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Norwegian medical technology start-up company is seeking an SME developing wearable electronics embedded in textiles for EUROSTARS project

User feedback from hand prothesis users is that they want their hand prosthesis smaller and lighter. A need is therefore to provide affordable advanced motion hand prosthesis for sizes, for children and adults, as light as possible. A startup... more


A Korean automobile component manufacturer is looking for compression in-molding technology which enables molding of metal-insert panel and composite material simultaneously to produce ultra light-weight automobile components

The global automobile trend is safe, environment-friendly, and energy-efficient vehicle. In order to achieve this, lighter and stronger car body is needed. In case of car crash, sturdy and light weight car body acts as “safety cage” for the... more

South Korea

Laser diodes for laser spectroscopy required

A large German manufacturing enterprise with many branches worldwide is looking for a developer and manufacturer of laser diodes which will be employed in the field of laser spectroscopy. If they meet the technical specifications the laser diodes... more


French manufacturer of innovative wood constructions and high quality timber products offers manufacturing and subcontracting services

Since 1967, the French company designs and manufactures glued laminated wood construction systems, as well as glued laminated structures, and wood components. This company, well-known in France, is looking for new manufacturing and subcontracting... more


Ensuring and monitoring data protection compliance with GDPR Regulation (EU) 2016/679

The Italian consultancy has a team made up of 7 computer engineers, 3 communication engineers, 2 cyber intelligence specialists, 2 software developers and 2 lawyers and 14 of network specialists and technicians, having 15 years’ experience in... more


Italian manufacturer of a three-dimensional, positional and rotational total body biofeedback with rehabilitation functions seeks commercial agents and/or distributors

The Italian SME located in Rome started its activity in 1973 and now it is a leading manufacturer of rehabilitation equipments. The company has developed a three-dimensional positional, and rotational total body biofeedback with rehabilitation... more


Eurostars: SME to integrate efficient genome sequencing data compression and transport in genome analysis applications sought.

Genome sequencing volumes are expected to grow substantially, driven by falling sequencing costs and by the increasingly compelling clinical value of genomic information. Genome sequencing can be performed for research, diagnostics, individualized... more


Surface enhancement coating technology for metals.

Existing coating processes require the using of vacuum, heat, or hazardous chemicals to create a good bond between the coating and substrate. Current coating offerings include adhesive primers, low friction coating, thermal control coatings... more


Customised barcode system for management of access to any kind of premises like housing facilities or car parks

A startup from Northern Germany has developed a technology to give temporary access to certain premises based on a customised barcode system. The invention combines a hardware device with a web service. The hardware consists of a barcode scanner... more


Professional live video production platform provider is looking to partner with British digital marketing agencies.

A Catalan scaleup, in the video and broadcast industry, has been selected to participate in SCALECAT pilot program. Live video is unbeatable in engaging audiences while increasing monetization. It is a valuable opportunity to engage and interact... more


A Korean R&D institute developed human body communication (HBC) technology and is looking for partners who could apply it to market products under a commercial agreement with technical assistance

Developed by a global ICT R&D institution established by the Korean government, human body communications technology (HBC) is a novel data communication method that uses a human body as a data transmission medium. This HBC technology is emerging... more

South Korea

Synthetic melanocortins with antimicrobial effects to treat infective disorders.

The widespread use of antibiotics has caused a growing problem of antimicrobial resistance in the community and in hospital settings. Both fungal and bacterial resistance to current therapies are observed, particularly in immunocompromised patients.... more


Bulgarian company offers Elevatore Garage for a tower-like parking lot

Since the chainsaws which carry and drive tower-like parking lot chains are formed by cast steel and could weigh more than 1700 daN and bear a bearing that carries considerable loads (several tens of thousands of daN depending on the capacity... more


Bicycle mechanism for high overlapping of pedal power periods and complete elimination of top and bottom dead centres of pedal stroke.

A Greek laboratory specialized in pure mechanical mechanisms, has developed a power transmission mechanism with a large number of applications. A first field of application is cycling. The Greek laboratory is trying to deal with the cycling... more


An Italian company offer an innovative technology: thermal bridge system for aluminum frames

The Italian company is located in the North East Area of the country. The company is involved in the project and in the design of new alluminium windows solutions. At the present time, the company developed a technology to build products with... more


Antimicrobial surface coating for prostheses.

Bacterial infection is one of the most frequent complications in joint replacement surgery. The incidence of septic arthritis following total joint arthroplasty is approximately 2%, leading to massive health problems and considerable cost to... more


Polymeric particles to reduce dentine hypersensitivity.

The company is a start-up company created in 2011 and located in a technology park in Southern Spain. The company is calling upon top-tier science in nanotechnology/(bio)chemistry and material science with robust Intellectual Property and proprietary... more


Robotics control system for a dynamic robotic arm able to perform tasks in unstructured environments

Traditional robots, such as those in the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) challenge, are slow, clumsy and very complicated. They are based upon the erroneous approach of modelling the external world and predicting required behaviour... more

United Kingdom

An innovative SaaS platform for building tailor-made business applications

The software development life cycle (SDLC) process, used by many software companies, consists of six phases: 1) business analysis and gathering system & user requirements; 2) design; 3) development; 4) testing; 5) deployment; and 6) maintenance.... more

Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of

A South Korean government funded R&D institute offers time- controlled tactile (low latency) optical access for 5G (fifth-generation) wireless networks to companies and R&D organizations under technical cooperation agreement

During the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, South Korea showcased the world's first 5G technology. Audiences around the world were able to enjoy the game in sync view, time slice (a specific moment can be frozen and can be viewed in different... more

South Korea

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