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Irish company specialising in peer learning through a customised platform is looking to expand its company globally through different types of partnership opportunities

Since its establishment in 2018 this Irish company has grown its business, which provides a comprehensive platform to connect professionals remotely to exchange knowledge and experience to accelerate their success. The company is requesting... more


Vaccine to treat and prevent prostate cancer

A Spanish R&D research institution has developed an immunotherapy approach for the treatment and prevention of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer worldwide among men and ranks third in terms of mortality. Within... more


LC-BAT-08-2020: A Spanish university is looking for companies with expertise in design and manufacturing of battery management systems as well as companies with capacity to manufacture printed electronics or equipment for these processes

A research group on electrical and electronic power systems in a Spanish public university, with a highly specialised multidisciplinary team and focused in power quality, power electronic systems, renewable energies, energy storage and electrical... more


Bulgarian cybersecurity company specialized in penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and provisioning of cybersecurity as a service seeks partners under commercial agency, outsourcing and subcontracting agreements

The Bulgarian cybersecurity company is specialized in security testing of computer systems, networks, web and mobile applications following the Open web application security project (OWASP) and National Institute of Standards and Technology... more


Biopolymer-based adhesive for different types of surfaces

A Spanish R&D research institution has developed an eco-friendly adhesive with properties and characteristics unique in the industry. Many adhesives used to bond surfaces use organic solvents or similar substances that are often flammable and... more


COVID-19 Nano air cleaner for interiors offered for distribution

In 2011 the Czech company together with the renowned scientific institutions of the Czech Republic started the development of titanium oxide nano-structures and their application to non-porous surfaces. After further development and testing,... more


Image recognition solution for the railway industry.

Railway signalling in Europe is defined by the ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) standard. In order to meet the standard, signalling needs to be able to accurately locate specific assets along the line and measure distances between... more


Portuguese company operating in machining and special equipments manufacturing offers its subcontracting services

This Portuguese company operates in equipment machining, lathing and milling and it is specialized in equipment manufacturing for all kinds of funcionalities. Created in 2012, the company has the objective to create relations with partners... more


Heavy-duty drone for firefighting and agricultural operations.

It is a fact that drones and related technologies have gained importance and are used for a wide range of tasks. There are sectors such as firefighting and agricultural operations (mainly pesticide spraying) that present big challenges to drones,... more


Spanish company is looking for distributors of its innovative ceiling fan with colour temperature change

Light directly affects health, performance, mood and comfort. Various studies have shown that the biological cycle of the human body is directly related to light. The human body responds with physical, mental and behavioural changes to the light... more


COVID-19 - Chinese company manufacturing COVID-19 nucleic acid detection kit seeks medical distribution partners

The Chinese company has over 12 years of experience in developing and manufacturing products for molecular laboratories, including upstream nucleic acid extraction kits with full automation to downstream real time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)... more


Tax office from Poland is offering legal, tax and accounting services with business setting support and is looking for outsourcing agreement

The company is located in Cracow and having strong and stable relations with clients. The company provides services to international clients willing to expand their business. The potential partner can be a company who intends to enter into Polish... more


Platform for analysing global competition in different digital marketing channels

A correct definition of marketing campaigns in digital channels is, for many companies, the most powerful tool for increasing sales. Because of that, it is important to know what competitors are doing in the different channels, and define the... more


Controlled aggregation of microbial cells

Use of microbial co-cultures is getting more and more important in many biotechnological processes, such as food biotechnology, plant biotechnology, production of fuels, fermentation, remediation, biofouling etc. It can improve the process or... more


Revolutionising the tunnel construction industry with a digital twin

In terms of automated production and level of digitalization, the tunnel construction industry is still significantly behind other industries. Nevertheless, the megatrends like big data or the internet of things (IoT) offer great opportunities... more


Device to identify and differentiate particles and/or cells in suspension with high precision

A Spanish research organization in the field of micro and nanotechnologies has developed a mechano-optical system that allows an unequivocal differentiation of particles by the simultaneous determination of its buoyant mass and its reflectivity,... more


A French manufacturer of dough equipment for bakers is looking for distributors and agents in Europe

The French company was established in 1960 and the company is a specialist in the manufacturing process of bread, bread-derived products and pastries. Its customers include professional artisan bakers, distribution groups and retail chains (franchises... more


Multilingual customer review analytics solution

Knowing customers opinion is a crucial information for the development of any company. The problem is that, most of the people show their opinions about products and services on the internet (blogs, forums, etc.). It is a big amount of unstructured... more


Coxsackievirus variant for treatment of cancer

Immunotherapies using oncolytic viruses - viruses that preferentially infect and kill cancer cells - offer a novel specific possibility of treating malignant tumors. Coxsackievirus B3 (CVB3) as an oncolytic RNA-virus possesses particular benefits... more


A Ukrainian distributor of medical equipment is looking for new suppliers from EU countries

The Ukrainian company from Kyiv distributes products for simulation training in medicine by EU and USA companies on the domestic market to more than 40 medical universities and hospitals. The SME is interested in the next type of medical products:... more


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