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French company specialized in the trade of glass containers is looking for suppliers

A French company located in the South of France specialised in the trade of food and liquid containers of glass, is looking for new suppliers of glass jars and bottles. The company also offers future suppliers the opportunity to be their distributor... more


A Romanian start-up company, manufacturer of handmade wooden personalised products, is looking for partners to cooperate under the distribution agreement

A Romanian start-up company, specialized in making handmade wooden products, has been in business since 2015. The company offers variety of products: - jewellery boxes - images on a wooden panelș - personalised accesories for events; - wedding... more


UK-based SME is offering its software systems for supporting companies adopting industry 4.0 practices via outsorcing agreement

In modern manufacturing processes there is a large degree of automation. Add to this just-in-time processes and the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 and the level of automation will only increase. This creates a requirement for informatics... more

United Kingdom

Bacillus probiotic as an alternative to antibiotics in animal production

Since of the 50s the institute is the leading scientific center in Ukraine in the field of the development and introduction of microbial preparations. The spread of antibiotic resistance strains of microorganisms have created a growing global... more


Looking for a technology to reduce sugar and fat in bakery and pastry-making

A Spanish company whose activity is the production of pastry and bakery, including some typically Christmas sweets, would like to find a system/technology in order to reduce the fat and/or sugar in the final products. The company, which has... more


A Lithuanian producer of organic and organo-mineral fertilizers is looking for distributors

The Lithuanian company is involved in organic and organo-mineral fertilizers suitable for ecological (organic) farming and conventional agriculture since 2007. The company has a wide product range. Main production raw materials are local peat... more


A Czech eye clinic is looking for agents to promote laser vision correction, intraocular refractive surgery and other services through commercial agency agreement

The private eye clinic established in 2008 in Brno is one of the biggest cataract and refractive outpatient surgery centres in the Czech Republic. An experienced team of eye doctors and surgeons performs over 14,000 examinations and over 3,500... more


Italian farm holidays located in Sicily, is looking for travel agents and tour operators for commercial agency agreements

From the experience of a family of Italian entrepreneurs with a passion for the countryside and local traditions, a holidays farm was born. The holidays' farm is located in Sicily near the beautiful archaeological park of Selinunte and it is... more


A Dutch multinational pharmaceutical company is looking for licensing partners of its human monoclonal antibody production platforms in the field of immuno-oncology or immunologic diseases.

A multinational pharmaceutical biotech company, having premises in Europe-the Netherlands, develops innovative therapies for cancer and immune-driven diseases. The company has a growing clinical portfolio and an emerging pipeline of next generation... more


Italian producer of attitude and heading reference unit is seeking for distributors/partners

The Italian company, based in the Latium Region, is an innovative startup that designs and commercialized high-end Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). The company has built an AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System) sensor that provides true... more


Czech producer of car trunk mattresses seeks agent under commercial agreement

The Czech producer manufactures car mattresses for any model of the car. There is no limitation on the size of the mattress. Since it is custom made the mattress fits perfectly the shape of the trunk. It is made of polyester with high resistance... more


New CNS-active carbamate derivatives as anti-epileptic drug

A Korean company has focused on the psychiatric and neurological disease since founded in 1978, and they developed approximately 80 types of medicines including neuro-psychology therapy. The company is seeking for technology called new CNS (Central... more

South Korea

A Korean company is offering magnetic wireless charging & data synchronization technology and modules to be applied in various types of mobile devices under technical cooperation for product application and business development

The Korean company which was established in 2015, as a spin-off from its headquarter with over 17 years of battery and AC/DC adaptor (or also known as AC/DC converter) experience and now specializing in charging and data-sync technology, have... more

South Korea

A Romanian producer of solar charging stations is looking for agents or distributors

The Romanian manufacturer is looking for business partners abroad. The company has developed a solar charging station, with a very pleasant and innovative design, that solves the demand for instant communication in modern cities, by providing... more


Finnish accelerator program is looking for start-ups and growth companies with new technologies

A Finnish corporate venturing house, established in 2015, builds growth to corporations helping them to work with and like start-ups. The company helps corporations in the field of corporate venture capital investments and venture development,... more


A Portuguese frozen fish processing plant is looking for fish/food distributors or commercial agents to sell its products worldwide

The frozen fish processing plant is using advanced processing and freezing technology and is specialized in pelagic fish species such as black and white horse mackerel, mackerel and octopus from the Portuguese coast, totally natural without... more


Spanish baby organic and ethics fashion manufacturer is looking for distribution agreements with international partners

The Spanish company was founded in 2015 in Barcelona and is specialised in designing and manufacturing children’s clothes, up to nine years old. With a wide range of organic and ethic products including: bodies, shirts, leggings, sweatshirts,... more


Sand filter (two-way) and a method for pool water filtration

The client is a Slovenian company established in 2014. Their income is growing constantly since then. They offer various solution and filtration technique for swimming pool water to the customers; floating filtration, sand filtration, cartridge... more


German company offers solutions for prototyping in a virtual reality suite to international partners within commercial agency agreements

The founders of a young German company were considering the question of what the mobility concepts of the future would look like. Their insight is that the most desirable form of mobility is to not travel but to find other ways to get in touch... more


Novel technology for continuous flow or off line multiparametric analysis of particles, emulsions, powders and microcapsules in complex fluids

The sizing and the characterization of micro and nanoparticles are currently performed by means of traditional methods, usually assuming that particles are all perfect spheres of a known uniform composition. Most of the required information... more


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