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Patented technologies for the decontamination of soils polluted by organic contaminants

The Belgian company invented a mobile thermal system for thermal desorption. This process heats the soil to a level where pollutants vaporize as they reach the gas phase. The technology extracts and recovers contaminants kept in the ground... more


A Korean SME is looking for a distributor for nasal inflammatory treatment device with multi-wave laser

This Korean company is specialized in the manufacturing of optical components for over 16 years. This company has been developing new technologies related between optics and healthcare based on its own specialty. The main technology of this... more

South Korea

Spanish company in the ozone cosmetics sector seeks distributor in European countries

This is a small Spanish company established in 2019, specialist in the ozone (O3) cosmetics. They manufacture and sell the following beauty products: a detox O3 cream with aloe vera and a rosehip seed O3 serum. The cream is addressed to all... more


Entrepreneur based in Portugal intends to develop a grocer e-commerce platform for all local stores and vendors. Outsourcing agreement is sought.

This business proposal is based in Portugal. It covers the e-commerce and retail sectors, and is concerned with the creation of an online marketplace where consumers can compare the prices of goods (initially only groceries) between different... more


Albanian manufacture of gold jewelries seeks technology line for gold and silver processing.

Founded at first in Fier, Albania in 1990, it started its activity as a small own family business. Within few years after starting , the Albanian company has expanded its activity in the capital city of Albania, by establishing in 1998 the first... more


SME working on innovative solutions of energy management systems is looking for research cooperation agreements with energy operators, local end-users and research labs under european projects funding

A small French company founded in 2015 is developing a software to improve energy management systems in local communities, with a specific approach consisting of a global awareness of the entire energy system. They also offer financial and... more


A French SME developing silicon photonic circuits with integrated lasers at wafer-level is looking for partners in high-speed optical communication and Lidar applications to reach technical or research cooperation agreements

Created in 2018 and based in France, the company's main activity is the design of photonic IC, combining the best of Silicon (Si) and Indium Phosphide (InP) materials using wafer-scale bonding of InP on Si. Their technology draws upon over... more


Italian manufacturer of profiled smart steel posts for vineyards seeks distributors

Italian company, family run, manufactures and distributes smart steel vineyards posts and related accessories. Its current markets are Italy and Europe (Hungary, Slovenia, Spain, France, Montenegro, Croatia, Austria). Its present business partners... more


Italian manufacturer of cellulose wadding table napkins seeks distributors

An Italian company, established in 2012 in Campania in the south of the country, is specialized in the production of paper table napkins. The company has its own production facilities and modern machinery as well as a store in Naples where... more


A French company independent coffee roaster is looking for distributors specialized in organic products

Created in 2001,the company moved to a bigger and more convenient place in 2007. Distribution efforts were made to become the coffee supplier of specialized organic stores within the region. It also has been certified for its organic products,... more


Portuguese web developer company is looking for partners to establish a commercial agency agreement (with or without technical assistance)

The Portuguese company develops software solutions. Their applications for mobility include three modules: Pool - Transportation is changing; fleet management is no longer just about vehicles and drivers but about providing different mobility... more


Spanish SME offers video making for the science and technology sectors under subcontracting and outsourcing agreements

The Spanish SME creates tailored video films for agents from the science and technology sectors and is involved in the whole process of production, where narration, cinematography, composition, sound design and infographics are crucial to reach... more


A Bulgarian company dedicated to the distribution of traditional food from Southeast Europe seeks distributors of natural food in European and non-European markets under distribution services agreements

The company was established in 2014. It is specialised in the export and wholesale distribution of traditional foods from Southeast Europe such as cheese, vegetable spreads, pickled vegetables, antipasti, raw honey, and juices under its own... more


Qatari manufacturer of uniforms & workwear/ professional clothing is looking for distributors and commercial agents

This Qatari company started as an establishment in 2007. From the beginning it hired professional tailors to fulfill a growing need for uniforms by schools, corporate, hospitals, and hotels. The corporate and hotels uniforms are made with... more


Research center specializing in the built environment offers its expertise to consortia for H2020 calls on energy efficiency in buildings and digitalization of the buildings sector

A multidisciplinary built environment research center in Brussels consists of several units: architectural engineering, town planning, civil engineering, as well as geo- and computational mechanics. They have expertise in: - the energy modelling... more


Bulgarian producer of shoes parts is looking for manufacturing agreements.

This company was founded in 2007 in the North-eastern part of Bulgaria with main activity - production of different parts of the shoes, mainly the upper part of the shoe. The company is currently employing 50 workers and is working under manufacturing... more


H2020-FETOPEN-01-2018-2019-2020: Development of an innovative resectoscope for trans urethral resection of the bladder

An Italian research team is studiyng the development of an innovative, AI-driven resectoscope for Trans Urethral Resection of the Bladder (TURB). TURB is the removal of dysplastic/neoplastic tissues (polyps, tumours) from the bladder. Currently,... more


Looking for solutions to accelerate digital literacy in education

The Dutch IT company has a focus on digital assurance and testing, cloud and digital manufacturing. Digital skills are very important in our society. Schools must adjust the curriculum the coming years. Dutch school teachers and leaders worked... more


Antibacterial alternative to antibiotics with high specificity against Escherichia coli

Endolysins are enzymes produced by bacteriophages (viruses that infect bacteria). The biological function of these endolysins is to hydrolyze bonds in the bacterial cell wall causing thus cell lysis and the consequent release of new bacteriophages.... more


UK provider of military aero-engine products is looking for innovative ways to guide the design of new components

The UK manufacturer pioneers cutting-edge technologies that deliver clean, stage and competitive solutions to meet our planet's vital power needs. They identify and engage with best-in-class external partners to accelerate their future digital... more

United Kingdom

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