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Interactive e-Platform supporting compliance and governance management of private/public companies

An innovative high tech company based in Nothern Italy developed a Cloud/SaaS (Software as a service) and Intranet Business Intelligence ecosystem of interactive services that allows organizations and institutions to find their way in the maze... more


French company is looking for suppliers of exoskeletons used in the construction industry in European Union

The French company specialized in the construction of houses would like to improve the working conditions of its employees and to reduce musculoselective disorders. This company has always innovated in passive houses, 3D printed houses. They... more


A Czech manufacturer of laboratory glassware is looking for distributors

The company´s plant and headquarters are situated in Olomouc region, Czech Republic. The small sized company employing about 25 people produces hand made laboratory glassware, which is offered worldwide. International cooperation of the firm... more


Hungarian SME is looking for producers/distributors of basic materials for food industry

The Hungarian company’s predecessor was established in 1991, therefore its founders have relevant experience in wholesale of food ingredients. Its main focus was to make premium quality basic and auxiliary materials available for Hungarian food... more


Optimizing thermal plants with level 2 automation solutions

As an asset-intensive industry, the metal industry is under continuous pressure to reduce costs, increase throughput, and achieve higher flexibility. This German company, founded in 1987 as a result of the alliance between a technical university... more


Polish creative studio specialised in visual identification, advanced websites and design offers its services under outsourcing agreements

A creative studio located in North-East Poland is searching for new possibilities of cooperation. The studio is a fast-growing company, open for challenges from abroad. The company perfectly finds itself in: - copyrighting and translation, -... more


Bulgarian women`s clothing manufacturer is looking for partners in the fashion industry

For more than 20 years on the market, the company has been offering manufacturing service of ladies clothing. The factory aims to work as a subcontractor or under manufacturing agreement of big clothing manufacturers that provide services to... more


A Czech company that produces welded nets, fence systems and metallurgical materials is looking for a manufacturing agreement

The Czech Company started producing system of protection of conveyor belts, system of internal fence of machines, production facilities, stocks, dangerous zones, blank spaces etc. These manufactured, high-quality welded nets are designed for... more


Italian cosmetic company is seeking distribution or commercial agreements for its new organic line of creams

An Italian cosmetic company has studied, tested and produced an innovative cosmetic line based on snail slime. The line has been developed paying a particular attention to the beauty of the packaging as well as the effectiveness of the products.... more


An Italian start-up is offering a digital platform for supporting technology transfer

The start-up was founded in 2017 and developed a digital platform to support entities operating within innovation, research and technological transfer domains with special digital security systems. The platform can be seen as one stop shop to... more


German SME is looking for an adhesive manufacturer or developer

A German SME active the development of innovative products in the field of diagnostics and analytics, life science and pharmacy is looking for an adhesive in order to complete the development of a product. The adhesive is needed for bonding... more


Environmentally friendly packaging solution for concentrated soap detergent are sought

The company have been manufacturing soap detergent without preservatives and fragrances made of recycled vegetable cooking oil since 2014. But the recipe originates from the 1920s. It was created by the founder’s ancestors how lived in roadless... more


Polish producer of home textiles is looking for distributors.

The company has been a part of the home textiles industry in Poland for the last 21 years and is now one of its well established leaders. Since the inception of the company their main priority was to deliver high quality product at an affordable... more


A Romanian metalworking company seeks manufacturing agreements for a wide range of metal parts

The Romanian company, established in 2005, is specialized in works of metallic construction, assembly and commissioning of equipment (the process of ensuring that all systems and components of a building are designed, installed, tested, operated,... more


A Turkish orthopedic and medical product supplier is looking for distrubition partners

A supplier of orthopedic and medical equipments from Turkey is family owned company with 20 years of history in sales of orthopaedic and medical products. The company distributes products on domestic market to more than 60 pharmacy and 20 hospitals. The... more


Italian company specialized in innovative radiant heating systems is looking for sales agents or distributors to expand its business.

The company was established in 2018 and is located in Campania region (Italy): it has a great experience in the field of efficient and innovative heating systems. The innovative radiant heating system designed by the company is based on the... more


Italian artisanal coffee roasting company seeks agents and distributors

This Italian artisanal coffee roasting firm established in 1996 takes care of personally visiting different plantations, also searching for the best coffee distributors for hotels, cafes and restaurants wishing to offer their customers a product... more


French company with innovative solutions using drones to inspect aquatic and underwater environments seeks subcontracting opportunities

A French company has developed equipments and expertise to secure aquatic environment services and to improve their quality. Using aquatic and underwater drones, the company offers many services such as : - bathymetry, - sediments and liquids... more


A UK haircare product manufacturer of specialist hair straightening shampoos, conditioners, serums and styling solutions seeks distributors.

This UK company has been established since 2009 producing specialist hair repair and straightening treatments, shampoos, conditioners and styling products. The shampoos are paraben free and all packaging is recyclable. Their product range... more

United Kingdom

Hungarian company offers laser cutting and metal bending under subcontracting or/and manufacturing agreement

The Hungarian enterprise was established in 2005 as a construction company and quickly gained in the local market. In 2018 the company entered to the metalworking industry too. The company is specialized in the field of cutting pieces in different... more


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