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Turkish producer of alcoholic beverages is offering distribution and manufacturing agreement.

The Turkish company specializes in production of alcoholic beverages. Established in 2005 and started production in 2008, company produces national drink rakı, vodka, gin and different types of liqueurs. The company has the first integrated... more


A Turkish software company offers health care management system under license and services agreement

Turkish company offers a software to manage whole operations in especially care homes and hospitals. It aims to improve business communications, management and efficiency. It is an integrated care management system that integrates all of the... more


UK SME seeks partners for proposal to Innovate UK Open Round 5 or 6, to develop a high-efficiency uncooled combustion engine

There are no production-ready zero-carbon alternatives to internal combustion engines (ICEs) for most large diesel engine applications. Uncooled engines would cut the energy use, operating costs or CO2 emissions of ICEs by well over 30%, including... more

United Kingdom

H2020-MSCA-IF-2018: Researcher needed for the development of novel methodologies for analysis and design of steel and timber joints

The research group related to automated analysis and design of structures at a Spanish university focuses its research on the development of design, analysis and prototyping methods for building structures. The main activity consists of the... more


H2020-MSCA-IF-2018: Researcher needed for the development of disruptive solutions in the integration of building services and energy systems in architecture and urbanism

A research group of a Spanish university has been working for years on projects that involve the integration of building services and energy systems in complex architectonical cases. Building services involve fire safety, water management, electricity,... more


H2020-MSCA-IF-2018: Researcher needed for analysing the link between Alzheimer’s disease and obesity

A university is part of a cluster with a tight collaboration of excellent research centers and a university clinic. The cluster provides access to facilities and opportunities for collaborations. A research group related to pharmacology and... more


Ukrainian corporation manufacturing varnishes and paints is seeking for partners to promote its products on the international market under the distribution agreement.

The corporation exists for 20 years and established itself on the Ukrainian market. It consists of three separate companies, where each is responsible for a particular industry, namely paint and varnish products, metal containers and the provision... more


Digital marketplace for raw materials in the chemical and plastics industry looking to expand its network - German company offers service agreements

Although the so-called Industry 4.0, especially the field of digitalization, is one of the main topics discussed at the moment, the chemical industry is still quite “analogue”. Due to complex value chains and lengthy approval processes, new... more


Chromate free smart release corrosion inhibitor technology seeks application partnerships within paints/primers and coatings sector.

Corrosion protection of metallic surfaces is fundamental across a wide range of sectors, including: the construction of industrial, commercial and domestic buildings; aerospace and aircraft; and the automotive industry. The use of chromium... more

United Kingdom

A Spanish coffee roaster company is looking for distribution services agreements

The company, established in 1871, is the oldest coffee manufacturer in Spain. They have a huge know-how reflected in the products, the quality and the service they offer. The company does not do white labels or white brands. Their dedication... more


Cost-efficient molecular point of care diagnostic platform for environmental/food safety testing and dental diagnostics

Molecular diagnostics is important, among others, in the field of health, food safety and environment. In the clinical field it provides a reliable aid for deision-making in treatment of patients. The problem of conventional centralized diagnostics... more


Spanish company offering water filtration equipment for irrigation and water treatment is looking for distributors and agents.

Spanish company, based in Barcelona, provides self-cleaning traveling-screens, bar screens, strainers, belt macro-strainers and filters for irrigation works and the pre-treatment process of water treatment facilities. Workshops are located in... more


German translation agency is looking for services agreements

The German company offers professional translations in many different fields of expertise: medicine & pharmacy, technology & industry, marketing & PR, software & internet, business & commerce, law or similar. It also offers voice-over (audiovisual... more


Portuguese web developer wants to establish a commercial agency agreement (with or without technical assistance) with fleet management consulting companies and/or GPS vehicle location companies

It is a private company located in Lisbon, Portugal, since 2001 and conceives and develops fleet management software products for companies and organizations with more than a 20 vehicle fleet aiming to control costs, overuse, and environmental... more


First biomarker test for the diagnosis of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common degenerative disease of joints world-wide. About two-third of people over 65 years are affected, whereas the etiology is largely unclear. Currently, there is no causative therapy available, which is due... more


Cooperation with personal placement agents and residential care homes in Europe

A private care company from Warsaw in Poland is interested in long-term cooperation with employment agencies and residential care homes in Europe. The company offers qualified employees like nurses and care assistants. The Polish company offers... more


H2020-SC1-BHC-10-2019: public procurers and experts in Next Generation Sequencing, genomics, ethics and data protection are sought for routine diagnosis in haematology and oncology

Although there have been unprecedented advances over the last decade in the speed and throughput of NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) platforms, the challenge is still the application of NGS for the integrated diagnosis and treatment of hematological... more


Spanish company offering equipment for the mechanical treatment of wastewater is looking for distributors and agents.

Spanish company based in Barcelona, providing wastewater treatment and water screening equipment offers a wide range of mechanical equipment for the treatment of wastewater, process water, potable water, irrigation water, and the withdrawal... more


A Turkish company is focusing on developing new markets as a subcontractor for manufacturing steel pipes.

The company is dynamic company and established in 1967 Adana/Turkey. The company has an extensive experience in production of steel pipes business for hundred years. The company is offering products that are produced using experienced material... more


Portuguese manufacturer of stainless steel pressure vessels is seeking commercial agents

Portuguese company founded in 1981, which the main activity is designing, manufacturing, and installing stainless steel equipments for the chemical, food, and beverage processing industry sectors is looking for foreign partners. The company... more


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