Partnering opportunity

A Qatari manufacturer of sodium based disinfectants is looking for partner for a joint venture agreement to cooperate in expanding product lines.


A Qatari company specialized in production of chemical disinfectants (sodium hypochlorite) is looking for a partner that can supply additional technology to expand current production lines through a joint venture agreement and assist in management of production facility in Qatar.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

The Qatar company is currently looking for know-how partners that could provide the following: a. Additional chemical products that could be added or to augment the current planned production items. This could be any specialty chemical listed below but is not limited to the same: • Corrosion inhibitor (closed systems "hot and cool", open systems "hot and cool", domestic water, … • Scale inhibitor (closed systems "hot and cool", open systems "hot and cool", domestic water, … • Microorganisms inhibitor (closed systems "cool", open systems "cool", swimming pools, … • Descaling chemicals. b. Details such as the new factory layout, production equipment and financial feasibility will be developed further with interested potential partners c. The partner will also be required to assist with the management of the facility and possibly provide partial investment against shareholding of the new factory.

Partner sought

Type: industry Activity: The company is interested to work with partners like - Chemical producers that offer a wide knowledge in the chemical production process and have a strong competitive advantage in the specialty chemical segment of the market. Role: Preferred partner for the joint venture: - Should be interested to establish long term cooperation through transfer of knowledge and management of the upgraded facility; - May be interested to invest in the facility upgrade; - Has previous trans-national experience and distribution experience in the chemical market.


A Qatari manufacturer of sodium based disinfectants has established a project for a specialty chemical factory in Doha, Qatar to provide high quality and customized chemical products to the Qatari market. It is located in the medium and small industrial zone in Doha – Qatar. This factory will be expanded to include specialty chemical which will serve many main sectors in Qatar; including the facility management sector, the construction sector, the oil & gas sector, and the logistics sector. The two main chemical groups that will be produced are high volume disinfectants (sodium hypochlorite) and low volume specialty chemicals which would be mostly recipes that will be provided by the partnering entity. In summary, the project will: • Reduced overall cost of final product • Ensures chemicals availability within country to cater for the country’s local demand and the regional export requirements. • Eliminate risk of plant shutdown due to non-availability of upstream chemicals products. • Generate a considerable financial return on investment in a low risk environment. Currently the project has completed the following milestones: • The company registration has been completed • The land has been assigned by the government • The municipal approvals have been obtained • Business funding has been preapproved from bank in Qatar • Design of Phase 1 on the Facility is ongoing (high volume/ common disinfectant chemicals) The Next milestones for the project will: • Complete partnership with subject matter expert for low-volume highly specialized chemicals • Initiate design on Phase 2 (low volume/ highly specialized chemicals) • Building Permit is expected in the next few months • Issuing construction tender contractors • Initiate equipment manufacturing and delivery Proposed Chemicals for phase 1: 1- sodium hypochlorite "NaOCl" 12-14%, 2- sodium hydroxide "NaOH" 49-50%, 3- hydrochloric acid "HCl 31-33%, 4- chlorine gas "Cl2" 5- Hydrogen Gas “H2” The company has 2 main production processes: 1- Continuous bleach plant: by using this process they can produce sodium hypochlorite NaOCl 12-14% only and can be diluted later on to NaOCl 6%. 2- Electrolysis "Chlor-alkali process": by using sodium chloride solution "NaCl": Proposed Chemicals for phase 2: 1- Corrosion inhibitor (closed systems "hot and cool", open systems "hot and cool", domestic water, … 2- Scale inhibitor (closed systems "hot and cool", open systems "hot and cool", domestic water, … 3- Microorganisms inhibitor (closed systems "cool", open systems "cool", swimming pools, … 4- Descaling chemicals. The company is looking for partner like chemical producers specialized in specialty chemicals for a joint venture agreement. The facility is currently in the final stages of feasibility study and the stage of schematic design development and the company is urgently requiring the potential partners to be involved as soon as possible.

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