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UK-based SME offers services to social care providers looking to move into healthcare under a services agreement

The aged population and the associated increase in complex healthcare needs is an increasing challenge to both healthcare and social care providers with the dividing line being increasingly blurred. This is leading to more domiciliary care providers... more

United Kingdom

Slovenian trading company engaged in sales of toys is willing to act as a distributor to sell other companies’ products.

Slovenian trading company was founded in 2015. They are specialized in sales of children’s toys. Their store is located close to the Austrian Border. They also sell toys online, so products are available all over the country. The latest trends... more


Polish geodesy, cartography, printing and infrastructure design company offers their services

A Polish company is operating on the Polish market since 1989 and is specialized in the geodesy, cartography, printing and infrastructure design. The company is executing all surveying works including the most responsible in the range of design,... more


Greek company in the field of solid waste (paper, plastic and thrusted pallet wood) seeks services cooperation with paper mill industries, plastic and wood production units

The Greek company is active in the packaging waste, household waste, commercial and craft waste as well as waste from entire industries. It produces daily solid waste in large quantities, develops and implements systems for collecting, transporting... more


Polish geodesy, cartography, printing and infrastructure design company offers their services

A Polish company is operating on the Polish market since 1989 and is specialized in the geodesy, cartography, printing and infrastructure design. The company is executing all surveying works including the most responsible in the range of design,... more


An Israeli company specializing in premier software solutions for (remote) device management is looking for agents/representatives

The Israeli company brings over two decades in software development, focusing today on its world-class device and endpoint management solution that allows enterprises and educational organization to manage and optimized their entire devices... more


An Italian company that produces water radiators ideal for cooling endothermic engines is looking for commercial agency agreement in Europe

This company was established in 1974 in Northern Italy thanks to the pioneering past of the businesses partners formed by generations of radiatorists belonging to the same family. The experience, the deep knowledge of radiators and the synergies... more


Established Slovak software company seeks agents for GPS system for monitoring of vehicles with application both in corporate sector as well as in private use

The main activity of this Slovak software company is solving of complex technical problems of their clients and work on the technically challenging projects across all the industry sectors. The standard serial hardware or software is not sufficient... more


German medical technology distribution company is looking for highly innovative medical technology devices under a distribution services agreement or joint venture

The German medical devices specialist has been distributing and leasing medical equipment to hospitals and other clinical institutions in Germany successfully for more than 15 years. The company is headquartered near Frankfurt, in the centre... more


Producer of common mode rejection technology looking for distributors of cryogenic technologies (measurements at low temperatures, in microvolts and nanovolts)

In the research and development when measurements at low temperatures, measurements in microvolts and nanovolts are needed, various variations in measurements appear. Four-wire (Kelvin) method used by scientists and researchers is only necessary,... more


Ukrainian machine-building enterprise offers manufacturing agreement for steel casting, cast-iron casting, non-ferrous casting and rolled products with mechanical, thermal processing, electroplating or painting

The Ukrainian company offers manufacturing of component parts from ferrous and non-ferrous metals: - For auto and electric forklifts - Complete set of buckets for excavation equipment - Molds for casting details - Transportation mechanisms for... more


Nanoporous microneedle array technology for intradermal delivery of drugs and vaccines

Dutch spin-off from a Dutch university of technology and an institute for nanotechnology is developing and commercializing a technology platform allowing for intradermal delivery of pharmaceutical compounds. Ceramic nanoporous microneedle arrays... more


[Eurostars2 Project] Cloud based English negotiation learning platform

A Korean SME is specialized in the development of English learning platform. They provide training and consultancy service to entrepreneurs, C-level executives, technology managers, and patent portfolio managers. As the world becomes globalized,... more

South Korea

Spanish biotechnology company, developing new skin care formulations based on CBD, is looking for European distributors

The Spanish biotechnology company is an international firm focused on the development of novel dermo-cosmetics based on natural products, specialized in CBD compounds (cannabidiol) with added value. In the global cosmetic market there are... more


Platform for analysing global competition in different digital marketing channels

A correct definition of marketing campaigns in digital channels is, for many companies, the most powerful tool for increasing sales. Because of that, it is important to know what competitors are doing in the different channels, and define the... more


A Romanian company specialized in data protection business (European General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR) offers consultancy services

Based on a preliminary assessment of the beneficiary’s organization, the final goal is to make the beneficiary compliant with the GDPR. The company specialized in data protection business consultancy for start-up companies and small to middle... more


Spanish manufacturer of 100% ecological thermal insulation coating made of natural cork is looking for distributors or commercial agents for its innovating product worldwide.

This Spanish company with more than 70 years of experience in producing paints and varnishes sector is located in the east of Spain and has a wide catalogue of specialised products ranging from paints, varnishes, coatings, waterproofing, to... more


Ukrainian company engaged in manufacturing of baby food is looking for partner for cooperation under the distribution services agreement.

Ukrainian company produces and sells baby food, such as fruit and vegetable mushes (purees), juices, milkless and milk pablums. There are more than 70 various items in the assortment. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located on the... more


Dutch company is looking for a partner who has innovative technologies or technological knowledge for recycling, reuse and valorization of waste streams.

The Dutch company, founded in 1993, is searching for innovative processing technology focused on a number of specific waste or residual streams, in order to achieve more positive outcomes than the current processing technologies in use. This... more


A Spanish company, specialized in the production and sale of medical devices that improve the comfort of living of the sick and disabled users, is looking for manufacturers of manual and electric wheelchairs to expand their portfolio.

The Spanish company started its activity in 2004 so, it has an extensive experience in the market covering the whole Spanish territory. They are manufacturers and specialists’ sellers of medical devices that improve the comfort of living of... more


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