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Neutron monitor for pulsed radiation fields

The well-known German research institute is highly experienced in exploring, developing and producing various kinds of technology solutions. They are now offering a solution to improve dosimetry in all types of pulsed, mixed n°/γ radiation fields.... more


Final development and commercialisation of a UK-developed crankless internal combustion engine

A UK product design and development company has developed advanced internal combustion engine which does away with the following components: 1. Crankshaft and bearings 2. Connecting rods and bearings 3. Gudgeon pins and circlips 4. The engine... more

United Kingdom

Final development and commercialisation of a UK-developed frictionless braking system

A UK product design and development company has developed an innovative frictionless hydraulic braking system with kinetic energy recovery. It is derived from earlier invention proprietary to the company for zero displacement of bi-directional... more

United Kingdom

Dutch company is interested in new business partners to adapt regular vehicles into wheelchair accessible vehicles. (WAV)

A Dutch company, established in 1980 specializes in the market for the design, development, certification and manufacturing of aftermarket parts to adapt regular vehicles into wheelchair accessible vehicles. (WAV) The company has gained international... more


Supercavitational sterilizer

The supercavitational sterilizer is meant for reagentless decontamination of sewage (after biological purification constructions) before disposal to a water body and for decontamination of other waters contaminated with bacteria, helminth eggs... more


Ukrainian researchers looking for technical cooperation, license selling or manufacturer agreement for their innovative supercavitational evaporator

The process of evaporation in apparatuses of supercavitation type is carried out through the supercavity walls by way of withdrawal of vapor from it. The productivity of a cavitation evaporator is determined, on one hand, by the processes of... more


Greek company offering an innovative warehousing and logistics operations system is looking for new partners under commercial agreement with technical assistance

A Greek company providing an integrated state of the art family of extended supply chain execution software systems is currently looking to extend its network abroad and find new partners. It is currently a leading international warehouse management... more


Production of non-chemical color, natural colors

The proposed technology, based on organic, non-chemical color has been developed by a Bosnian company. The company has been operating since 1972. The Bosnian company is dealing with the traditional production of wood (secondary and primary... more

Bosnia and Herzegovina

A Korean company seeks a partner on their developed wireless telecommunication equipment

A Korean SME(company), established in 1994 as a venture capital company, has focused on domestic telecommunication market for several years. In 1998 and 1999, the company developed and succeeded in localization of fibre optic transceivers and... more

South Korea

A Korean company producing heating composite materials and developing nano doping technology for high efficient heat convergence is in search of partners of distribution service agreement.

A Korean company founded in 2002 has been a provider and manufacturer of energy management and control equipment for buildings, such as home and industrial appliances. Heating systems, therefore, are the fundamental technology, and the company... more

South Korea

High-speed high-fidelity 3D advanced audio array simulation is available for license

Simulation and modelling of audio arrays is computationally slow and the results lack fidelity. Deployed systems are typically therefore under-optimised either because it is not cost-effective to apply current analysis techniques, or ineffective... more

United Kingdom

A French SME is looking for distributors/integrators for real time solution to manage temperature tracking of sensitive products

More and more thermosensitive medicines with high value are placed on the market which result an important economic risk for pharmaceutical laboratories. To anticipate this increasing threat, the company has developed a unique and innovating... more


German start-up manufacturing innovative workwear is looking for distribution partners in Scandinavia, Benelux or GB

German start-up producing and developing contemporary workwear for the gastronomy sector in particular is looking for distributors. This is linked to the NACE code Manufacture of workwear. The company offers products as a high-quality alternative... more


Italian manufacturing SME offers certified protective knitted fabrics, technical textiles and textile accessories for manufacturing, commercial agency and distribution services agreements

An Italian SME is a leading European manufacturer of certified protective knitted fabrics and textile accessories for the production of personal protective garments for professional, technical and sports applications. Its fabrics combine flame... more


Manufacturing partners required for small retro-look nostalgic suitcases made from cardboard

A German start-up company is acting in the field of health promotion. The founders developed a program for work-life-balance for therapeutic purposes and home application with different tools. To collect all these tools in an attractive and... more


German chocolates manufacturer is looking for agent and distributor agreements

A German family owned company produces seasonal, traditional and innovative chocolate articles both as ready confectionery and as confectionery for further processing as for lollies, printed chocolate bars, confectionery (gifts), chocolaterie... more


Bulgarian company producing organic cosmetics is looking for distributors or partners for manufacturing/subcontracting agreement

Small Bulgarian company based in Sofia, Bulgaria, is specialized in the production of high quality organic cosmetics. The company is new on the market, still small but highly innovative in its production. It is specialized in creating new formulas... more


A Romanian transport company is looking for partners under services agreements

The Romanian SME is a new, rapidly growing company in the transportation and logistics (T&L) sector. The company offers its services and solutions for both national and international transport. The transport services are provided for customers... more


Polish company from food sector is looking for distributors.

The company from Malopolska, South of Poland has been present on the food market for more than 25 years now. During this time, they have obtained extensive experience which helps them to grow dynamically on the Polish and international markets.... more


Spanish garment manufacturer would like to get in contact with European fashion brands under a manufacturing agreement

The company, founded in 2005, is a garment manufacturer who develops patterns and prototypes. The company has its own design team works hand in hand with their client and starts to create and develops samples inspired by the latest trends and... more


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