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[EUREKA/Eurostar2] Partners to be sought for collaboration on development of NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)-based Genome Data Processing Hybrid Cloud

South Korea-based software company established in 2017 has possessed the technology of architecture design and related system of a distributed processing system for large-scale data based on computational biology or bioinformatics. The company... more

South Korea

French manufacturer of high-end customizable pop-up gazebos is looking for exclusive distributors and commercial agencies

Located in the east of France, at the borders of Germany, Switzerland and Italy and the crossroads of major trading routes of Western Europe, the company has developed for more than 20 years, high-end customizable pop-up gazebos that always... more


3D scan body parts partner needed for Eurostars project.

3D scanning of the arm stump is a crucial first step to capture how the prosthesis must fit. The company is looking for a partner to apply for Eurostars grant, Cut off 11 on the 28th of February, that has simple and inexpensive, yet high-quality... more


Offering advanced Platinum thin-film temperature sensor elements for highly-accurate and reliable temperature measurement in automotive, energy, safety, building, life science and home applications.

Today temperature sensor elements are essential components in lots of application fields such as automotive, medical engineering/life sciences, thermal processing, exhaust systems, home applications etc. As they mostly operate in temperature... more


Distributors sought for 100% organic and biodegradable bio-stimulants, which reduce the use of fertilisers and pesticides, reduce bacteria count on plants and animals, and increase growth, quality and shelf life of plants and food

The Danish company was founded in 2002, employs 32 people today and two of the co-owners are food scientists at the University of Copenhagen. They develop and produce several green products for different uses and their portfolio includes bio-stimulants... more


Surgical device for corneal transplantation

Corneal transplantation is the most frequently performed and most successful organ transplantation in medicine. Each layer of the cornea can develop its own disease. For example, the inner layer of the cornea (endothelium) can become cloudy... more


Publishing company from Singapore seeking distribution partners and licensing agreement(s) to distribute, co-publish and translate South East Asian centric research books

The Singapore company is an established academic publisher with more than 40 years of experience. Their publications core focus are on topics like Southeast Asian politics, economics, archaeological findings and social issues as well as country... more


German company specialized in the production of medical devices is looking for a distribution agreement

The small, inventive German medical device manufacturer is looking for a trade intermediary.The company is located in the state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany and has 25 years of experience in the market of foster homes, facilities for handicapped... more


Russian producer of dietary supplements made of sea raw materials is looking for distributors abroad

The Russian company from Vladivostok specializes in the production of biologically active supplements made of sea raw materials and was established in 2005. The main field of activity is development and the knowledge-intensive production of... more


Russian producer of plastic windows is looking for distributors abroad

The Russian company from Primorsky Krai is one of the leaders in production of plastic windows in the Far East region. The company was founded in 2011 and is located in Artyom, 30 km from Vladivostok. The factory occupies the space of 2000 square... more


An Italian sub-contractor specialized in pipe bending is looking for distributors, manufacturing or subcontracting agreements

The company is located in the North of Italy and was founded in 1960’s. It’s specialized in pipe bending. Its mission is to satisfy client’s requests and to supply high quality items, which meet the high standards criteria requested by the market.... more


A UK SME has developed and is offering novel technology for detecting nano particles in the environment

Over the past 10 years there has been a large increase in the use of pharmaceutical products, nano or microscopic particles, toxins and polymers which raise the risk of potential exposure to harmful materials. Currently methods for monitoring... more

United Kingdom

H2020: Looking for European industries using large industrial equipment (>150kW of power) from these sectors: chemical and petrochemical, machinery production, paper and pulp, food, metal, textile, electric power generation, water treatment, cement

A Spanish research centre is preparing a proposal for the call: H2020 – Refurbishment and re-manufacturing of large industrial equipment (DT-FoF-06-2019). The problem to be solved lies on the risk of breakdown of critical large industrial equipment.... more


A Turkish company offering high-tech 2D and 3D geographic information system software development tools is looking for distribution services agreements

The firm is operating in field of software development focused and experienced in security critical, real-time, embedded systems. The firm was founded in Ankara, Turkey in 2013 and area of expertise includes geographic information systems (GIS),... more


An Italian researcher is looking for industrial or public research partners to develop an innovative system for the simultaneous production of electricity, hydrogen and oxygen

An Italian researcher designed and patented an innovative system: core innovation is based on the idea to use the heat contained in the exhaust gases of a modified gas turbine to obtain thermal dissociation of water through the sulfur-iodine... more


UK research institute and water company seeking lead partner for water-related Horizon 2020 project

The research institute and water company are interested in joining an existing consortium for Work Programme 5, H2020-SC5-04-2019, Building a water-smart economy and society, a two-stage Innovation Action, closing 19 February 2019. The research... more

United Kingdom

A Lithuanian company offers stainless steel processing and conveyor systems manufacturing capacities under manufacturing agreement

A Lithuanian company manufactures stainless steel products for the food, marine and other industries. The main products are: - fish and seafood processing equipment that makes the major part of the company’s products: vacuum systems for the... more


Maritime fleet management system for joint venture.

Spanish sensor network technology specialised company offers a platform for nautical fleet digitisation that collects sensor data. The platform collects, stores and analyses the data generated during the navigation of the ships, through GPRS... more


CAD Modelling partner for Prosthetic Arm needed for Eurostars project

CAD optimising of a 3D scan model of the arm stump is a crucial step to design a prosthesis that fits a user. The company is looking for a partner to apply for Eurostars grant, cut off 11 on the 28th of February, that has simple and inexpensive,... more


Commercial representative sought for CNC engraving and miling machines

An experienced company located in the North of Germany is active in the development and manufacturing of CNC engraving and milling machines, HSC (High speed cutting) milling machines and more than 30 other machine series. The company is working... more


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