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Lithuanian based processed food company is looking for a dough pressing technology

A Lithuanian processed food producer with over 20 years of experience in frozen processed food products production. The company produces: dumplings, pizzas, pancakes, pasties and various other products made from curd or potatoes. The company... more


Electric-jet micro-Propulsion System for Nanosats

Lithuanian technology development company, successfully operating in the field have developed a high frequency heating technology for fluid. Company specialists specialists have extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and launching... more


Consultancy providing UK market entry support offers services agreements

This UK company was established in 2016 but aims to build upon four decades of experience of the managing director in the fields of business development and trade. As well as helping UK companies with product sourcing, trade finance etc, the... more

United Kingdom

Italian innovative company operating in the field of nanotechnology for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical applications offers consultancy services

The company was founded in 2015 and deals with the design and development of projects in the field of nanotechnology for the transmission of active ingredients in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical formulations. The company mission... more


A Bulgarian producer of cigarette filters from high quality certified materials is looking to sign distribution agreements.

Bulgarian company specialising in the production of cigarette filters made from certified highest quality raw materials is looking for distributors worldwide. A relatively new company in Bulgaria, manufacturing its own products, wishing to... more


Photoplethysmography technology for non-invasive blood glucose detection and monitoring

According to the 2017 statistics by the International Diabetes Federation, globally, there are 425 million people living with diabetes and by 2045 and the number of diabetics is projected to reach 629 million. Diabetes management requires... more


Greek company active in power electronics is looking for European suppliers of electric power transformers and auto-transformers under a commercial cooperation agreement

The Greek company has a long-standing experience for more than 27 years in the field of power electronics and provides a wide range of products that are able to support any power demand in lots of sectors such as information technologies (IT),... more


Inorganic sorbent material for radioactive water decontamination company from Italy looking for partners to sign technological cooperation agreements

The Italian company has developed an innovative process for the decontamination of large amounts of water through the removal of both radioactive and non-radioactive ions at any concentration level. Decontamination is based on the absorption... more


A Belgian company specialized in cosmetics products and complementary foods is looking for distributors in Home shopping TV, Retail and Web

The Belgian company created in 2000 is producing cosmetics products and complementary foods. The company works as a special supplier for home shopping industry all over the world. It is selling to the most important home shopping TV's and is... more


Albanian manufacture of gold and silver jewelries seeks distributors and trade intermediaries abroad.

Founded at first in Fier, Albania in 1990, it started its activity as a small own family business. Within few years after starting , the Albanian company has expanded its activity in the capital city of Albania, by establishing in 1998 the first... more


Albanian manufacturer of fasteners and bolts seeks partners to be engaged in manufacturing, reciprocal production and distribution agreement.

This is an Albanian company which operates in the Albanian market since 7 years, but with an even broader experience in the Italian market since 1995. The main areas of activity are: aerodynamics and holodynamics. In the field of aerodynamics... more


Technology platform using powerful micro-scale biometric wearable hardware.

The Dutch SME builds wire-free data solutions, wearables and applications. With their lean, rapid development approach they realise signal- and data capturing solutions that suit best to the needs of the customer. The products and technologies... more


New generation deformation sensor with application in civil engineering, traffic, geotechnics, hydrology and soil mechanics

The novel magnetoelastic deformation sensor was developed by an established Slovak scientific research institute. The proposed technology uses the magnetoelastic phenomenon in amorphous metallic ribbons. Real conditions tests with great results... more


An IT company from South West Poland, developing a software for industrial automatics is looking for new partnerships under services agreement

Since 2002 the IT company from South West Poland develops its collaborative international network offering services based on programming especially dedicated to industrial automation. The core team of the company is represented by IT engineers... more


Automated car parking systems are requested under manufacturing agreement

A company from northwestern Poland was established in 2009. They specialise in a real estate development, particularly in renovation and construction of houses and office blocks. The firm is looking for manufacturers or suppliers of automated... more


Up-to-date and advanced surface imaging, analysis and metrology software for use with profilers and microscopes

The French company has been developing surface imaging and metrology software for profilers and microscopes for more than 25 years. Its main focus is on working as a partner with instrument manufacturers worldwide, in the fields of surface metrology... more


GMP (Good manufacturing practice) production of cell therapy products

The Basque biopharmaceutical SME is an authorized ATMP (advanced therapy medicinal products) manufacturing laboratory for its proprietary cell therapy pipeline as well as for third-party production services. The company’s facilities include... more


Slovak company conducting chemical research and producing chemical specialties and fine chemicals is offering analytical services and external research capacities in the field of petrochemical and organic synthesis, processes and products

Slovak company was established in 1996 by transformation of established research institute founded in 1950. Throughout its history, in collaboration with its partners has implemented various chemical production systems and rationalisation measures,... more


An Irish company producing animal feed from olive waste seeks scientific research partners to work on a project

The company was established in 2017 and is already exporting directly to customers in a number of countries including Australia and the United States. They are currently providing Wagyu cattle farmers with a premium olive feed. Each batch of... more


A Turkish company specialized in LED lighting fixture production offers its subcontracting and manufacturing services.

The Turkish company which operates in LED lighting fixture production was established in 2012 in a open and closed area of 5000 square feet. The company provides indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions, as well as solar powered systems... more


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