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A Romanian producer of artisanal cheese is looking for partners under distribution or manufacturing agreements

The Romanian company produces artisanal cheese varieties from cow milk from its own farm. Although the commercialisation of the cheese produced started only at the beginning of 2015, the company dedicated 2 years for extensive research and testing... more


Hungarian company offers for distribution a new dimension of snacking - crunchy, flavorful and healthy fruit and vegetable snacks

The mission of the Hungarian company is to provide the food market with high-quality, healthy snacks which helps people to preserve their health, and contribute to the prevention of many diseases connected with the western lifestyle while enjoying... more


A Romanian port operator is offering handling services to worldwide partners through services agreement.

The port operator, with 40 years of experience, is located in the South Eastern Region of Romania, in Constanta Port at the Black Sea. They are specialized in operating with: - Metallurgical products - Bulk cereals - Bulk fertilizers - Timber... more


Technology for production of pellets from black/brown coal dust that increases its energy value is offered for licensing

For ages, coal dust has been burnt on fluid torches with certain energetic gain. A Czech inventor has been searching for a better way of exploitation of the coal dust - that would overcome current energetic gain. Finally, she have found a... more

Czech Republic

UK bathroom designer is looking for encapsulated light bulb

This well-established British company, is a leading designer and manufacturer of bathroom with a good reputation selling to both trade and retail. They are currently working on a new design for their range of bath top and looking to partner... more

United Kingdom

In-depth biological analyses on active principles for the development of innovative cosmeceutical and dermatological drugs.

The Italian Institute of Research is devoted to the investigation of biological systems by multidisciplinary approaches. The team has acquired proficiency in biological and functional analysis on in vitro cellular models for the characterization... more


Drug delivery models and medical devices design

The Italian public research Center is the largest Italian laboratory of applied mathematics. Its mission is to develop highly advanced mathematical, statistical and computational methods in order to solve, in an interdisciplinary context, problems... more


UK engineering company offering customised solutions for non-chemical, non-explosive demolition of ammunition is looking for commercial agents

A UK based engineering company with over 20 years of experience offers design, engineering and production of customised automated lines for non-chemical, non-explosive demolition of various shells, bombs, mines, bullets, and other ammunition... more

United Kingdom

The Netherlands based designer is looking for a manufacturing agreement with a porcelain producer of small decorative items, like small custom porcelain flowerpots.

In the Netherlands based product design studio is specialized in designing porcelain flowerpots. The products created by the company can be described as sculptural and have a high quality and finishing. They are made for international, high-end... more


Eurostars2: partners sought (companies or research institutes) for development of Parkinson disease diagnosis device

Background A South Korean SME specialized in emotion recognition technology is looking for a partner to conduct Eurostars2 project together. The SME has been researching the human signal analysis algorithms to detect human emotion and the human... more

South Korea

A Bosnian company specialized in legal and consultancy services in commercial and company law is looking for partners to establish cooperation based on services agreement

A Bosnian company was established in 1988 with specialisation in legal and consultancy services. The company has huge experience in providing services in commercial and company law for foreign companies and international organizations. The... more

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Portuguese company specialized in plastic injection moulding is looking for partners in order to establish manufacturing or subcontracting agreements

This Portuguese company, which was established as a plastic moulding company in 1976, it is specialized in plastic injection moulding for the building sector, agro food sector and for multi purposes. Able to inject moulds, the company is available... more


Romanian association looks for technology for potato starch production through commercial agreement with technical assistance

Located in the North-Eastern part of Romania, the association was set-up in 2010, based on a public funded European project financed by European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, with the aim to provide to its rural communities the necessary... more


An Israeli fashion brand SME , with unique peace and humanitarian themes, is seeking partners to commercial agency agreement for their new spring/summer garment collection

An Israeli small fashion company with a humane social agenda was established in 2015. The company is based on its own particular aesthetics, a spectrum of values - contemporary, fashionable, caring, artistic, conscientious and intellectual.... more


Italian company is looking for distributors/agents for cotton products and for a patented worldwide novelty: dry make-up remover wipe

An Italian cotton wool manufacturer company, born as a branch of a spinning mill created in 1892, has produced high quality cotton wool since 1950. In 1997 they decided to continue manufacturing cotton wool once the yarn manufacturing was sold.... more


Steel manufacturing and engineering company seeks commercial agents in Europe

The Danish company has worked successfully as a subcontractor for over 30 years in stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel and high strength steel in Denmark and abroad. They have a strong working track record with the industrial sector, the... more


Manufacturer of uniquely crafted apple juices and sparkling juice-mixes seeks international distributors

A small manufacturer from Northern Germany produces the first alcohol-free apple spritzer with craft beer hops. It is an innovative and 100% natural taste experience: Cascade hops known from Indian Pale Ale craft beer are the perfect counterpart... more


Italian manufacturer in the measuring sector is looking for distributors in European countries

The company began its activity in 1943 with the planning and construction of measuring and testing instruments for mechanical purpose as surface plates, standard square, V blocks, straight edges, standard rules gauges etc. The company grew in... more


Anti-scattering radiation filter

A Korean institute established in 2011 aims to improve the medical environment, so they have been focusing especially on the radiation-related instrument which is able to be used easily and safely. The institute points out that lead aprons,... more

South Korea

Dutch Start up is looking for a partner who has the technical knowledge in recycling processes to transform High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fishnets into usable granulates.

The company was founded 2013 and is focussed to develop technologies to remove plastic waste from the oceans. In 2018 the first clean up system is scheduled to start operating and therefore they expect to land ocean plastic waste that requires... more


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