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German company offers solutions for prototyping in a virtual reality suite to international partners within commercial agency agreements

The founders of a young German company were considering the question of what the mobility concepts of the future would look like. Their insight is that the most desirable form of mobility is to not travel but to find other ways to get in touch... more


Novel technology for continuous flow or off line multiparametric analysis of particles, emulsions, powders and microcapsules in complex fluids

The sizing and the characterization of micro and nanoparticles are currently performed by means of traditional methods, usually assuming that particles are all perfect spheres of a known uniform composition. Most of the required information... more


Romanian wooden flooring company is looking for international partners under distribution services agreements and/or commercial agency agreements

Originally from Transylvania, the Romanian company produces and sells solid and laminated wood flooring/ parquet. Their offer includes wood flooring, parquet designed for floor heating, parquet design - mosaic and full assembly services for... more


A French company is looking for a subcontractor to manufacture clothing and accessories for winter sports

The French company is specialised in creation, manufacture and sublimation printing of accessories for outdoor activities (balaclava, face mask, neck tubular, polar bandana, polar neck warmer, hats, scarfs and polar hoodie) made in polyester... more


Sustainable technology to degrease all kinds of surfaces

The German company has developed a patented technology to degrease especially metal and non-metal surfaces replacing conventional methods (watery-alkaline as well as technologies based on hydrocarbons). Degreasing of various surfaces made of... more


London-based education technology company looking for telecommunication companies or resellers to distribute its products

The London-based SME specialises in scientific and entertaining brain games. Their solution is a scientific and entertaining educational app consisting of 60 exercises and games improving thinking skills for 5-12 year old children. The games... more

United Kingdom

UK supplier of high-quality cookware seeks agents and distributors worldwide

This fast developing British designer and supplier of quality contemporary cookware has recently launched a new range of products to appeal to people with a love of cooking and creating new and exciting dishes with modern looking yet practical... more

United Kingdom

Slovenian tool manufacturing company is offering to perform services within the frame of an outsourcing contract.

The Slovenian company was established in 2008 as a family business. The company offers a tool production for the pressure casting from the design up to the final product. It also offers production of tools for forging (forging tools), cutting... more


Armenian producer of herbal teas is looking for trade intermediaries or manufacturing activities.

This Armenian company was founded in 2016. The company has rapidly grown to a well-known natural herbal tea producer in the local market. At this moment the company produces 4 types of herbal teas: thyme; mint, a mix of thyme and mint and mix... more


An Armenian producer of dried greens is looking for trade intermediary services and manufacturing activities

This Armenian start-up company has been established in 2019. The company has a high potential for development and growth. The company is already producing 4 types of dried greens: dried fennel (dill), basil, rosemary and parsley. The company... more


A Polish company specialized in milling, turning of metal and plastics and casting of metals is offering manufacturing services

The Polish specialized metalworking company and metal casting workshop, established in 2013, is offering a wide range of manufacturing services. It has a modern, highly computerized production facility and is able to provide such services as: -... more


An Armenian producer of organic dried fruits is looking for trade intermediary services or manufacturing activities.

This Armenian company was established in 2005. Since then the company started its dynamic growth and development of the product. The company has been involved in the production of natural dried fruits. Now the company is producing organic and... more


Polish company seeking manufacturers of ventilation and air conditioning systems interested in introducing their products to the Polish market through distribution (and/or) commercial agency agreements

The Polish company was founded in 2004. It is located in the south-east part of Poland. The company is run by two ambitious, educated and experienced business women, with experience in work as commercial directors and sales managers, in the... more


EUROSTARS: Spanish SME is looking for a partner specialized in voice recognition for the development of an educational platform for children with psysical and mental impairment

The Spanish company holds wide experience in the development of educational technologies such as an adaptive learning platform for kids that have been granted by the SME Instrument (Phase I and Phase II), and is currently being used worldwide. Currently,... more


[EUROSTARS2] A Korean IT security company is looking for R&D partner in developing the next-generation intelligent security gateway and cloud-based integrated security information analysis system based on edge computing for IoT system security

This Korean IT company was founded in 2006 to support IT security business firms that are trying to obtain IT security evaluation and certification on the basis of the Common Criteria(CC), an international standard for computer security certification.... more

South Korea

An Armenian producer of bedding is looking for trade intermediaries or manufacturing activities

This Armenian company was founded in 2010. The company is involved in the production of all kinds of bedding items. The company is using both natural, semi-natural and artificial raw materials during the production. The company is particularly... more


German organizer of worldwide trade fairs and exhibitions in the agriculture and food sector is looking for independent exhibition sales agents for various markets under a commercial agency agreement or outsourcing.

The company from Frankfurt am Main in the German federal state of Hessen is a subsidiary of one of the leading organizations in the agriculture, agribusiness and food sector in Germany (DLG). They have been organizing trade fairs and exhibitions... more


UK company is looking for investors or industrial partners for a novel combined steam turbine and compressed air energy storage cycle

Currently the most common method for storing electricity on a bulk scale is pumped hydroelectric, which is comparatively expensive. It has long build times and a shortage of potential sites. Other methods include compressed air, thermal energy... more

United Kingdom

Polish company offers to design, develop and test embedded systems for vehicle engines under the subcontracting agreement

An ICT company from northwestern Poland operates in the electronics industry and specialises in the embedded systems, microprocessor technologies and reprogrammable systems. The firm was founded in 2004 and over time has built a network of contacts... more


Small Italian SME offers high quality Italian men's socks and is looking for distributors.

This Italian craft company produces 100% made in Italy men socks, with hand crafted models and with high ethical attention for production methods and staff. The company is a little artisan laboratory, the socks are designed by young Italian... more


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