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Apparel manufacturing company from Lithuania is offering its manufacturing services for partners in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Sweden

The company was established in 2010. It started apparel manufacturing business in 2018. At the moment the company can offer full service for its clients: sample developing, cutting, sewing, embroidery, heat printing and sublimation. The company... more


An Albanian manufacture of polypropylene and paper bags seeks for trade intermediaries or subcontracting partners.

The company was established in 2001 in Albania as a family owned business. At first it was mainly focused on international trade and import/export. Few years later it became the first ever paper bag manufacturing in Albania and the region. Nowadays,... more


Albanian manufacture of aluminium and glass doors and windows is looking for distributors

Founded in 1993, the Albanian company started as a little factory, specialized in the manufacturing of aluminum doors and windows. In 2000, the company invested in new technology buying high quality glass processing machines, adding to the production... more


Romanian producer of medicinal and aromatic plants is looking for distributors across Europe and worldwide.

Romanian company, whose activity started 25 years ago in the local market and constantly kept growing internationally in the production and distribution of aromatic and medicinal plants for the food and phyto-pharmaceutical industry, is willing... more


An Italian company specialized in the production of Italian wine Prosecco is searching for distributors and commercial agents from European countries.

The company is a family-run business, located in the North-East of Italy. The company started its wine production over the last century, investing on several hectars of vineyards and producing typical varieties of North Italy. In the 2017, the... more


Qatari leading customizable digital solutions company is looking for partners under services or outsourcing agreement.

This Qatari company was established in 1998. It provides top leading digital solutions in the Gulf area through a wide range of industry leading electronic and IT solutions services. The company continuously excel in implementing unique pioneer... more


Spanish institute for specialized training in oral implantology and prosthodontics is looking for commercial agents to provide students from European Union countries for their courses in Spain.

This Spanish Education Centre specialized in oral implantology and prosthodontics has wide experience in the organization of courses, workshops and trainings. It was founded and it is run by a world-renowned oral implantologist and prosthodontist,... more


Greek start-up company offers a novel object-detection platform for industrial spaces and large warehouses

A Greek innovative start-up ICT company has developed an integrated platform for industrial computer vision applications. The offered software is a core platform of algorithms that is adjusted to each user needs in order to make their cameras... more


Romanian clothing manufacturers offers its services under subcontracting and manufacturing agreements

The brand has been known since 1996 on the domestic market, where it has provided a wide range of products, especially work equipment to large institutions in the country. The products were executed by a network of local companies, specialized... more


Traditional Portuguese company offers its jams, jellies and marmalade. Commercial agency agreement or distribution services are sought.

In Portugal, there are several methods used to preserve the fruit in sugar, so they can be enjoyed anytime of the year, either as part of a small energy lunch in winter, either as an additional tribute and always a comforting taste of an ice... more


Italian manufacturer of electrical wiring harnesses and electromechanical assemblies is looking for distributors in Europe

The Italian company, specialized in the industry of electrical wiring harness, electromechanical assembly of control panels and LV switchboards, represents the spearhead of a group of associated companies for the cabling industry: it realizes... more


Ukrainian company specialized in the production of machinery for fertiliser application, cleaning, processing and loading of grain seeks distributors

Ukrainian company was founded in 1999 and has extensive experience in the production of agricultural machinery. During this time, the company has manufactured more than 7,000 agricultural machines, successfully operating in 21 countries of the... more


Business consulting for Italian companies in Poland based on a services agreement

A company from central Poland offers business consulting to Italian companies based on a services agreement. The main direction of their activity is consultancy related to obtaining subsidies and participation in projects co-financed from EU... more


German startup company offers its toolbox for the development of devices for the Internet of Things under a commercial agreement with technical assistance

This fast growing German startup company focuses on the development and production of tools which make it easier to create new smart devices for the Internet of Things (IoT) and to develop intelligent digital solutions for industry. The aim... more


Complex problem solving in industrial inspection

With the rapid development of digital imaging products, machine vision applications can offer huge benefits in improved quality, increased productivity and faster ROI for the manufacturing industries. Successful deployment of a machine vision... more

United Kingdom

Spanish manufacturer of modular metal chimneys is looking for distribution and commercial agency agreements

The Spanish company was born in 1974 as a metal chimney manufacturer and since them has been increasing its production and nowadays exports to more than 15 countries. The metal chimneys are fully modular and can be used for different purposes:... more


Looking for mobile outdoor toilet solutions for incident control teams of Dutch multinational

The Dutch rail infrastructure manager is responsible for 7500 km of railway. After an incident happens, sometimes in cities but often in the middle of nowhere, the most nearby incident control team is called to solve the problem and minimize... more


Greek agrofood cooperative company is looking for distributors in Europe

The Greek company is a farmers' cooperative and was founded in 1927. Since then it supports, the producers/members of the company, in collecting, preserving, storing and selling their agricultural products. The types of activities that the cooperative... more


A Portuguese company is looking for distributors of its rosemary honey and pollen products

The Portuguese company produces its rosemary honey in a handmade way in which after centrifugation, it is only cleaned through a decanting process, keeping all its characteristics unchanged and its personality. After the decantation process... more


A UK cyber security company is looking to partner with international sales agents under a commercial agency agreement

Websites big and small are being relentlessly targeted by automated computer attacks. Not all businesses are prepared for this or have the resources to withstand the chaos this causes to their business. Despite putting various protective mechanisms... more

United Kingdom

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