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UK company are seeking a partner to develop a user-friendly platform for their existing chronic disease predictive model


UK company that has developed a model that predicts future healthcare demands are seeking a partner under a technology cooperation agreement, to develop its model speed and enable it to be licensed out. Currently, the UK company has to acquire the data from the pharma/healthcare companies, analyse it and then submit the results back to them which delays the process. The technical enhancements will enable the pharma/healthcare companies to complete the input and analysis themselves.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

- Specific expertise would be around health tech with a user interface (written in C++) - Expertise in AI for health platforms with knowledge on how to integrate within existing platforms - The partner could be an enterprise, enterprise manufacturer, research centre or university.

Partner sought

A partner is needed under a technical cooperation agreement to develop the medical predictive model so that it can be licensed to companies in the pharma and healthcare sector. The partner could be an enterprise, enterprise manufacturer, research center or a university


The UK company has developed a health predictive model which has been operating in the charity sector for the past 10 years is seeking a technology cooperation agreement with a partner to develop a user-friendly platform for their existing chronic disease model. The aim of seeking a technology partnership is to improve the speed of the program and to provide support in the models development for the health tech modeling the development of the user interface written in C++, also expertise in AI health would also be beneficial as this could provide long term support in the development of the AI strategy alongside the integration of the existing platform. The improvements to the model will improve its speed enabling it to be licensed to other users. Currently, each project is bespoke with the UK company having to collate the data which is obtained by the pharma/healthcare company and then the UK company has to input the information into the predictive model, which generates the data and the results are then relayed back to the pharma/healthcare company. The technology partnership's aim is to develop the model so that it can be licensed to the end-user, with little input from the UK company apart from training on how to use the model, and how to analyse the data produced. The pharma/healthcare companies under their licensing agreement would have greater control over how they use the model, they could also use the model for numerous analysis projects. The model could be used by pharma to make investment decisions around chronic disease drugs by understanding their population-level impact into the future. The model can create an entire virtual population (20million individuals), where individuals can be followed through their life, with interventions at different points. The model can quantify impacts of a range of interventions from policy/prevention, screening, and treatment over the long-term, and quantify the impact of these interventions if they were to be scaled up in the real world. The data produced would allow the pharma/healthcare sector to be able to predict where the demand will be in chronic disease in relation to treatments and pharmaceuticals, this will provide them with guidance for future planning also being able to assess the financial implications. The following outlines the benefits that the model offers. - Being able to look 10 to 20 years ahead to understand a new drug's impact on its users and your revenue stream? (pharmaceuticals) - It can boost a nation's health with targeted help at different life stages (Government/Health Insurance) - What impact will different levels of air quality have on healthcare costs between now and 2050 (Government/NGO) - The model can run a virtual clinical trial to help make the real one less expensive and more efficient (Academia/pharmaceutical) - What impact would a tax on sugary drinks have on reducing obesity over the next 20 years (Government/NGO) -What impact would your medical device have if everyone in the patient population used it (Pharmaceuticals/biotech companies) The simulation and analysis expertise generated by the model can turn tomorrow's population health questions into today's focussed, specific, actionable decisions. It can help clients to understand and explore population health questions and challenges over the decades to come. The model can analyse on how different kinds of health interventions, innovations, and policy changes can impact clients helping them to decide on the most effective, transformative ways of responding to them.

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