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EUROSTARS-2: companies or R&D centres specialised in components for hybrid (thermal and photovoltaic) solar panels.

A Spanish company is working in the design and development of hybrid (both thermal and photovoltaic) solar panels. Its staff comes from a previous company and has a wide experience in this sector and technology. Currently, they have commercialised... more


Anti-lock braking system for bicycles with suspension fork.

When braking abruptly a cyclist may experience that the rear wheel of the bicycle loses contact with the pavement. Then there is a high risk of falling on or flying over the handlebar, especially in emergency braking. To prevent falls, the blocking... more


Italian wine brand company, focusing on the promotion of exclusive wine products, is looking for importers and distributors active in the and entertainment sector

The Italian wine brand company, based in Northern Italy, produces and promotes a luxury line sparkling wines, such as Prosecco DOC (denomination of controlled origin) Treviso, Prosecco DOCG (denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin)... more


Alternative to GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is sought for online tracking application

A Catalan company located in Barcelona is currently offering a global solution to manage races providing an online platform for inscriptions, results and live tracking. Participants detection is based on Standard NFC (Near Field Communication)... more


Distribution partners for Austrian biomass power plant sought.

An Austrian SME has developed a biomass power plant for decentralized supply of combined heat, heat and high-quality charcoal from low quality wood chips. The high efficiency biomass power plant is based on a novel (patented) gasification technology... more


Italian company producing a wide range of vegetable preserves in oil and pickles is looking for distributors

The core business of the company is based on vegetable preserves in oil and pickles. It has been producing for 50 years, providing attractive products in taste and package both to the retail channel using glass jar and to the one with... more


Luminescent polymer concrete technology for functional and decorative interior or exterior building applications

The provision of sufficient light for orientation and safety reasons in public or private places and buildings is a basic requirement in our society. Alternative solutions to electric lighting can contribute significantly to reduce energy consumption... more


Romanian plastic injection moulds manufacturer, specialized in electrical multi-pin automotive connectors and hot runner moulds, seeks partners requiring high quality, precision moulds under outsourcing or subcontracting agreements

Founded in 1993, the company is located in western Romania, at about 200 km to Hungary and Serbia borders. With a long experience in plastic injection molding design and related technical consultancy, the company expanded its activity and machining... more


Separation-Filtration Equipment and Plant

The separation-filtration equipment and plants are designed to separate the hydrocarbons from the polluted water and are based on the effects of gravitational and centrifuge forces in several successive steps, combined with the agglomeration... more


Sustainable low effort building system for production of polymer concrete blocks using locally available materials (e.g. desert sand) and their simple modular assembly to temporary or permanent buildings/shelters (refugee camps, slum clearance, ...)

A German SME has developed a novel sustainable building technology for the low cost and fast construction of simple buildings/shelters which are needed after natural disasters or for refugee camps, but also for permanent low cost housing in... more


Korean company offers innovative and cost-effective iris recognition device

A Korean company was founded on September 11, 2015, by a small group of highly experienced engineers who are dedicated to focusing on the self-authentic recognition technology. Therefore, they have developed innovative and cost-effective iris... more

South Korea

A Japanese trading company is looking for distributors or agents in the EU for a Japan-made premium towel

A Japanese trading company is seeking distribution or commercial agency partners in EU countries for a Japan-made premium towel. The company’s history begins over a 100 years ago when it was started as a wholesale dealer for beauty and barber... more


Italian winery is searching for importers of their products in East Europe area

This company was founded in 1888 in the Veneto region, in the North East of Italy. This company has recently invested a lot to renew the wine cellar and the vineyards; the company co-operate with some researchers of italian university, to improve... more


A manufacturer of electric longboards from South West Poland is looking for distributors across Europe

The Polish company manufacturing electric longboards has been established as a result of the passion for snowboarding, longboarding, wakeboarding and surfboard. The team successfully mix business with pleasure combining the biggest life passion... more


Turkish manufacturer of promotion stands is looking for commercial agencies in Europe.

The company was established in 1997 to provide services for the beverage industry, but then diversified its service by producing promotion stands for stationery goods, food, textiles, toys and computers. The company manufactures easily assembled,... more


Turkish manufacturer and provider of olive oil, traditional Turkish foods and nourishment is looking for trade intermediaries and distributors.

The Turkish company was established in 2012 as an organic nourishment manufacturer and quickly gained a place in the local market. The company’s wide range of products include olive oil, olive oil soap, tomato paste, molasses, locust bean extract... more


Italian fresh pasta manufacturer looking for distribution services and joint venture agreements

It is an Italian fresh pasta producer looking for international importers, distributors and wholesalers in order to introduce its own fresh Italian pasta, ravioli and dumpling offering to their market (retail and Hotellerie-Restaurant-Catering... more


Spanish sports clothes manufacturer looking for distributors and offers subcontracting

The company manufactures swimming/water polo suits and caps under their own brand. The company also distributes a wide range of high quality products related to water sports at very competitive prices: goggles, flip flops, bathrobes and towelling,... more


Ukrainian R&D center offers services in pre-clinical trials to European companies as CRO (contract research organization)

The Ukrainian R&D center has vast experience in the field of experimental pathology, biotechnology, and oncology and specializes in conducting complex preclinical studies of biologically active substances, pharmacological substances and medical... more


Spanish leather jackets manufacturer is looking for distributors and freelance sales agents, as well as it offers manufacturing services in Europe

Barcelona based company specialised in the manufacturing of leather garments. The company is a part of an International Group that started its activity in 1942. The company is well-known in its sector and it is one of the most famous leather... more


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