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Innovative unattended presence control system for workers

Control time is a common control procedure in companies that have a relatively large volume of workers. To manage this marking there are different systems that allow the worker to record the time of entry and exit to their workplace. These systems... more

Spain | expires in 1 year

Kosovar producer of dairy products seeks distributors

The Kosovar company founded in 2000 is a family-owned company, located in the central part of Kosovo, specialized in dairy products. The whole range of products is obtained by processing raw milk without any additional vegetable fats. The high... more

Kosovo | expires in 1 year

PS Horizon2020 GreenDeal: Dutch coordinator seeks companies/farmers active on topic 6 of GreenDeal call

A Dutch SME in preparing a project proposal in the European Green Deal call, Area 6: Farm-to-Fork – testing and demonstrating systemic innovations in support of the Farm-to-Fork strategy. The project aims to: - demonstrate and validate innovative... more

Netherlands | expires in 2 weeks

Dutch manufacturer is looking for partners to find solutions for heating tap water in low temperature heat networks

In the Netherlands the aim is to disconnected buildings from the natural gas grid. One of the alternatives to the gas network is a low temperature heat network. But finding solutions for a lot of challenges is needed. One of these challenges... more

Netherlands | expires in 1 year

Slovenian manufacturer of luxury office desks seeks commercial agents

The company was founded in 2015 in Primorska region (Slovenia) and initially focused its activities on the production of metal structures like metal fences, patio doors, canopies, window grilles, metal stairs and wall art 3D decor. In the last... more

Slovenia | expires in 1 year

Intelligent augmented reality gaming module that can be implemented in real toys

While computer games are becoming increasingly popular among children and adults, the German tech company from the VR industry wants to make real, analogue devices and toys relevant again for these target groups by merging it with the world... more

Germany | expires in 1 year

A Polish company specializing in sale of agricultural products, as fertilizers and agricultural chemicals, is looking for new products to distribute

The Polish company located in the north-eastern part of Poland specialized in trading fertilizers and agriculture items offer distribution services. The Polish company offers both Polish and foreign agricultural products on the internal Polish... more

Poland | expires in 1 year

Slovak university has developd a cost-effective active solder and is looking for licencees.

Solder is designed for higher application temperatures. The wetting speed, the area of spread, the contact angle and the shear strength of joints meets the strictest industrial crieteria. It is applicable in the electronics, energy industry... more

Slovakia | expires in 1 year

A Kosovar producer of pharmaceutical products with 30 years of market experience seeks distributors

The Kosovar company is located in the business park of Drenas in an area of 3600m2. It was established in 1990 and soon was licensed by the Kosovo Agency for Medical Products (KAMP In 2014. After extensive reviews of the Pharmaceutical Inspectorate... more

Kosovo | expires in 1 year

Ukrainian producer of electrotechnical equipment within the range of 0.4 to 35 kV inclusively is interested in selling its products under manufacturing or commercial agency agreements

The company was established on the domestic market in 2004. It has 5,500 square meters of modern production facilities for the production of electrical equipment. The producer has its own electrotechnical laboratory ETL. Their product portfolio... more

Ukraine | expires in 1 year

A representative of Polish producers of medical products is searching for partners under distribution agreement

The company does not have a long history, but its owners are have over 12 years of experience in the industry. The company is the official distributor of Polish manufacturers of medical products and acts as their export department. They offer... more

Poland | expires in 1 year

A new cutting-edge platform for breeding superior varieties of selected crops is looking for strategic clients such as supermarket chains under license agreement

The company has been established back in 2017 and it excels in the line of innovative methods of plant breeding. It has been exporting since inception in 2017 to Europe, North America, South Africa, Japan, Turkey and Morocco. Now it is engaged... more

Israel | expires in 1 year

Romanian company offers visual effects and motion picture, video and television programme post-production activities through outsourcing or subcontracting agreements

The Romanian company is specialized in motion picture, video and television programme post-production activities. The company offers a large area of services: •Visual effects and motion pictures post-production activities that involve the integration... more

Romania | expires in 1 year

Layer-by-Layer nanoscale coatings, surface modification, micro encapsulation and bead based microsensors (pH, temperature, oxygen, chloride, bioanalysis) for codevelopment of innovative applications

The German SME is active in the intersection of nanotechnology and biotechnology and addresses three challenges: (1) Surface modification, surface functionalization and encapsulation mainly using the Layer-by-Layer (LbL) coating platform: Controlling... more

Germany | expires in 1 year

Phytosanitary models for applications in agriculture

Monitoring crops and agriculture is of increasing importance nowadays for optimization of cultures and especially with the aim not to waste resources, in line with Sustainable Development Goals, EU Green Deal and responsible development. An... more

Italy | expires in 1 year

An Israeli flexible packaging and in-mould labeling (IML) manufacturer is looking for an agent or distributor in USA / North America

An Israeli private owned manufacturing company offers flexible packaging for food/detergents/toiletry and housewares made from plastic. The custom-made products fulfill the highest demands for attractive presentation with all advantages of flexible... more

Israel | expires in 1 year

Innovative e-coaching platform for high quality digital learning

Italian SME offers digital platform designed to make coaching and mentoring scalable, affordable and accessible to large number of users. The platform supports the empowerment and strength development process through digital learning and personalized... more

Italy | expires in 1 year

In-droplet separation of DNA, proteins and peptides for high throughput testing and screening

In bioanalytical applications, such as drug testing and screening, toxicity tests or single-cell sequencing, only small sample volumes are available. At the same time a large number of tests have to be performed under various experimental conditions,... more

Switzerland | expires in 11 months

A Ukrainian company engaged in production of equipment for chopping branches is looking for partners abroad under distribution services agreement

The Ukrainian company from the West of Ukraine was established in 2013. It began its work with the production of branch shredders. In 2015 the SME added wood cutters to the assortment, and in 2018 - a wood splitter. The company has all the necessary... more

Ukraine | expires in 11 months

An Indian supplier of precious metal high quality input and ultra-high purity material is looking for partners under distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement

Established in 2017, an Indian supplier of high and ultra-high purity precious metal catalysts, compounds, precursors, chemicals and salts catering to various industries is looking for partners to expand its reach in the overseas markets under... more

India | expires in 11 months

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