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A Russian producer of devices for continuous control of pressure in tires in real time is looking for distributors abroad

The Russian company from the Far East region of Russia was created in 2004 and is engaged in auto parts production. The employee of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the engineer on development and construction of underwater pilotless devices... more


A UK company that manufactures and designs energy efficient computer systems is seeking commercial agency and manufacturing agreements.

The UK company has designed a range of computers including laptops, desktops and server systems that have an emphasis on energy efficiency, without reducing performance capabilities and with a focus on low power consumption. Many of the designs... more

United Kingdom

H2020- DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-02-2019: Research institutions with expertise in digital transformation and public services

The project approach is aimed to assess the socio-economic, legal, ethical and operational impact of disruptive technological solutions on public administration. More specifically, the focus is on eID management and how public services may be... more


Polish producer of upholstered furniture is looking for business partners under the production and distribution contract.

The Polish company has been operating on the market since 2001. It offers mainly living room furniture, such as: - armchairs, - couches, - settees, - corner sofas, - folding beds. The company offers sofas and armchairs in the sets or as... more


German wind turbine manufacturer seeks distributors, licensees, joint venture partners

The company develops, produces and sells wind turbines worldwide. The company is one of a few producers for the size 225kW to 600kW in the world. They are offering unique niche products that are made in Germany. In order to explore new markets... more


UK Company is seeking a manufacturer to produce a car ramp system under a manufacturing agreement

Established in 1990, the UK Company is a specialist supplier of vehicle work platforms, car ramps and tools. They market innovative engineering designs, suitable for professional and competent DIY use, in garages, maintenance yards and workshops.... more

United Kingdom

Novel solutions sought for an unsinkable ship

A leading multinational shipping enterprise with a registered base in Scotland (UK) is looking for technology solutions that can be applied to their cargo and passenger ships that travel in all of the world's oceans. The company is actively... more

United Kingdom

An Ukrainian company specializing in casting production seeks partners for cooperation under manufacturing agreements

The full-cycle foundry-mechanical enterprise is located in Ukrainian Dnipro region. The company specializes in the manufacture of a wide range of steel, the cast iron casting of various grades and parts with machining for the engineering industry.... more


Transparent Building Integrated Photovoltaic Glazing (BIPV)

The company is a developer and producer of thin-film transparent architectural photovoltaic glazing. The technology is specifically designed for building integrated applications, delivering high energy yields in low and ambient light, in shaded... more

United Kingdom

Turkish manufacturer of surgical motor systems and sterilization containers is looking for distributors

The Turkish company is a manufacturer of surgical motor systems and sterilization containers. Surgical motor systems are used by surgeons in order to reach the organ or the operation area of the human body by cutting or drilling with these... more


An Austrian start-up active in the field of designing snow and street clothing seeks manufacturers for their innovative outdoor collection via manufacturing agreement

The Austrian start-up was founded in 2017 and is active in the fields of designing creative and functional outdoor clothes. The company strives to design and manufacture innovative and functional products to support freestylers, snow boarders,... more


New flexible smart window with better optical and reliability performance at a lower cost

Smart windows have been around for years. They are (almost) excellent in offering privacy and comfort to people who wish to switch their windows between clear and opaque state. Different technologies exist with different features, such as electrochromic... more

United Kingdom

An Ukrainian manufacturer of plastic bottles is looking for agents and manufacturing agreements

The Ukrainian SME, established in 2000 and specialized in manufacturing and distributing plastic bottles. The company produces more than 90 types of bottles of various colors with a neck diameter of 28mm, 38mm, 48mm, 61.5mm and a volume of 100ml.... more


An Ukrainian company that specializes in timber materials production is looking for manufacturers of furniture under commercial agency agreement.

The company with its three manufacturing subsidiaries, located in Ukraine, has been developing its successful activity for already 20 years. The company offers a wide range of wooden materials. Such materials are widely used for manufacture... more


An Ukrainian producer of high quality footwear is looking for distributors

This Ukrainian company is a small business, which has specialized in producing of footwear for almost 8 years. It has its own line of styles, created for each fashion season (spring/summer, autumn/winter), as well as producing custom designed... more


An Israeli professional exporter of high quality fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables is looking for cooperation with foreign importers under distribution services agreement

The Israeli company was established in 2006. Since that time it has been specializing in export of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables from Israel to Europe, FSU, Far East etc. The company has increased their product line and today it exports... more


Ukrainian company, specializing in manufacturing of yeast products, is looking for partners to cooperate under distribution services or commercial agency agreement

The company, with more than centenary history, is located in the western Ukraine. The company’s share in Ukrainian market is high enough. The company is specialized in manufacturing of compressed and dry bakery yeast, additives to bread baking... more


H2020-SC1-DTH-01-2019 - Catalan non-profit organization is looking for partners with expertise in software development and data analysis in the health sector, national and regional health services institutions and oncological hospitals

Cancer is one of the most prevalent and serious complex of diseases, affecting nearly one in three individuals at some point in their life. In the last years, cancer survival has augmented and still increases steadily by ~3% each year, which... more


Powerful composite sorbent for the removal of contaminants from water

Contamination of water is a global problem. Among the most frequently occurring contaminants in water are heavy metals such as arsenic, antimony, cadmium, mercury, chromium ions, nickel, lead and others, as well as waste products from various... more


A Chinese company seeks high-end fine chemicals, new materials technology from European market under a technical cooperation agreement.

This is a Chinese chemical industry company established in 1988 with 18 subsidiaries and employs around 4,000 staff. The company is engaged in R&D and manufacturing of petrochemical, new energy materials, nutrition & consumption chemistry, semiconductor... more


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