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French Technology Transfer Office proposes wireless sensor technology which taps body energy in order to extend appliance use

The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) is acting on behalf of an established public laboratory of the leading French scientific based in the Paris region. For embedded systems, battery liftetime is often a critical issue and finding ways... more


A Croatian company is looking for trade intermediaries (agents and distributors) for innovative plant energisers made of special bio crystal mixture

A Croatian company active as a provider of different products with a special biocrystal mixture, which is a solid type of chemical bond, is looking for trade intermediaries (agents and distributors) for their plant energizer. The plant energiser... more


A French company which specializes in the production of measurement, control and safety devices for industrial processes is looking for sales and distribution partners.

This company based near Paris is specialized in the design, the production, the marketing and the after-sales service of the equipments of control and measure of physical quantities and conversion of signals for potentially explosive and dusty... more


Ukrainian producer of cereals, wheat flour and pasta is seeking for partners - distributors to spread their products on the international market

The company is one of the largest producers of packaged products in Ukraine and an exclusive representative of several brands. The company distributes its products in the largest supermarket chains in Ukraine and has an aim to reach an international... more


An experienced Spanish construction company offers itself as subcontractor for any company interested in developing construction and forestry projects in Spain

The company wants to offer itself to be outsourced by companies who are contractors in projects in Spain and are looking for a company with experience in the country. The company also offers the possibility of renting the machinery or equipment... more


Innovative railway technology: energy efficient wagon construction for freight trains / freight folling stock

It is well known that especially on the top side of open wagons, like hopper wagons, even at low speeds air flows are created that counteract to the forces that accelerate the wagon. Current approaches to enhance the aerodynamic behavior of... more


Molecular diagnostics of familial hyperaldosteronism type II

More than a billion people worldwide suffer from high blood pressure, which is largely caused by lifestyle habits such as lack of physical exercise, obesity, diet, salt intake and alcohol consumption. Besides that genetic factors play an important... more


Peruvian company specialised in production and commercialisation of Peruvian Andean grains seeks distributors in Europe.

Peruvian company was founded on 1978. Also, the Peruvian company was established to promote the representative grains of Peru offering presentations diversity that maintains intact nutritious conditions. Its mission is to establish responsible... more


German medical technology distribution company is looking for highly innovative medical technology devices and advanced R&D projects under a distribution services agreement, joint venture or financial agreement

The German medical devices specialist has been distributing and leasing medical equipment to hospitals and other clinical institutions in Germany successfully for more than 10 years. The company is headquartered near Frankfurt, in the center... more


A French company is offering organic photovoltaic devices manufactured by digital printing expertise. Technical cooperation agreement is considered.

This company created in 2011 is one of the first French companies specialized in designing and manufacturing photovoltaic solutions using flexible organic devices by digital printing. The company aims at improving its competitive advantage by... more


Graphene customized treatments based on green chemistry

An Italian startup company focused on graphene applications which started its activity on 2013 thanks to private funding, holds a new graphene production technology based on simple and green chemistry. Long term experience team on nanotechnologies,... more


In vitro bio-compatibility studies and physio-chemical characterization of bio-materials are offered under services agreement.

A team belonging to a Spanish Research Institute on Health Sciences and specialized in the R&D of new therapies and technologies in the field of cell therapy, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, with a proven track record in biocompatibility... more


Scottish (UK) manufacturer of innovative packaging solutions seeks packaging distributors for cooperation under a distribution agreement

In the 21st Century there has been an explosive growth in ecommerce through the development of internet and mobile technologies, yet most businesses still use packaging that was developed in the 20th century. With the huge variation of delivery... more

United Kingdom

Innovative ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) modules for heat to power conversion systems in small plants (10 to 100 kW) ready for integration in all systems producing residual heat.

The French company, created in 2009, is a fast growing SME in the energy sector with a team of 24 staff members. The company is a designer, manufacturer and installer of ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) micro-powerplants that convert waste heat... more


Compact solar collector with linear Fresnel concentrator and triple movement.

In 2014, 54% of the world's population lived in urban areas and collectively consumed 75% of the world's resources. By 2050, 66% of the world's population is expected to be urban, so it is essential to minimize energy consumption in the urban... more


Controller Area Network (CAN) hub for high reliability and advanced testing in distributed control systems

A Spanish research group specialized in electronic technology and awarded Best Work-in-Progress Papel Award in Emerging Technologies has developed an innovative technology based on CAN. The Controller Area Network protocol has been successfully... more


Image-based CAPTCHA for touch screen devices

A Spanish research group specialized in image processing, analysis and computer vision has developed an innovative image-based CAPTCHA technology for touch screen device. A CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and... more


A company from Martinique is looking for a European partner to manufacture educational material and customize toys

A young company from Martinique has designed innovative products supported by a publishing house. The products are educational game boards, dominos and play cards addressed to children from 0 to 6, made of wood or cardboard, decorated with... more


RFCS 2018 - Advanced solid state hydrogen sensor

R&D project will implement novel techniques for hydrogen detection. Usually the hydrogen electrochemical detection needs electrodes, liquid solution and a metallic surface to close the cell circuit. The technique is optimized in order to be... more


Montenegrin recruitment and HR consultancy company offers its services to recruitment agencies from EU.

This Montenegrin company was established in 2012. It handles the entire process of recruiting: advertising; short-listing and face-to-face interviews of the candidates; reference checking; document handling and insurance support. The exact... more


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