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German SME is looking for agents and distribution partners to market its unique wine cocktail with natural ingredients

Based in the South-West of Germany, the young SME produces and markets natural high-quality wine cocktails, which are composed of regional Riesling wine of family owned production and natural extracts, e.g. ginger, elderflower and South- American... more


Robots to increase visibility on events.

Spanish horizontally integrated technology centre specialized in offering global solutions (developments, processes, systems and products) to companies since 1994. It operates in five economic sectors: industry, energy and environment, construction... more


A fully automated system for monitoring and controlling of water consumption.

Increasing the operational efficiency and thus reducing losses of finances and water are among the most relevant transformation priorities of the water and waste-water industries. Overall, there are two types of water supply management systems:... more

Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of

A simple non-toxic solution to control vole problem in the gardens – looking for distributors

A Slovenian SME is active in the injection moulding sector and has been active for 20 years. It has manufactured different plastic products, according to requirements of customers. One of them is a non-toxic vole trap which is very effective... more


Belgian company specialized in football supplies offers unique line marking paint and equipment for distribution

The Belgian company is a key player in the distribution of all kind of soccer equipment. They have 70% of the Benelux market and supply to customers in France, Spain, Italy, the UK and Ireland, mostly to soccer clubs (among others Atletico Madrid,... more


Spanish textile manufacturer offers subcontracting, consulting service agreements to companies developing new fabrics or innovative textile products and production in industry 4.0.

Spanish company with more than 4 generations’ experience in fabrics manufacturing offers consulting services to international companies in the process of developing new textiles and fabrics products in any field. The company is open and offers... more


French company offering marine ingredients and seaweeds is looking for trade intermediary services abroad

Leader in marine and natural ingredients for B2B sales, the French company has developed a unique expertise in the sourcing and processing of natural ingredients for health, animal and vegetal nutrition and feed applications. With more than... more


Hungarian SME is looking for commercial agencies and distributors for its innovative hand disinfection training and education solution

The Hungarian SME developed a hand hygiene system, a complex solution that integrates hand hygiene audits into the quality management systems of hospitals. It has two major components: 1) the scanners, which utilize digital imaging combined... more


Romanian company specialized in heavy steel constructions, addressing automotive, power and petrochemical industries, is open to manufacturing and subcontracting agreements

The Romanian company, based in Northern Transylvania, started its activities in 2003. The company is specialized in engineering, design and fabrication of welded and machined machines and constructions, as well as hydraulic lifting machinery. The... more


Manufacturer of Class I medical devices, in search of distributors and business partners

The company is located in northern Transylvania, Romania. The production takes place in strategically chosen locations for optimal coverage of the Romanian territory. Their products, classified 'Class I' and 'Class Is' according to European... more


Romanian SME, promoting local furniture manufacturers, seeks trade partners to expand its services on international markets

Located in Northern Transylvania, the Romanian company was established in view of supporting the numerous SMEs that are members of the regional furniture cluster - sole shareholder of the company. The main company activity targets to undertake... more


Traditional German producer of silver cutlery is looking for distribution partners

The German company is producing High value cutlery and table accessories made from silver, silver plated and stainless steel, proposed for customers in 8 different collections, from which the following: - The luxury collection: Valuable refined... more


Russian producer of wooden toys for children is looking for distributors abroad

Russian company from Primorsky Krai is engaged in manufacturing of educational toys made of wood of different kinds. The company was established in 2015. All production of factory is certified (Russian quality standard certificate). The producer... more


Turkish steel casting company is offering its service as a subcontractor.

The Turkish company has been established in 1967 and quickly gained a reputable place in the industry. The company is carrying out its business in a closed area of 5.500 sqm. The company provides casting parts for general machinery, mining and... more


Serbian company is looking for producers/suppliers of organic (bio) sugar cane

The company business is based on producing and processing organic fruits and vegetables. The company operates exclusively through patented technologies in the field of food processing. By applying these technologies one hundred percent pure... more


Technology for producing bio-fermented juice from fruits and vegetables.

The company was established 25 years ago. Innovation in agro-food area has become driving power of the company. By applying this technology fermentation works on a principle of the dominant micro flora. The culture of lactic acid bacteria (a... more


Hungarian medical hand instrument manufacturer would like to cooperate in the frame of commercial agency and distribution services agreement

Hungarian SME, which is one of the leading European companies in the field of medical hand instruments, offers more than 10 000 types of hand instruments. The products of the company are used all over the world like Western and Eastern Europe,... more


UK-based pharmaceutical SME seeks novel early stage molecules with anti-infective activity

The emergence of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria has made the development of new anti-bacterial compounds a matter of urgency. This is particularly the case for Gram negative bacterial species such as Klebsiella pneumoniae, Acinetobacter... more

United Kingdom

UK-based SME seeks distributors for its universal Light Emitting Diode (LED) emergency battery backup unit

A UK SME has developed a unique patent pending emergency lighting solution, a universal battery back-up unit. This battery backup unit can be attached to any Light Emitting Diode (LED) panel, downlight or luminaire with an external driver and... more

United Kingdom

A UK-based SME offers its services and expertise in screening therapeutic compound libraries to identify and develop lead molecules

Research into potential new therapeutic molecules utilises large libraries of compounds only a few of which will have activity and safety profiles that make them suitable for further development. The screening processes to identify the most... more

United Kingdom

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