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Slovak company conducting chemical research and producing chemical specialties and fine chemicals is offering analytical services and external research capacities in the field of petrochemical and organic synthesis, processes and products


The Slovak company has been one of the leading central EU companies conducting industrial research in the area of organic chemistry. The research focuses primarily on petrochemical and other organic synthesis, processes and products to the level of technological foundations for new production facilities. The company would like to offer its external research capacities and analytical services under research cooperation or services agreements.

Partner sought

Type: no preference - research institutions, industrial partners. Field of activity: no preference, the partners interested in research services and research capacities offered by the Slovak company. Role of partner: The Slovak company is looking for partners interested in joint researching projects and in analytical works. The preferred type of cooperation would be via research cooperation agreement or via services agreement.


Slovak company was established in 1996 by transformation of established research institute founded in 1950. Throughout its history, in collaboration with its partners has implemented various chemical production systems and rationalisation measures, for well-known Slovak and foreign companies operating in the field of chemistry and petrochemistry. With over 60 years experience in research and development (R&D) and over 900 international patents, this Slovak company is recognised internationally through numerous research projects together with renowned European chemical producers. The research is conducted for own needs as well as for other parties and offers a holistic approach to project solutions including literature and patent search, laboratory and technological research, development of analytical methodologies to determine raw materials, products and intermediate products, measurement of technical safety and physical-chemical parameters of raw materials and products, purification of products, verification of processes in laboratory and pilot scale, ecology solutions, chemical engineering and development of technological bases for production realisation. The excellency of the output is documented by global unique products covering significant portion of EU market. Research and development of the Slovak company accounts for 25% of their sales. The company is providing the contract research fof Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom or USA. The analytical services include, e.g.: - gas and liquid chromatography, - gravimetric and titration analysis, - spectral analysis, - physical, technical-safety analysis. The company is offering technical service and consultation with focus on on industrial ecology, chemical analyses, physical-chemical processes, measurement of explosive properties of gases and vapours, and testing services in accordance to the requirements of European chemical legislation (REACH). The company´s research include but is not limited to: - research of acrylate esters polyhydric alcohols production, - new products based on acetylene, - ecological technologies and products based on bioglycerol, - high purity N-tert-Butylmethylamine production, - O,O'-Bis(3-aminopropyl)polyethyleneglycol production, - calcium bis(2-aminoethylhydrogenphosphat) production, - isolation of essential oils, - green catalyst for benzoin production, - N,N,N',N'-Tetrakis (2-hydroxyethyl)adipamide production, - TEMPO-Mediated Oxidation of pulp, - pulp mill pitch dispersant production, - dimethylolbutanoic acid production, - hindered amine light stabilizers production. The company was successfull in Horizon 2020 and FP7 Programme calls. The Slovak company would like to cooperate with researching institutions or industrial partners who need assistance in either research or analytical works offering highly competitive services. The preferred type of collaboration would be via research cooperation agreement or via services agreement.

Advantages and innovations

- The Slovak company is one of the oldest and most experienced companies in this field of research. - With a proven track record in the product development process, the Slovak company supports its partners throughout the entire innovation process, from generation of product ideas to commerciallisation of new products, either via own production or licencing. - Reliability and continuous innovation is core to company’s operations. Therefore, the company through close collaboration with numerous engineering companies and universities, provides a trusted foundation for their customers in R&D activities. - Realising the importance of R&D in developing cutting edge product solutions, 24 years of targeted investments into internal R&D and production are key to company’s value proposition to match the demand in foreign markets. - Company’s experienced team of scientists and specialists together with available production and analytical capacities ensure an efficient and well-managed process from research to product realisation.

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