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Natural cosmetics retailer in Romania is looking for natural foods and cosmetics within distribution agreement.

A natural cosmetics and foods distributor in the South East region of Romania is looking for suppliers of natural/ ECO/ BIO raw materials and cosmetics and foods to be sold in its own store, based on distribution agreement. The business request... more


Italian trading company of high-quality Italian food specialties is looking for distributors and commercial agents across Europe

This growing and ambitious Italian trading company markets a full range of high-quality Italian food specialties. The company benefits from the owners’ in-depth knowledge of the agro-food sector and its distinguishing feature is the special... more


New technology for partial discharge measurement and analysis in high voltage installations

Partial discharge measurement is the most important technique for assessing the insulation condition of high voltage systems and provides an effective solution for assessing the reliability of electrical installations. In this context the... more


Producers of foodstuff, beverages and household goods are requested by a Cypriot distributor.

The Cypriot company, which was founded in 2001, is active in the import, agency and distribution of foodstuffs and other products. The products are sold in supermarkets and groceries all over Cyprus, as well as in many catering businesses, regularly... more


UK company specialising in environmentally friendly coffins is looking for a manufacturer of willow woven coffins

This UK manufacturing company was established in 2010 by an inventor and entrepreneur who holds extensive experience in domestic and commercial construction, composite moulding and formulating chemically engineered neutralising materials. The... more

United Kingdom

Services agreements in fire safety and fire fighting are offered.

The company was founded in 1990 and since then is continuously engaged in activities related to fire safety, occupational safety and technical inspection of high risk equipment. The company is engaged in the design, installation, construction,... more


Long established UK supplier to the assisted living and disability market requests innovative products and technologies for distribution

The established South West UK company specialise in the supply and distribution of assistive technology solutions, products, devices and equipment to support independent living for individuals, carers and families, and improve the quality of... more

United Kingdom

Power from air and sunlight only

Developing countries often need power generation for local applications, on scales much less than the multi-gigawatt capacities of developed-world electric power stations. A UK company now offers a way to meet this need that can be implemented... more

United Kingdom

Commercial agents sought in selected European countries for innovative gas sensor for measuring environmental and industrial gases

An Italian small sized company, set up in 2011 and located in Northern Italy, has been specializing in developing advanced technology solutions for products and processes in the fields of electronics, optoelectronics and vision systems, with... more


Wi-fi smart thermostat for home energy saving.

This technology is focused on reducing home energy consumption through improving efficiency, which seems to be the only sustainable option nowadays. Current thermostats installed at people’s homes lack efficiency. Programmable thermostats offer... more


Polish analytical laboratory is seeking for machine to the production of vaginal ring drug delivery system

The analytical laboratory from North-East of Poland is looking for a machine that will allow production of a rod made of material, which will then be glued to a vaginal ring. The production of the rod should allow for a bilayered cross-section... more


Italian supplier of aftermarket car spare parts is looking for distributors

Italian supplier of aftermarket car spare parts, established in 1991, is looking for distributors. The company is already engaged in international cooperation in both European and Extra European countries selling aftermarket products used as... more


[EUROSTARS2] Looking for partners for developing integrated analysis platform utilizing cloud-based block chain for cyber-attack prevention and threat management of IoT devices

With the rapid spread of smartphones and Wi-Fi, the provision of various services using the cloud system and the possibility of new cyber-attacks such as APT (Advanced Persistent Threat: a network attack in which an unauthorized person gains... more

South Korea

Smart monitoring solution for hydroponic crops

Hydroponics has been an underlying agricultural trend for years. Climate change and overpopulation are making it more necessary than ever. Other trends like local food production push in the same direction, and reports predict a big growth during... more


Wearable solution for warehouse management

The solution developed by the Spanish company addresses some of the biggest challenges faced by companies having to manage big warehouses: Lack of efficiency due to human errors. The technology combines geolocation technologies, beacons and... more


Solution for social media information monitoring and analysis

Nowadays, the analysis of the information published in all the internet social media formats has become critical for most of the companies. It provides valuable information regarding a brand popularity, new competitors, potential threats, etc.... more


High performance substrates for electronics

Most electronic circuits need thermal management i.e. cooling. It is important for both on-going faultless functioning but also for extending the productive lifetime of the device. It is crucial for technologies such as photovoltaics and light... more

United Kingdom

Spanish manufacturer of a system for zero-energy for buildings is looking for distributors or interested in a license agreement.

An Spanish company specialized in renewable energy technologies, has developed several products for energy efficiency, and one specific for residential buildings, being an autonomous solution in terms of supply and storage. The company has... more


A Spanish manufacturer of professional cooking equipment for the hospitality sector is looking for distributors

The Spanish company was born in 1971 as a manufacturer of professional cooking equipment for the hospitality sector becoming one of the most reputed Spanish companies in the sector. It was in the year 2008 when the company started its international... more


Spanish maritime navigation company seeks agents for its Navtex system

The Spanish company, that was born in 1985, specializes in the design, production, installation and maintenance of control systems, radio electronic communication equipment, communications systems for maritime navigation. The company equipment... more


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