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System for the precise and error-free determination for measuring dioptres of an astigmatic lens

In the field of optometry and optics, a lensmeter is an essential instrument in ophthalmic optics as it enables dioptre lens power to be measured. Its basic function is to determine back surface lens power to compensate refractive error as well... more


A Japanese biotech company is seeking an EU partner for collaborative research on drug discovery

The Japanese company has developed two platform technologies: an in silico drug screening technology for small molecules (#1) and a new modality for therapeutic peptide (#2). Technology #1 is being powered up by artificial intelligence (AI)... more


Intelligent control system in electric power substations of the transmission and distribution grid, improving voltage quality and reducing power losses.

A Greek SME specialized in designing and producing advanced electronics solutions is presenting a highly affordable and operational system for controlling the voltage quality and the power losses of the transmission/distribution grid. The method... more


Ukrainian company, specializing in manufacturing and selling of high-quality and up-to-date geo-grid of own trademark, is looking for partners to cooperate under commercial agency or distribution services agreement.

Ukrainian company is located in the western part of Ukraine. In 2003 the company organized manufacturing of up-to-date geo-synthetic materials for the first time in Ukraine. The company manufactures and sells high-quality geo-grids. This geo-grid... more


Innovative controller for converting excess current into thermal energy is offered for distribution

A German company has designed an electrothermal station especially for using excess power produced by photovoltaic systems. The measuring device reliably detects excess current and the integrated controller redirects it to a steplessly variable... more


UK company offering coding e-learning courses (some SCORM and Tin Can compliant) seeking agents and license agreements worldwide

The UK company specialises in elearning for IT coding. They currently have six online courses available but are continuously developing new modules. The courses available include: C# - SCORM compliant/Tin Can compliant C MVC Python HTML Java Other... more

United Kingdom

A leading Israeli company in the fields of renewable energy (solar farms), natural gas, supply of merchant bars and safety barriers is looking for various types of cooperation

The Israeli company was founded in 2009 and became one of Israeli leading companies in the fields of solar energy, natural gas, supply of merchant bars and safety barriers. The company provides several types of services / products: • Establishment... more


Efficient renewable/waste heat management through intelligent thermochemical heat transformer

The German research institute develops and optimizes processes, products and technologies in the business fields of health, chemistry and process industry, as well as environment and energy. This institute has a large experience in conducting... more


Greek engineering company is looking for new suppliers of heating equipment and energy saving systems

The Greek civil engineering company has a long tradition in innovative technologies and energy saving systems. The main activities of the company include the study and construction of building projects with energy saving solutions. Over 2,000... more


Taiwanese company seeks European snack and beverage manufacturers or suppliers under a distribution service agreement or a commercial agency agreement

Taiwanese company delivers a wide range of snack products to clients throughout online and physical channels in Taiwan for almost 30 years. The company is experienced in importing food and drink products from Europe (the top sources are the... more


German company is looking service agreements for repackaging of food and beverages

The company offers packaging services as a service agreement partner for the repacking of import goods and warehousing with focus on hot and cold beverages, confectionery, bakery and deli food. The company offers a wide range of services.... more


A Korean company offering wide span truss-framed greenhouse is looking for partners for technology transfer

With over 30 years of experience and progressive technological development, the company specializes in the manufacturing and construction of wide span truss-framed greenhouses with maximized inner space. It offers greenhouses that provide the... more

South Korea

Urinary marker for bladder cancer detection

Urothelial carcinoma of the bladder (UCB) is the most common genitourinary cancer. Diagnosis of UCB currently relies on cystoscopy and urine cytology. Both examination methods have limitations. Urethrocystoscopy is expensive, invasive, and associated... more


Polish producer of decorative fragrance diffusers seeks manufacturers of essential oils for subcontracting.

The company is a Polish family business with over 7 years of experience operating on the market. Main scope of the firm is the production of decorative fragrance diffusers in form of necklaces and pendants for essential oils made from high... more


Berlin university offers licencing or research partnership for development of a microstructured polymer stent

Stents are small tubes or tubular shaped meshes which are used to keep or rebuild the luminal size (i. e the inner open space or cavity) of a tubular organ, as of coronary arteries or the esophagus. They are most commonly used in the treatment... more


High flux solar simulator for testing materials, solar concentrators, receivers, PV modules and daylighting devices

High temperature solar thermal and thermochemical technologies require concentrated sunlight to achieve temperatures in the range of 300–2000ºC to produce fuels, commodities, and electricity while high-concentration photovoltaic systems operate... more


UK industrial IoT company is seeking a German manufacturer to produce their smart bolts under a manufacturing agreement.

The industrial IoT company is based in the North East of England, and they design and manufacture wireless telemetry and data acquisition systems. Their systems are used in a variety of sectors worldwide including renewable energy, defence,... more

United Kingdom

Handheld and stationary gas leak detectors for quick and highly-selective detection of gases like methane, propane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, ammonia and refrigerants for applications in buildings, installations, automotive, energy and safety plants.

Hazardous gas leaks occur in most industrial and civil plants, vehicles, installations and buildings and require quick reactions. For safety reasons the responsiveness and accuracy of the gas detection is very important and needs reliable control... more


A Slovenian consulting company specialized in providing services relating to protection intellectual property is offering it's services to partners abroad

The Slovenian law company specializes in intellectual property rights. It offers a complete service, from identification to exploitation of the intellectual property. It also conducts trainings and seminars related to intellectual property management. The... more


Development of a catch basin sump insert to reduce mosquitoes

The catch basin sump is one major habitat for mosquito larvae, especially in urban areas. The SME developed the device for mosquito control specifically for the catch basin sump. It disrupted the growth of mosquito larvae and pupae and was prevent... more

South Korea

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