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Producer of organic humic fertilizers from Ukraine looking for distributors

The company’s production area occupies over 20 hectares. The total personnel is about 60 employees. The company was founded in 1990. It has started producing and marketing organic humic fertilizers made from vermicompost (worm castings) in 1995,... more


Italian winery, based in Sicily, is looking for small and medium wine and distillates producers to expand its distribution chain in European countries

The Italian family-run business, established in 1946, trades, imports and exports in the international markets high quality wines, liquors and distillates produced both by Italian and foreign producer companies. The labels are more than 7000,... more


Polish producer of outdoor lighting system seeks supplier of garden lighting made from stainless steel and/or aluminum via manufacturing agreement.

A Polish company specializes in designing and production of outdoor LED systems. It offers only tested and reliable solutions, and its products are highly functional, very durable and look good. The company’s flagship bestseller is a multi-color... more


The Polish company of innovative LED system solutions is looking for the manufacturing agreement

A Polish company, based in Warsaw, was founded in 2003 and already has more than 10 years experience. The company is still improving the lighting technology solutions. In the recent years, the company has been intensively focused on the development... more


A Polish producer of drives, gears, screw jacks, transmission elements is looking for cooperation in the field of: manufacturing agreement, subcontracting and supplies.

A Polish producer of customized drives, gears, transmission elements, screw jacks is offering: - worm, helical, bevel, variable gears; gear parts as worm wheels and worm shafts; electric motors; transmission elements as trapezoidal screws,... more


Spanish company producing and trading raw materials for the food industry is looking for distributors.

The Spanish company is a family –owned company with over 30 years experience in the agro-food sector and is producer and trader of ingredients (raw materials) for the food industry: bakery and meat industries, pastry and chocolate industries... more


A Polish small manufacturer of handmade products is looking for the distributors

A small Polish company specialized in manufacturing of handmade products, such as exclusive decorative things for the houses, toys for kids and outwear knitted wear for women is looking for trade intermediary services (distributors) in EU. The... more


Croatian river port offers its services for transhipment and warehousing under service agreement

A Croatian river port, near mouth of the river Drava to the Danube, offers its services of river transportation, transhipment and warehousing for goods (as slag, coal, gravel, fertilizers, stone and grains) as bulk cargo, big bags cargo, metal... more


German SME has developed technical beehive for bee monitoring and seeks distribution partners

A beehive is a very sensitive microorganism which can be brought out of balance by many factors. A German start-up company is therefore focusing on finding out reasons for increasing bee-mortality in various climates, areas with usage of different... more


A Romanian company specialised in the production of dairy products is looking for distributors

The Romanian company, with a vast experience in the dairy market, was founded in 1998 and comprises in its portfolio the production of various classic and traditional products. The mild products offered by the Romanian company include: • different... more


Stylish and modern kitchen hoods offered under subcontracting agreement

A Polish company founded in 1989 is a highly specialised company working in the production industry. It is well established on the market, trusted by customers and has a reputation for being reliable. The company is the manufacturer of the... more


Romanian monumental painting company is looking for subcontracting agreements

The Romanian family company has more than 25 years of experience in the artistic creation activities – painting field but was founded under this form in 2013. The main activity of the company is the monumental art - the painting of the churches,... more


Polish company, leading producer of lingerie from Eastern Poland, is looking for distributors/wholesalers in foreign markets.

The Polish company has been on the market since almost twenty years as a leading Polish producer of luxurious women lingerie. Lingerie produced under the brand has been successful for years on many European markets. The company has also customers... more


Bulgarian software and application development company is looking for commercial agency agreements

This Bulgarian software development company established in 2015 has already satisfied the needs of numerous clients on the local (Bulgarian) market and is looking to expand its services abroad. The company is experienced in developing on-demand... more


A Turkish company has developed a wide area airborne surveillance system and is looking for joint venture partners

A Turkish company, with deep experience in surveillance systems in an aerial platform, has developed Wide Area Airborne Surveillance System (WAASS). This is a system used mainly in homeland security applications. It can also be used for search... more


A Turkish company is looking for manufacturers for plastic granule used for producing plastic bags

This Turkish company is located in Erzurum and has just established by four young engineers. The company produces plastic bags for pharmaceutical and food products. Therefore, the company is looking for manufacturers for plastic granule used... more


Area monitoring of neutron radiation

A well-known German research institute has made significant progress in finding a solution for the area monitoring of neutron radiation around those nuclear plants and equipment emitting ionising radiation (e. g. nuclear engineering, medicine,... more


A Turkish company offers customer oriented services in the field of industrial electronics and R&D projects.

The company was established in 1995 and since then, it has been providing customer oriented services with its diverse knowledge and experience in the field of industrial electronics. The company offers full military specification electronic... more


A smart voice assistant for the factory and industry 4.0

Voice assistants are best known in the commercial sector with products such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. They allow hands-free connectivity to friends, family and the internet. As they rely on cutting edge NLP technologies, their accuracy... more

United Kingdom

Polish wholesaler of agricultural products, as fertilizers and agricultural chemicals, is looking for new products to distribute

The company located in north-eastern part of Poland, specialized in trading fertilizers and agricultural chemicals offers distribution services. The Polish company offers both Polish and foreign agricultural products on the internal Polish market.... more


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