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UK developer and manufacturer of water soluble cleaning products seeks agents or distributors globally

UK company established for more than 20 years, is a developer and manufacturer of cleaning products for the commercial, domestic and leisure industries.Their specialism is in water soluble products, either liquid or granules which are effectively... more

United Kingdom

Decision support system for precision kiwi fruit cultivation

An Italian ICT company has taken part in a european funded project with 6 european research centers to create an advanced decision support system (DSS) applied to the precision kiwi fruit cultivation. This system combines satellite data with... more


Aptamer targeting hormone refractory prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men. In particular, hormone refractory prostate cancer is not curable and targeted therapies are yet not available. Hormone refractory prostate tumor cells likely metastasize to distal sites accounting... more


A German SME is looking for IMOS users to outsource its design

A German SME has been producing high-quality furniture, components and partition walls made of various materials for more than 20 years. At this, each production has its own character with individual requirements. On a production area of approx.... more


A Polish company offers professional engineering, research and development services to international partners

The small company from central Poland has been operating since 2006 and providing services for the development of measuring techniques, test rigs and demonstrators, optical and vision systems, control and monitoring systems, mechanical devices... more


Portuguese company offers a precise monitoring technology for aquaculture systems. Commercial agreements and technical cooperation agreements are sought.

Portuguese company enables precision aquaculture. The solution allows users to monitor and predict water quality changes, without dealing with sensors maintenance. The company developed a compact and easy to install in-situ water data acquisition... more


Non-destructive measuring method and instrument to gain information about the mechanical characteristics directly on the metal component

The applicant is an Engineering Italian company that design and develop mechatronics products and equipments. It is part of a medium-sized Group producing and selling industrial and health equipments on the global markets. QUALITY CONTROL... more


Ukrainian manufacturer specializing in production of croissants with different filling flavors seeks distributors and commercial agents

Company is being in bakery production and market over 20 years already and have great experience and all necessary knowledge to provide only the best and cover market needs. The company is situated in Western part of Ukraine. The company is... more


Finnish company offers under a manufacturing agreement their thin plywood to be used in new innovative ways - replacing plastic and metallic solutions

The family-owned Finnish company with long history in the wood industry manufactures strong and light thin plywood. The company's thin plywood is manufactured to comply with standard EN 61061 (non-impregnated densified laminated wood for electrical... more


Armenian producer of natural and organic herbal teas is looking for trade intermediaries or manufacturing activities

This Armenian herbal tea producer has started its business in 1989. Since then the company has grown to one of the Armenian best herbal tea producers starting also a production of organic herbal teas. The company is producing around 30 types... more


A Macedonian company offers game development services to clients through outsourcing agreements

The Macedonian company is providing premium full services and products and is well present on the local market. It is creating highly innovative and user-centered products and services, using cutting edge creative solutions. This IT company... more

North Macedonia

Slovak company manufacturing cardboard packaging products offers its services under manufacturing agreement.

Cardboards packaging materials are produced in accordance with FEFCO (European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers) catalogue. Company has many years of expertise and provide supplies to worldwide companies such as Takko Fashion, ZKW... more


Greek organisation that provides certification services seeks innovative technologies in the fields of environment, bioplastics, food and sustainability.

The Greek organisation is a subsidiary of an international organisation which has a long-standing experience in the provision of integrated audit, inspection and certification services for security, safety, quality, environment and resource... more


Slovak established ICT company is offering direct-current static watt-hour electric meter and is looking for distributors

Slovak established ICT company is focused on solving complex technical problems of their clients and work on the technically challenging projects across all the industry sectors.The standard serial hardware or software is not sufficient for... more


A Portuguese company is looking for a partner for a joint venture agreement to take an urban wind utilization unit to the commercialization stage.

This is a Portuguese SME with more than 15 years’ experience in civil engineering, health, safety and environment and implementation of energy efficiency solutions. Rehabilitation of roofs of residential buildings, schools, industrial buildings... more


Polish producer of horticulture LED lighting is looking for distributors/ commercial agents to represent its products on the foreign markets

This innovative Poland based company has been focussing on developing and manufacturing horticulture LED lighting systems. Its lamps emit carefully chosen wave lengths, immanent in process of photosynthesis. Almost entire energy is converted... more


A young German company offers innovative grippers and services for highly flexible handling by robots in production or logistics

The German company offers industrial grippers with an innovative system. These grippers can be used across various industries and applications and are aimed to integrated automation, motion and drive solutions. The solution addresses industrial... more


Hungarian manufacturer and trader of fitness and wellness products, equipment and accessories is looking for trade intermediaries in Europe. The SME is seeking commercial agency or distribution services agreements.

The Hungarian manufacturing company was founded in 2006 and since then the SME has been focusing on the continuous development of the products and the sale strategy. After becoming a leader in the domestic market, the company is ready to enter... more


Eurostars: A French technological center and a French R&D performing SME are looking for SME partners to develop and refine altogether a novel polymer-derived ceramic based material for 3D printing

Stereolithography (SLA) is an additive manufacturing method which is able to realise complex shapes with high accuracy and no loss of material. It is commonly known that shaping via SLA silicon carbide parts from a traditional photopolymerisable... more


Romanian company specialised in a wide area of software solutions seeks commercial agency or outsourcing agreements

The Romanian company is operating in the field of software development and was established in 2014 in Craiova City from South-West Oltenia Region. The client is a full cycle software engineering and development company with focus on embedded... more


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