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Analytical chemistry consultancy and technology transfer to improve and streamline drug discovery


A UK company offers on-demand teams to cover a wide range of resources in analytical chemistry for drug discovery. Strategy, training, sourcing and services can be offered not just in a very comprehensive but also very flexible way. Pharma and biotechnology companies and public-private partnerships are being sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Partner sought

Type of partner sought – industry and public-private partnerships; Specific activity of the partner – drug discovery; - Task to be performed by the partner sought: industry and public-private partnerships are invited to send non-confidential description of their problems relating to either strategy or execution. The UK company can then provide a more detailed description of modules or activities that should be brought in. It will include training and know-how transfer.


A UK company offers a unique set of consulting services, in-sourced support and software solutions that span analytical chemistry, purification and compound management in drug discovery, including both medicinal chemistry and natural product-based discovery. With over 30 years of experience working for Pharma and Biotech companies globally, the team has a deep insight into different companies' practices, technologies and cultures. This can be leveraged to add significant value to the consulting as such and enhance the customers’ infrastructure, processes and operational management. This can be provided via a short-term consultancy agreement or longer term in-house working arrangements. The company has extensive experience in building high performing analytical teams from scratch, including development of the necessary infrastructure, technical training and on-going management of these teams, to deliver key products and services essential to the successful execution of projects. Analytical Chemistry Consultancy Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in Pharmaceutical research, they can fully support development of analytical strategy, conduct operational reviews and advise on the application of analytical chemistry in support of drug discovery in the following areas: • Support for synthetic chemistry • Advice on all aspects of LC/MS (liquid chromatography/mass spectroscopy) • Purification • Chiral separations • Compound QC (quality control) and CofA (certificate of analysis) • Physical Chemistry assays • Natural Product Research Operational Reviews Operational Reviews are highly customisable according to specific needs (e.g. med chem support versus natural product discovery) and type of organisation (pharma, biotech, CRO), but a typical assignment to assess fitness for purpose looking forward 2-5 years would typically entail: • Understanding where the customer is now to identify current strengths and deficiencies via: o Analysis of current structure, tasks, responsibilities and relationships with other internal departments and external partners. o Analysis of current resources and methodologies in relation to the workload and expected timescales for analysis and purification to define current efficiencies and costs. • Looking forward to predict future needs and hence recommend on ongoing levels of resource: o Capital Investment o Organisational structure o Staffing o Capabilities The Human Factor In addition to a focus on the scientific and technical aspects, attention is also paid to more human factors (communication, organisational relationships etc) as well as on working practices and workflow planning. It is also important to pay significant attention to the importance of staff development. Compound Management Reviews can be readily extended to Compound Management operations with comprehensive consultancy on strategies, systems and resources for efficient storage, tracking and retrieval of solid and solution compound collections including: • Workflow processes from synthesis to assay designed to drive down screening cycle times • Advice on appropriate automation strategies and instrumentation The company is looking to assist Pharma and biotech companies with analytical services for their drug discovery programmes, including training and know-how transfer.

Advantages and innovations

This field is dominated by CROs (Clinical Research Organisation) who tend to be large and bureaucratic. An on-demand team promises much greater speed and flexibility, whilst still covering a wide variety of methods. On top of that they help with technology transfer that CROs tend not to do.

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