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Romanian company specialized in design and manufacture of equipment for the offshore renewable energy, oceanographic research vessel is open to manufacturing or subcontracting agreements.

The Romanian company, based in Northern Transylvania, started its activities in 2003. The company is specialized in the engineering, design and fabrication of welded and machined machines and constructions, as well as hydraulic lifting machinery. The... more


Novel therapy for the treatment of optic neuropathies by inhibition of semaphorin3A

After a neuronal damage is produced, Semaphorin3A (Sema3A) protein is highly expressed as a response in adult mammalian central nervous system (CNS), preventing axon regeneration and promoting progressive neuronal apoptosis, even once the ischemic... more


UK company that can provide adaptive, flexible retail space and times at affordable prices for sellers looking to have a direct UK market.

The UK company that was established at the beginning of 2019 has been successful in establishing it’s brand and concept of serial tenancy occupying redundant retail space in a number of UK cities. The traditional approach to physical retail... more

United Kingdom

Polish producer of children football rink seeks distributors

The Polish manufacturer of professional sports equipment and accessories has been on the market continuously since 2006. The company is looking for chidren football rink distributors. The football rink was designed to create a playground for... more


Hungarian costume making company, looking for new opportunities for serial production under subcontracting or manufacturing agreement

As a costume making company from Hungary they have been on the market for the past 25 years. The company has experience in working all over the world and can provide a list of references from most of the EU as well as the USA and Asia. They... more


Bulgarian manufacturer of metal products and structures is looking for cooperation under subcontracting and manufacturing agreement

The Bulgarian company is a new one on the market. They manufacture metal structures and products. They produce metal ideas such as metal structures, metal railings, metal balconies, metal stairs and many more. The workmanship of these products... more


A safe yet very efficient method for treating mixed food and plastic waste

The problems with mixed waste are widely known. The separation of streams, for example food waste and plastic bags, cutlery, and packaging, is currently impractical. The processing of mixed waste is quite possible and the technology for doing... more

United Kingdom

UK developer of an innovative component based modular building seeks manufacturing partners that specialise in plastic & aluminium thermoformed injection & extrusion moulding

This North West based SME is a UK start-up company specialising in innovative, outdoor, single storey buildings. Since 2017 the company has been developing a component based, modular building, which is reconfigurable after point of sale. The... more

United Kingdom

Filament with oriented magnetic particles for 3D printing of anisotropic magnets

A Slovenian research institute has developed a novel filament for 3D printing of an anisotropic polymer‐bonded magnet. The researchers have decades of experience in magnetic, ceramic and other materials. Additive manufacturing has proven applicable... more


Russian manufacturer of gas and ventilation equipment is looking for foreign distributors

The Russian company from the Chelyabinsk region was established in 1994. Today, the company is a reliable manufacturer of heat and ventilation equipment, as it has been operating in the climate systems market for over 20 years. The company... more


Ukrainian enterprise offers deoiled sunflower lecithin powder under distribution services agreement.

Sunflower lecitin powder (essential phospholipids) of Ukrainian producer is an ecologically pure natural product extracted from phosphatide concentrate of sunflower seeds. Deoiled Sunflower Lecitin powder of its production content minimum 97%... more


COVID 19 - Polish manufacturer of temperature indicator seeks distributors for device for continuous monitoring of body temperature of patients

The company is a Polish start-up founded in 2008 by a group of scientists who developed a state-of-the-art technology called contact thermography. The know-how of Braster is based on the unique method of using liquid crystals to record and visualize... more


Russian company specializes in the production of industrial oils is looking for distributors abroad

The Russian company from the Republic of Bashkortostan (Ufa) was established in 2016. The company specializes in the production of process lubricants and lubricant-coolants (including the oil and water-mixed coolants, preservative oil and protective... more


A French company manufacturing ready-to-cook kits to make baguettes is searching for distribution services agreements

A company from France designs, products and sells kits to entirely make French bread called "baguette" at home. The standard kits are composed as follows : - a bag of ingredients, - a disposable and recyclable mold, - a manual in the consumer... more


A UK medical device SME is looking for distributors for a surgical single-use retractor.

The UK company established in 2013 is a manufacturer of single-use medical devices for surgical procedures in the field of gynaecology and urology but not limited to. The company also specializes in providing training on how to use the devices... more

United Kingdom

Covid-19 A Polish manufacturer of a sanitary gate for disinfecting people and objects seeks distributors

A Polish company in response to the fight with Covid-19 came up with an innovative device for sanitation of people and objects. The sanitary gate is equipped with a hydraulic system with a high pressure pump and dosing atomizing nozzles for... more


Manufacturer of the liquid bio-extracts for drinks (herbal and fruit-herbal), processed by novel technology, seeks distributors

Herbs and fruits are used in drinks for centuries. Diverse methods and rituals are used to prepare hot or cold drinks. As for teas, one needs to infuse them in hot tea for a certain time and it is not easy to get the same level of taste in each... more


COVID-19 A Romanian company offers an integrated decontamination solution for cleaning public transportation vehicles during the Covid-19 pandemic, under manufacturing agreement

Located in the West Region of Romania, the company develops a wide range of activities in the field of information technology, artificial intelligence, home and industrial automation. The company uses modern technologies focused on Industry... more


UK-based SME offers its expertise and services to companies aiding them in change management under outsourcing agreements

Every successful company needs a purpose, vision and values that are served by a company strategy. If the purpose, vision and values are not clear to management or to employees then a clear strategy cannot be developed. This is especially the... more

United Kingdom

Belgian university with innovative and science-based system for scoring of biosecurity on farms, offers licences for this SaaS-based solution

Biosecurity is becoming increasingly important in sustainable livestock production. Higher biosecurity results in healthier animals, is key in preventing and reducing the spread of epidemics, and decreases the use of medication such as antimicrobials... more


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