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An Italian start-up producing an on-line platform specific for biomedical research studies

This Start-up was established in 2015 in northern Italy and focused on the biomedical field, in which they have developed an innovative, simple and intuitive web platform enabling teams of researchers, healthcare professionals and research and... more


An Italian company commercializing high quality food products (wine, pasta, olive oil, ham etc.) is looking for new trading partners interested in commercial agency and distribution services agreement.

An Italian trading company located in Milan is specialised in the distribution of high quality food products; it was founded in 2017 with the aim to promote worldwide the finest products of Italian and Spanish food tradition. The company exports... more


Fresh hot chillies offered by an Italian consortium under distribution services and commercial agency agreements

The members of the South Italy based consortium are agricultural producers engaged in the hot chillies cultivation. The consortium was established in 2016, targeting the full economic exploitation of the native specialty of chilli. As demonstrated... more


Romanian IT company offers customized web development &design, mobile applications and Customer Relationship Management solutions under services agreement or subcontracting

A Romanian company engaged in web development &design, desktop and mobile applications is offering its IT services. Furthermore, the company offers business solutions, e-marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Partnership possibilities... more


Lithuanian research centre specialising in selective surface activation induced by laser ir seeking a technical or research cooperation partner

The research center is carrying out a unique fundamental research and technological development works in scientific fields of laser technologies, optoelectronics, nuclear physics, organic chemistry, bio and nanotechnologies, electrochemical... more


A Japanese company manufacturing luxury disposable baby diapers is looking for EU distributors and agents

A Japanese manufacturer of high quality disposable baby diapers, which has been active in pulp and paper industry for over 140 years, is looking for EU sales agents and distributors to accelerate the expansion of their diaper business in European... more


Slovenian company specialized in the processing and manufacturing of plastic products is looking for commercial agents and distributors

The Slovenian company has 35 years of experience in the PVC industry and delivers products to customers in Slovenia and Europe, which effectively builds its position on the market. The company main activity is the processing of plastics and... more


A Slovenian producer of dust collection and filtration devices and systems is looking for distributors

The Slovenian company is specialized in the development and production of high quality dust collection systems and filtration devices (filtering, spot suction, separating and recycling of all types of dust, transporting of materials, suction... more


Slovenian supplier of technical thermoplastics offers subcontracting agreements to partners in the plastics industry

The Slovenian company founded in 1990 is specialized in industrial supply of technical thermoplastics of world famous brands. The company offers thermoplastic products for the production of high quality products and semi-products for various... more


An Ukrainian company offers metal beds under distribution services agreement

The Ukrainian company was established in 1998 and has its offices and production facilities in Kiev and Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. They are specialized in the manufacturing of metal beds. Its owners have more than 22 years of experience in the... more


Leading Polish manufacturer of electric bicycles and bicycle accessories seeks distributors and agents or financial partners

The company is a leading Polish manufacturer and distributor of electric bicycles. It has been on the market for four years. . The company's offer consists of more than 20 models of electric bicycles (from classic urban bike, strong touring... more


Czech producer of bespoke designed and produced pressing tools seeks agents.

Although this Czech company was established in 2010, it has been on the market more than 30 years. It is involved in bespoke design and production of pressing tools that are used for production in automotive and mechanical engineering industries,... more

Czech Republic

Distributors of natural juices made of fruits and vegetables sought

This small family company from agro food sector runs a pressing plant in the centre of Poland. It specializes in manufacture of natural fruits (apple, pear, raspberry, cherry, gooseberry, aronia, red and black currant, black elder) and vegetables... more


Polish manufacturer of spice racks is looking for distributors

Polish manufacturer of crafted wooden spice racks, shelves for spices and premium chopping boards offers currently 27 models, ranging from 2 to 24 spices: • rotary spice racks , • shelves for spices, • small condiments for salt and pepper, •... more


Small Italian company of high-quality casual clothes and beach towels seeks agents and distributors in the European Union, Switzerland and United States

Small Italian company of recent creation is specialized in design, production and sale of high-end casual apparel for man and woman (t-shirts, sweat-shirts, sea-clothes etc) and of colorful beach towels. Its line of clothing covers the topic... more


A Lithuanian craft beer microbrewery is looking for trade intermediaries

The company is a microbrewery located in west-north of Lithuania. Originally it was established in 2000 as a local brewery and from then, till now, it has been supplying beer to the city and nearby town pubs. In 2016 the brewery was renewed... more


A Turkish manufacturer of anatomy and simulated patitent models is looking for a partners manufacturing

The company is located in Kayseri, Turkey and has been in the medical education materials sector for 18 years. The company manufactures plastic anatomy and simulation models to be used as the training device in the undergraduate and doctorate... more


A Japanese university is offering a new technology for polymer synthesis aiming at joint development of new applications

The company developed a new monomer molecule as a material of chemosynthesis which applies in polymerisation with acrylic ester. The synthetic polymer with this monomer molecule enables to control 3D dimensions structure in a stable condition.... more


Olive mills residues treatment and method for obtaining useful sub-products in an environmentally friendly way

Waste effluents caused in olive mills for obtaining olive oil are very contaminant to the environment and do not accomplish the regulations to be spilled in public courses or sewage systems, nor can it be used for irrigation activities due to... more


Optimization of therapeutic oligonucleotide efficacy for the treatment of solid tumours by innovative nanoparticles

A Dutch clinical stage company developing a new generation of nanomedicines, aims to use their proprietary nanoparticle technology to improve the efficacy and safety profiles of current and novel drugs for the treatment of solid tumours. In... more


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