romanian software company located in Transylvania, with over 8 years of experience in the field of software development, is specialized in business to business and business to consumer software requirements such as: software consultancy (software development, software maintenance and suitable strategies for IT infrastructure) and web agency activities (web design, website optimization, web hosting, online shop, online catalog, online marketing campaigns, etc.). The company has developed a new service useful for the effective administration of livestock farms. The cloud-based platform designed by the Romanian company is an online computer software for cattle and buffalo farms (taurines) management. Starting with a user identification device, users have all the functionalities needed for efficient livestock management. The user accounts are individual ones, designed for individuals or user account types within a channel, designed for business users. For the companies, the first user account created through the site is the channel administrator and once logged into the platform, this user can create user-defined roles with different access rights to other user accounts within the channel. The service provides users with the following innovative facilities: - Records of Animals. The records required for complete and effective records, according to the specific methodologies and requirements of the Sanitary-Veterinary Directorates. - Reproduction of Animals. A complete reproduction of animals, reports and specific analyzes. Evidence of the evolution of gynecological states with marking of the pathological states. - Health status. A complete history of consultations and treatments, optimal punctual assessment of health. - Bonitation According to Ideal Race. Ensure the recording frame and then reporting for the measurements of different breeds. - Stock management. Reception, transfers, management reports, efficiency and price analyzes. Download on recipes. Nomenclatures, billing. - Events Complex Reports. Automatic generation of activity-specific events for better resource management. Create complete and complex reports to be used as support for efficient management. - Integration/Synchronization/Reporting. Generate specific reports and support for creating documents for obtaining grants. In order to achieve the highest degree of expertise and innovation and to increase the number of functionalities of this cloud computing, the company has worked with farm managers, zootechnics engineers, technicians, and veterinarians. Also, the collaboration and technology transfer from various universities, specialized institutions, organizations and/or associations in the field added value to the project. The company is looking for ICT integrators with experience in the agribusiness industry, willing to incorporate this cloud-based platform to their solutions portfolio and/or agribusiness companies, under commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Advantages and innovations

The Romanian software company’s cloud-based platform advantages include: • the usage-driven design perspective, which means that end-users’ needs were identified and user requirements were formulated as central design goals; • the user’s opportunity to benefit from the first 14 days free of charge; • a comprehensive overview and central administration of all records of animals; • a central administration of the all the stock management prices and availabilities. Regarding its innovative character, the platform offers: • a full overview and control of all the records and reproduction of animals, the health status, the bonitation according to ideal race, stock management and the events complex reports; • a lower investment cost since the intelligence of the system is located in the cloud and only sensors, actuators and low-end computing components are needed; • an automatic communication of the system with any equipment or external service; • the storage of raw data and guaranteeing user-independence from any service provider; • network awareness in order for the system to adapt to malfunctioning Internet links, identification of malfunctioning components, etc.

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