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[DELTA 2] A Korean company specialised in high precision processing technology is looking for a Czech partner, capable of developing high-speed auto-array distributor and conveyor control system

Since established in 1983, the Korean company specialised in high precision processing technology is engaged with both defense/commercial industry and manufactures/produces system cabinets, consoles for defense business as well as the main components... more

South Korea

A Polish manufacturer of hats and scarves is looking for partners to establish distribution agreements or manufacturing agreements

The Polish family business that produces hats, shawls, chimney collar scarf and knitted ponchos, has been operating on the market continuously for almost twenty eight years. The company sells their products in many European countries. The company... more


Novel luminescent probes of lanthanide complexes for sensing of biomolecules

Luminescent lanthanide probes are emerging as powerful tools in in vitro labelling of biomolecules and nanoparticles for monitoring of bioassays in diagnostics or drug discovery. Use of sensitizing chromophores or antennas as ligands in a lanthanide... more


Polish designer and manufacturer of jewellery offers its manufacturing services

A family-owned company from Poland with a very long tradition produces and designs luxury jewellery made out of gold and silver. Their impressive range of products includes stylish bracelets, chains, earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces and... more


An Irish SME has developed camera management software designed to enable time-lapse & project management features for construction projects seeking licensing agreements

The Irish company have had their focus on the construction industry in developing software capabilities in time-lapse videos and live streaming in a cloud platform which pulls images and video from an internet protocol camera. The video analytics... more


Reliable, cost-effective condition monitoring, prognostics and health management of rotational machines and drives

The researchers come from a Slovenian public research organization. The activities of the research group include analysis, control and optimization of various systems and processes, research and development of new methods and algorithms for... more


COVID 19 : Payment card allowing local authorities to distribute emergency food aid and helicopter money to support economic recovery.

The Covid crisis is generating an unprecedent economic crisis. Many local authorities in Europe may offer subsidies to persons in need in order to help them to go through the economic and social crisis. At the same time, many shops have been... more


Biocollection of tissues and associated data focused on metabolic disorders offered under licence agreements

Overweight affects 39% and obesity 13% of the world adult population, together representing 2,5 billion people affected by weight problems in the world. The prevalence of obesity has tripled over the past 40 years. To date, the therapeutic... more


A German service company is looking for 1st or 2nd Tier suppliers for automotive parts to offer its engineering services on the basis of outsourcing agreements

The company from Germany is offering its engineering services based on outsourcing agreements for 1st and 2nd Tier ‎suppliers of the ‎automotive industry. As a long-standing partner of such automotive suppliers, the company ‎offers also future-oriented... more


A Lithuanian company active in trade is looking for non-sterile medical creped paper distribution partners

The Lithuanian company is working since 1995 and has a subsidiary in the capital and branch offices in the two biggest local cities. The main activities of the company are production, sale, installation, and service of gates, fences, roof,... more


A Ukrainian producer of wood pellets is looking for distribution services and commercial agency agreement

The Ukrainian company from Chernihiv region, established in 2006, specializes in the production of wood pellets. The company operates at the local market. The factory is equipped with the advanced machinery and equipment that may operate 24... more


[Eureka/Eurostars] Dutch SME is seeking partner for development of non thermal plasma (NTP) air cleaning reactor with focus on removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the petrochemical industry for research cooperation

PAC emissions are the primary source of pollution from the oil and gas industry. Current technologies to reduce this pollution are bulky, produce a significant waste stream and are very inefficient in the usage of water and energy. A Dutch... more


UK company providing training for midwives and health professionals in the maternity sector seeks subcontracting/outsourcing opportunities.

The company consists of a group of senior midwives with vast experience both in the world of academia and health practices. Together they have developed a range of training courses covering a variety of issues in the field of midwifery. The... more

United Kingdom

Italian company, located in Sicily, producer of gourmet organic olive oil, vinegar and sea salt seeks distributors

This is an Italian family-run company established in 1991 on the west coast of Sicily. They mainly produce premium extra virgin oil of different local Sicilian varieties: Cerasuola with its fragrant full-bodied oil, Biancolilla with its delicate... more


Italian company, specialized in the production of wristwatches is interested in finding distributors abroad

The Italian company, based in Naples, for many years has been producing wristwatches, both mechanical and automatics, that represent a real fashion accessory. Its watches are elegant, stylish and at the same time very reliable. The company produces... more


Cyberphysical system (hardware and software) for water efficiency in different customers and sectors

Water is one of the main natural resources for human life, if not the most important. One of the greatest challenges of our society in this century is to reach a proper and sustainable water usage and management, in order to preserve or improve... more


Novel air-conditioning hose system for aircraft cabin maintenance

Currently, aircraft maintenance centres use plastic polyethylene hoses to provide supplementary cooling air inside the cabin when maintenance is being carried out. These plastic hoses are often changed after 2-3 weeks. Such a setup also creates... more


Bulgarian company specialized in organic honey production is looking for partners under distribution services agreement for its new creamed honey product line

The company has a vast experience in the manufacturing of natural honey products. Over the years the company has produced different kinds of food products like plum mousse, honey and ketchup. It successfully exported them to foreign countries... more


Singapore steamboat and barbeque food ingredients supplier seeks European distributors

The Singapore company, which is a company providing food ingredients to food and beverage outlets, and consumers has a wide variety of products to choose from. One of the product range is food ingredients for the barbeque. Meat products include... more


Slovak transport company is seeking for services agreement.

The Slovak transport company is running its business in the area of international transport in the EU countries. The firm owns new vehicles, which are not older than 3 years. The company has developed a unique system between supplier and customer.... more


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