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Ukrainian company specialized in furniture manufacturing is looking for trade intermediaries or distributors

The Ukrainian producer, which has its own production facilities and has been a reliable supplier of office, upholstered and industrial furniture for many years round located in Kyiv and Kyiv region. The company is the largest manufacturer of... more


Laboratory-scale device to measure gas diffusion coefficients in real conditions

Diffusion is the movement of a molecule in a gas mixture as a consequence of an existing concentration gradient and it constitutes the principal gas transport mechanism through porous materials. Diffusion is quantified through the gas diffusion... more


Ultraviolet reflectivity based trace detection technology to detect the presence of explosives and/or narcotic traces on the surfaces of objects.

A Dutch technology incubator was founded in 2010 and has a primary focus on technology companies in the security and safety domain. The Dutch SME offers a technology to detect traces of explosives and/or narcotics on the surface of objects.... more


Looking for scientific collaborations in the field of intelligent transport systems for logistic processes

In keeping with the non-profit character, the German institute is especially involved in precompetitive cooperation projects for which research funding had been obtained at European and German federal level as well as from industrial organisations.... more


Technology of microcapsules for immobilisation of active substances is offered

A research team from university in North West Poland specialising in immobilisation and packaging methods has developed a technology of micro-encapsulation. The offered solution enables immobilisation of various active substances such as biologically-active... more


French Technology Transfer Office proposes a process to create a single photon source used in telecommunications sector or in scientific instrumentation

The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) is acting on behalf of an established public laboratory of the leading French scientific based in the Paris region. The common cryptography used in telecommunications is based on the encryption of... more


X-ray based screening technology to identify unknown materials like crystalline, amorphous and liquid materials behind thick barriers.

A Dutch SME was founded in 2010 and has invented a new method for the screening of objects based on so called elastic and inelastic x-ray scattering. The most important features of the technology are: 1. Very high energy x-rays are used, resulting... more


Distributors operating in the educational/ instructional resources sector are requested by a Cypriot learning design company.

The Cypriot company, which was established in 1990, is a pioneering learning design consultancy. It specialises in research and development of education technology and digital instructional content for kindergarten to grade 12 education. In... more


Qatar company manufacturing tyre recycled rubber products looks for distributors and trade agents.

This Qatari factory, was founded in 2012. It is situated in the heart of the industrial zone with over an area of 20,000 square meters. The company produces 75 ton per hour of rubber crumbs & steel. The factory aims to be the premier provider... more


Russian children furniture manufacturer seeks suppliers of furniture fittings.

Russian furniture manufacturer from the Republic of Mordovia specializes in manufacturing furniture for kids for different age groups – pre-school and school age was established in 1994 as a small enterprise. Since 2007 the company expanded... more


Eurostars 2: Personalized analytical tool for immune monitoring in liver transplant patients

This biotechnology company is focused on the development of biotechnological tools for the identification of new biomarkers and therapeutic targets as well as for the discovery of new drugs. The core technology is based on cell membrane microarrays.... more


[M-era.NET] Looking for partners for developing high performance composites utilizing bacterial nanocellulose

Cellulose material has been drawing attention as an eco-friendly renewable material which is applicable to a wide range of industry areas such as binder resin, stiffeners and structure materials. Cellulose nanocrystals found in the cell walls... more

South Korea

A Cypriot logistics services company is looking for partners from abroad to cooperate under a joint venture agreement.

The Cypriot company, which was founded in 1989, is a non-asset based lead logistics services provider offering supply chain, logistics, and transportation management and consulting services. The company is a fourth party logistics (4PL) company... more


UK Company looking for manufacturer of heavy lifting equipment

The UK based company are specialist lifting engineers, designing heavy below the hook lifting equipment, to satisfy a global market base. They have an established range of core products, and an innovative new product development pipeline. They... more

United Kingdom

German company offers an online (self-) publishing tool and the connected national distribution services on the basis of a distribution service agreement to EU-companies.

A German company located in North Rhine-Westphalia with experience in the publishing and printing sector developed a tool for the online creation of all kinds of documents, magazines, brochures and books in a professional layout. The tool can... more


UK-developed novel design lightweight collimator available for licence

Collimators are a key component in high energy radiation (e.g. x-ray, particle beam) equipment however current designs for scanning (pencil) beams are subject to both performance and physical limitations. Current state-of-the-art scanning beam... more

United Kingdom

A Swedish interior design company is looking for a manufacturer of hometextile products with access to digital printing of fabrics

A new Swedish interior design brand is looking to enter into a manufacturing agreement with a manufacturer of hometextile products that preferably also has access to organic cotton canvas fabrics and digital printing of fabrics with environmentally... more


Looking for new suppliers of hardware items and assembly fittings for interior furniture under distribution service agreement

The company specializes in the development, importation and trade of functional and aesthetic products for interior furniture. Its clients are principally furniture manufacturers, manufacturers of kitchen and bathroom furniture, craftsmen but... more


UK company specialises in supplying allergy and disease state human plasma/serum is looking for partners to distribute their products.

This British SME, which specalises in supplying allergy and disease state human plasma/serum to the in vitro diagnostics and biotech markets, offers innovative, reliable and quality biologically-based products. The company is small but rapidly... more

United Kingdom

A Japanese company manufacturing foot care soap is looking for a distribution partner in several EU countries

A Japanese manufacturer of health-related products such as foot care and sanitary products as well as diet supplements, and cosmetics is seeking a distribution partner in several EU countries for their foot soap. Established in 1996, the company... more


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