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Russian company specializing in the production of adhesions gel for surgery is looking for partners in Europe.

The Russian company from the Kursk region, founded in 2012, has become a manufacturer highly specialized in the production of medical materials today. The actual problem of modern surgery is the excessive formation of cicatricial adhesions... more


An Armenian producer of chocolate is looking for distribution services agreement

This Armenian company was founded in 2013. The company produces chocolate products such as chocolate-coated dried fruits, chocolate-coated dried fruits with marzipan, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cream stuffed chocolates, etc. The company... more


Novel therapeutic approach in a multiplicity of neurodegenerative and autoinflammatory pathologies

Recent findings have highlighted the important role played by the disregulated activation of the innate immune system in the onset and progression of several neurological and autoinflammatory diseases. Small organic molecules able to modulate... more


Ukrainian producer of natural biodegradable drinking straws looking for distributors

The company was founded in 2019.The reed straws are the alternative to plastic and paper ones. The main production advantage is proprietary manufacturing technology. The technology used in manufacturing enables to produce the craft product on... more


Unique Approach for the Study of Immune System Funcionality

Within immune system functionality studies, Enzyme-Linked Immunospot (ELISpot), detects the Effector T cells cytokines secretion with an in vitro system that closely resembles the in vivo immune biology, thus allowing immune response monitoring. ELISpot... more


A UK employee engagement training company is looking for HR, management training companies and business consultants to sell and deliver their on-line programme through a licensed distributor agreement.

This is the world’s first online (but not e-learning) culture and behaviour enhancing programme which helps small, medium and large organisations drive up employee engagement and staff motivation. Employees complete a ‘Satisfaction at Work’... more

United Kingdom

Spanish protocol and communication expert specialized in the Japanese market offers services under outsourcing agreements.

Spanish expert in protocol and communication for organizations from any industry as well as for the M.I.C.E. tourism offers her services under subcontracting and outsourcing agreements. She is also specialized in Japanese protocol and communication.... more


COVID-19: Pre-assessment app for outpatients to provide virtual triage for hospitals to reduce backlog following the pandemic

All hospitals have huge backlogs of patients awaiting planned elective surgery. During this hiatus when COVID cases diminish and hospitals plan to return to a ‘new normal', a UK company has developed an app that helps remote co-morbidity assessment... more

United Kingdom

COVID-19: Seeking test partners for inclusive and objective digital interview platform that mitigates COVID-19 challenges in candidate selection

Hiring the right employees from overwhelming pools of applicants is costly and current processes risk entrenching bias for which no robust solution is currently available in the automated interview space. For instance, a single multinational... more

United Kingdom

Ukrainian producer of ceramic granite seeks distributors

The Ukrainian manufacturer of ceramic granite was founded in 2005 and nowadays it is the first and only producer of ceramic granite in Eastern Europe based on state-of-the-art twin-press technology from the Italian company Sacmi. This technology... more


Romanian manufacturer of handmade ceramic products seeks raw materials suppliers under supplier agreements

The Romanian company is a creative production workshop focused on the manufacturing of handmade ceramic products. The company’s main products are: - decorative plaques and faience for kitchen, bathrooms and commercial areas - sanitary wares... more


A Polish wine distributor is looking for non-alcoholic wine.

A Polish wine importer and distributor who imports wine from countries around the world and distributes wine to Horeca sector in Poland is looking for non-alcoholic and low-calorie wine abroad. Due to many enquiries from their clients the Polish... more


Wetting-control polymeric surface-layer for printed electronics

The Slovenian public research organization is active in the research, development and education in the field of synthesis, properties and applications of materials for electronics. Additionally, the researchers are focused on the structure and... more


Ukrainian manufacturer of grain storage and handling equipment is looking for distributors and commercial agents

This company is located in the centre of Ukraine and is equipped with a complex of European, Japanese and American equipment. The company has been producing agricultural equipment for about 60 years. Today, the company is a supplier of equipment... more


Covid-19: Managing Social Distance at Construction Sites

The Covid-19 crisis and safety measures are challenging to many sectors, among them the construction sector. While new safety protocols can cover standard requirements at construction sites, a dedicated production plan is needed to ensure the... more


Nanotechnology for the improvement of the assisted reproduction techniques

A Spanish research group with extensive expertise in assisted reproduction technology (ART) has developed new technology that minimizes the oocyte and embryo handling by the application of magnetic fields in order to move or fix them. In the... more


Armenian multi brand shop is looking for commercial agency agreement

The Armenian company is founded in 2018. The company is experienced in selling multi-branding clothes and accessories. The company wants to expand the range of offered goods and represent new European and international brands. The company is... more


A Polish producer of fully natural syrups for coffees, cakes, ice cream and pancakes is looking for distributors abroad

The Polish company from Małopolska region specializes in production of syrups using only natural ingredients. SME was established in 2013 in Krakow, Poland. In the beginning, was started out as a small company. As things began to change slowly,... more


A Moldovan manufacturer of cookies is looking for distributors in foreign markets.

The company with 17 years of experience on the market offers high-quality food products. It has a modern factory with an area of 6000 s.m., with more than 100 types of cakes and over 70 types of biscuits, totally more than 150 tons of monthly... more


A Ukrainian company of the textile sector produces exclusive women’s clothes and seeks partners for distributors, commercial agents and offers manufacturing agreement.

The company is based in Western Ukraine and is involved in manufacturing women's clothing since 2000. The company creates and manufactures overcoats, formal dresses, overalls, suits, jackets, skirts, pants, and blouses using wool, cotton, viscose,... more


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