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Innovative three-dimensional (3D) system for assessment of climbers

The Bulgarian research unit has developed technologies and products along with research and industrial partners and that have applications in different fields such as aerospace, new materials and coatings, sensors, control units, automated systems,... more


Quick detection of infectious living micro-organisms (or pathogens) without cell culture for medical or sanitary diagnosis offered by a French laboratory

A French research team has developed a new method to analyse the microbiological samples quickly. This research team is represented by a technology transfer department established more than 70 years ago. This department is responsible for protecting... more


Platform to evaluate the efficacy of skin care and personal care products

The Singapore-based SME has developed the technology platform that helps in designing and conducting efficacy studies; it helps in providing scientific clinical data to validate safety and product claims in labelling. The platform, intended... more


Ship owners, -operators and maritime crewing agencies sought for Dutch digital medical assist service on-board, under a service agreement

With no doctor on-board of most ships, medical healthcare has always been a challenge in the maritime sector. During the last 50 years, limited progress has been made in this field. Onshore however digital medicine is growing fast. The combination... more


ERA-NET MIN2: companies and research institutions are sought for cooperation in research on a silicon recycling project

The mineral silicon is one of the critical materials for the European Commission. The demand for silicon is growing because of its utilization in micro-electronics components such as microchips or photovoltaic solar. However, the use of the... more


Company from Republic of Srpska region, Bosnia and Herzegovina, producer of furniture is looking for international partners in a form of joint-venture or manufacturing agreement.

Bosnian company which is producing furniture elements, started production in 1946. In 1999, privatization process carried out and ever since investments and improvement of production are constant, which is proved by consecutive winning several... more

Bosnia and Herzegovina

A Polish manufacturer of MDF furniture fronts is looking for distributors

The SME company located in north-eastern Poland was founded in 2007 by experienced and qualified production specialist. The Polish SME company is mostly manufacturing a broad array of milled MDF furniture fronts offered in selected colours from... more


High-protein food products - distributors sought

A Czech company owns its own patented technology for the production of unique high protein food products free from fat and gluten. The company produces a variety of food products with different flavours suitable for direct consumption or as... more


A producer of gluten-free culinary mixes is searching for distributors

The French company makes organic and gluten-free flours (rice, buckwheat, corn, guar) mixes. The mixes are designed to bake savory cakes, sweet cakes, pizzas, savoy pastry crusts and sweet pastry crusts. All preparations are 100% organic,... more


French manufacturer of orthopaedic products seeks distributors for an innovative orthosis for ankle sprains

The French company belongs to an international group based in Italy with a 100-year experience in the orthopaedic area. The company manufactures and distributes innovative and custom-made solutions for phlebitis, lymphatic, orthopaedic and sports-related... more


Swedish producer of upholstered chair making it easy rising and sitting is searching distribution service agreement

A family owned Swedish furniture producer with more than 115 years within the industry is focusing further on its international expansion. The company has besides its ordinary product range of traditional upholstered sofas and chairs developed... more


An Irish company who manufacture a children's hockey stick seeks distributors for foreign markets

This Irish company had previously designed an innovative piece of sports equipment for younger children. The product is soft and made of a foam type material, but fully functional to develop the passion for games. From this concept, a lighter,... more


Eco-friendly functional fireproof panel with non-sintered method

Nowadays, the eco-friendly feature matters when constructing buildings. Keeping up with this trend, there appeared a lot of manufacturers producing non-flammable and lightweight boards, but this company is differentiated as it uses eco-friendly... more

South Korea

Multi-discipline Slovak engineering company with 120 engineers, specialized in industrial projects, is looking for services agreement abroad

The company is one of the largest engineering companies in Slovakia established in 1951. Being involved in major projects the company has made extensive references with strong clients. Moreover, it has developed business activities in Central... more


Turkish woman entrepreneur specialized in decorative mosaics is looking for distributors and commercial agency agreements

The Turkish entrepreneur started her business in 2016. She produces mosaic (natural stone, glass, colored ceramics) relief paintings, wall units and decorative ornaments for residential and commercial projects. All products manufactured by... more


Lithuanian based processed food company is looking for a dough pressing technology

A Lithuanian processed food producer with over 20 years of experience in frozen processed food products production. The company produces: dumplings, pizzas, pancakes, pasties and various other products made from curd or potatoes. The company... more


Electric-jet micro-Propulsion System for Nanosats

Lithuanian technology development company, successfully operating in the field have developed a high frequency heating technology for fluid. Company specialists specialists have extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and launching... more


Consultancy providing UK market entry support offers services agreements

This UK company was established in 2016 but aims to build upon four decades of experience of the managing director in the fields of business development and trade. As well as helping UK companies with product sourcing, trade finance etc, the... more

United Kingdom

Italian innovative company operating in the field of nanotechnology for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical applications offers consultancy services

The company was founded in 2015 and deals with the design and development of projects in the field of nanotechnology for the transmission of active ingredients in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical formulations. The company mission... more


A Bulgarian producer of cigarette filters from high quality certified materials is looking to sign distribution agreements.

Bulgarian company specialising in the production of cigarette filters made from certified highest quality raw materials is looking for distributors worldwide. A relatively new company in Bulgaria, manufacturing its own products, wishing to... more


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