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A Korean SME is looking for a commercial agent and / or distributor for camera adapter that can be used by individual and small/medium media companies

With the spread of internet, smartphone and a new demand for unique and fresh entertainment, individual broadcasting show became a new global trend these days. In the mobile era, anyone can make live video contents and share it with global viewers.... more

South Korea

Korean company offers network function virtualization (NFV) solution platform

As the size of network environment is increasing and, network-centered era is approaching, buyers are no longer bound to specific network vendors. Thus, led by communication companies, research and development of network function virtualization... more

South Korea

A Korean company is looking for a commercial agent and / or distributor for wireless backhaul(telecommunications) equipment

At present, urban citizens enjoy convenience of being easily connected to each other by a well-established telecommunication network in the urban areas. However, during the time of unpredicted disaster like the typhoon, floods, or hurricanes,... more

South Korea

Slovak producer of unique timber products seeks partners for manufacturing, commercial and subcontracting agreements

The Slovak company is part of an international company, which is dealing with log trading for more than 20 years with an established production line and stable suppliers. The firm is expanding their activities abroad, where they look for strategic... more


The company producing construction boards from waste is looking for a distribution services agreement.

The family company from Slovakia runs its business in recycling area. The company produces construction materials such as: construction board, fire resistant board, sound resistant board etc. from a waste. The main features of the product are... more


The company is a manufacturer of handmade natural cosmetics which seeks partners for distribution services agreements.

The company from Slovakia manually produces 100% natural cosmetic products suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The firm specializes in developing cosmetics products which are handmade and natural. The main features of the products: • Natural... more


A Singapore company is looking for partners to distribute their manufacturing and resource planning software solutions in Europe through a distribution service agreement.

This Singapore company established since 2002, serves customers across Asia with their cost effective, web-based and integrated manufacturing software solutions notably MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)... more


An Estonian company providing click and collect pickup automation solutions for retail and logistics is looking for distributors

The Estonian company is the innovation leader in creating robotics-based parcel terminals and developing last mile click and collect pickup solutions for retail and logistics sectors. Their product range goes from automated smart lockers to... more


Ukrainian enterprise, which specializes on the casting production, mainly on the die cast aluminum is looking for partners and costumers for cooperation under manufacturing agreement

The company is a Ukrainian enterprise that specializes in the die cast. It was founded in the late 90th years of the last century, in 2002 it was decided to expand the casting production and focus on a new direction – is die-cast. Since aluminum... more


A Bulgarian manufacturer of braided ropes is looking for distributors and commercial agents

One of the leading Bulgarian manufacturer of braided ropes was established in 2001 and they are located in the south east part of Bulgaria. The company is specialised in the production of static kernmantle double braided ropes, braided ropes... more


Polish company specializes in translation and interpretation offers its services worldwide

The newly set up company provides translation and interpretation services (from English into Polish and from Polish into English). The company offers common and specialized terminology translations mainly in the field of animal husbandry, veterinary... more


Ukrainian company that specializes in manufacture and sales of high-quality facing ceramic tile and blocks is looking for partners for cooperation under commercial agency or manufacturing agreement

Ukrainian company is located in northern part of Ukraine. The company is an enterprise, which manufactures and sells high-quality ceramic tile and ceramic blocks. Well-regulated and automated products manufacturing processes as well as constant... more


Japanese company specialised in air compressors and spray equipment seeks distributors in the EU

The Japanese company, established in 1924, provides air compressors and spray equipment for finishing paint to various end users including gas, automobile, plastic, leather and wood industries. The company maintains high customer satisfaction... more


A Romanian custom-made hardwood furniture producer is looking for manufacturing and outsourcing agreements

The Romanian company serves as a woodworking workshop and was established in 2015. The company produces custom made furniture, paying increased attention to all the design details, offering high quality services and choosing wood of the highest... more


French manufacturer of natural active ingredients of marine origin products for agro-alimentary and nutraceutical markets is looking for distributors.

Located in Normandy in France, the company started its activity in a new factory in 2016 and manufactures new global marine ingredients. Guided by eco-responsibility, the company’s mission is nourishing and preserving health. The company... more


Spanish innovative distilled and blended spirits company is looking for European distributors.

The Spanish SME develops, produces and designs their own products and premium brands. They initially began as an importer and distributor of Scotch whiskey in Spain and soon gained experience and started working with other distilled liquors... more


Artificial Intelligence Engine Development Technology

The Korean company specializing in online video communication solution, they are introducing overseas illegal spam phone blocking service through deep learning and are currently supplementing existing solutions.They looking for the Artificial... more

South Korea

System for the precise and error-free determination for measuring dioptres of an astigmatic lens

In the field of optometry and optics, a lensmeter is an essential instrument in ophthalmic optics as it enables dioptre lens power to be measured. Its basic function is to determine back surface lens power to compensate refractive error as well... more


A Japanese biotech company is seeking an EU partner for collaborative research on drug discovery

The Japanese company has developed two platform technologies: an in silico drug screening technology for small molecules (#1) and a new modality for therapeutic peptide (#2). Technology #1 is being powered up by artificial intelligence (AI)... more


Intelligent control system in electric power substations of the transmission and distribution grid, improving voltage quality and reducing power losses.

A Greek SME specialized in designing and producing advanced electronics solutions is presenting a highly affordable and operational system for controlling the voltage quality and the power losses of the transmission/distribution grid. The method... more


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