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Portuguese company seeks distributors for processed fish products

The Portuguese company has started in 2011 processing and marketing frozen products (namely fish), having the founders 30 years of experience in processing frozen products. The company works in partnership with suppliers that have been in the... more


Licensing partners sought by Italian company for mattress with integrated air-ventilation

An innovative Italian company, founded in 1996 has developed revolutionary furniture, trademark protected and patented worldwide, for homes and hospitals and has recently developed an air mattress with integrated ventilation technology. The... more


Slovenian SME specialized in the production and marketing of 3D filaments is looking for commercial agency or distribution service agreements.

The Slovenian SME was established in 2016 and has experienced rapid growth since then. Recognizing the growing demand for 3D printing filaments and related products, they have specialized in the production, development and trade of diverse types... more


Polish environmental management association seeks partners interested in subcontracting its services

A Polish association from Wrocław, very active in the field of environmental protection, especially in optimizations of processes in the field of: - waste management, - wastewater management, -optimisation of odor nuisance and its prevention,... more


Company seeks compressors using technologies for metallurgical plants

Ukrainian company has its annual production volume proximal to 100 000 units. The main products are methane-sampling instruments for furnace hearths, ladles and other units, and units of thermo-electrical generators for measuring temperature... more


Distributors sought for French high quality organic cosmetic products

Created in 2008, this French company based in Corsica develops and markets certified organic cosmetic products, with Ecocert and Cosmebio certifications, using responsibly sourced ingredients. The company produces 9 high quality organic face... more


Russian company specialized in the production of a multivortex hydrofilter for industrial cleaning is looking for partners to sign joint venture and commercial agency agreements

The Russian company from Novosibirsk was established in 2011. Today, it is engaged in the production of system for industrial cleaning of air from dust, gases and other impurities using a liquid. The multivortex hydro filter provides "wet" cleaning... more


Romanian company specializing in production and distribution of fire-fighting equipment is looking for distributors and companies interested in cooperation

The Romanian company has its origins in the 1994. Since then, the company improved and enlarged its service and products portfolio, becoming the main supplier of fire extinction equipments in the South East of Romania. Its main activities are... more


German company seeks distribution partners for industrial inline quality control systems

With increasing speed of production processes and rising quality requirements automatic quality control has become one of the vital to businesses. A German company offers highly universal automated contactless visual control systems that are... more


Russian company specialized in the production of electronic macnhines, voltage converters and mobile charging stations is looking for international distributors and trade agents

Russian company from Ryazan region was founded in 2012 and specialized in electronic products development. The company offers the following products: 1. An inverter welding machine (1200 A) for automatic submerged arc welding. 2. DC/DC voltage... more


German Industrial IoT specialist offers LoRa™-based wireless sensor network (end-devices and gateway) for research projects and commercial products

The company offers a long-range radio sensor network including all required hard- and software (firmware) components. The solution addresses commercial companies and research institutes, who are looking for a flexible wireless sensor network... more


A Turkish company which has been specialized in rubber spare parts looks for distributors and commercial agents and offers manufacturing agreement

The Turkish company which has been specialized in rubber spare parts for construction machines, mining sector, railway industry, defense industry, medical industry etc. for more than 30 years is located in the organized industrial zone in Ankara,... more


Polish SME producing exclusive high-end loudspeakers is looking for manufacturing agreements and joint venture agreements to share/ outsource the productions of casings.

The company, established in 1994, located in Poland, produces and sells exclusive high-end loudspeakers with quality and sound close to perfection in its price class. The offer is addressed to individual and business customers expecting the... more


Targeting unfolding protein response to prevent neurodevelopmental disorders

The Belgian university research group aims at identifying fundamental mechanisms that regulate cerebral neurogenesis. Based on its expertise in cortical development and Unfolded Protein Response (UPR), the group showed that the Zika virus... more


Peruvian company specialized and dedicated to the elaboration, commercialization and exportation of Peruvian jewelry and crafts is seeking distributors in Europe/Middle East/Asia

The Peruvian company was founded in 2010, by a jewelry artisan who continues the family tradition of four generations of Peruvian jewelers. The company dedicated to the elaboration, commercialization and exportation of Peruvian jewelry and... more


Portuguese company offers subcontracting of their decision-making services to companies in the tourism sector

The Portuguese company, founded in 2016, use user-generated data from travellers in search engines, booking engines, social media, telecom providers and other sources, integrating them to produce insights highly relevant and actionable for their... more


Thick film heating technology sought

This Spanish middle-sized company with significant experience in the market manufactures components for the electrical appliances sector. In the past few years, the company, in a clear commitment to innovation, developed other products based... more


Russian manufacturer of conveyor automatic flow metering dispensers is looking for distributors

The Russian company from Moscow was established in 2015. Today, the company is engaged in manufacturing conveyor automatic flow metering dispensers. The company offers such a system for using in many spheres of industry, such as: metallurgical,... more


A Romanian company specialized in manufacturing high quality furniture for children is looking for distributors or manufacturing partnerships

The Romanian company is a manufacturer of solid wood and painted MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) furniture for children aged between 0 to 10 years. Based on its long experience, the Romanian company is a competitive manufacturer, with more... more


Russian electronic company specialized in production of electronic vacuum tubes is looking for partners abroad to sign distribution and joint venture agreements.

Russian company from Ryazan region was established in 1994 and specialized in the production of electronic vacuum tubes. Today the company is engaged in the development and production a number of high-tech products for nanotechnology, accelerating... more


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