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Italian manufacturer of ball valves, industrial taps and fittings is looking for foreign partners under commercial agency agreements

The small family-owned company is located in Northern Italy (Piedmont Region), in the regional district of ball valves and taps manufacturing companies. The Italian company has been specializing in the production of ball valves, taps and fittings... more


German manufacturer of a new high-protein, low-fat snack (powerfood fitness sausage) is looking for trade intermediaries

The German company has just started in the market. Nevertheless, the team has long experience in working together in a previous company. The new fitness snack is presented in the form of sausages. The dried beef sausages offer: - more than... more


A Korean research institute is looking for a suitable partner that can test and evaluate their newly-developing heat-generating life jackets using silicon-based composite material

To increase the survivability of the casualties from various marine accidents, several projects focusing on heat-generating lifejacket have been carried out in order to prevent people wearing it from having hypothermy. However, those pre-developed... more

South Korea

Small Hydropower Generator with Torque Control System

A Korean SME established in 2010 has specialized in hydropower technology applicable on small hydropower generator, and the company would like to expand their business to the international markets with newly added functions of torque control... more

South Korea

A Polish producer of waterproof, dustproof, breathable and seamless socks is looking for resellers and distributors in Europe

A company from South of Poland (Cracow) offers its special sport socks for people who wants to always have a dry foot, without abrasions, even in variable environment: rain, snow, sand, mud, wade in the water. Three-layer technology provides... more


Italian company specialized in insect flour production is looking for partners under research and development agreement

The company is specialized in the production of insect flour and wants to automatize grasshopper farms designed to make insect a sustainable source of protein for the future. The aim of the company is to create a closed system to raise grasshoppers... more


Robotised and innovative automatic hydroponic systems

Established in 2015, the Startup company has an initial experience based on the culture and cycles/process for the growth of hydroponic plants. Later, the interest has been focused on the automation of this type of growth. This is the base for... more


Italian manufacturer of artistic and decorative water taps and fountains for street furniture and urban equipment is looking for distribution opportunities abroad

Italian company, located in Northern Italy and already owning a leading market position in manufacturing ball valves and taps, has currently set up a new production line regarding decorative and artistic taps and fountains for urban furniture... more


Partners for the installation of energy management systems are sought

The German company develops, manufactures and distributes energy management systems for the reduction of energy costs in industry. The company has a strong customer focus and provides high-quality in-house developed software and hardware systems.... more


A Bulgarian company offers outbound b2b sales services to technology companies under services agreement

A Bulgarian company working as Sales as a Service agency offers outbound b2b sales services to technology companies for entering new markets around the globe. Its experts design and execute outbound sales development strategies specific for... more


Experienced distributor of building materials is interested in finding suppliers of hand tools kits and polyurethane foam.

The company is a mature company organized in two dynamic divisions: the construction and the tire division. Founded in 1998, the company offers a wide range of products and services characterized by professionalism and quality. In the beginning... more


Spanish research center is looking for a supplier of novel biodegradable polymer blends based on aliphatic polyesters and copolyesters derived from biobased acids through manufacturing agreement.

A Spanish research institute specialised in plastics and composite materials with a wide expertise, design assistance and consulting to compounding manufacturers and the resins related industries and research institutes, willing to develop highly... more


Looking for shoe manufacturer that can produce protective footwear made of a lightweight durable polymer fabric

The Swedish company design hiking equipment and sportswear. They have now designed a first prototype of a new type of boot that can be worn while wearing regular shoes, much in the same way as galoshes. However, compared to galoshes the new... more


Italian electrical cable and panel assembly company offers subcontracting agreement in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France and Portugal.

A North-East Italian company specialized in the subcontracting industry of electrical wiring harness, electromechanical assembly of control panels and LV switchboards, offers services for a number of industrial sectors such as: air conditioning,... more


French health company is looking for distributors or licensing for its chronic stress measurement solution

The French health and well-being company is specialising in physiology and the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The client has developed a solution to evaluate the ANS balance, the risk of chronic stress of a person and his resistance to stress.... more


A Croatian company specialized in consulting, design and engineering for machinery and steel outfitting parts in shipbuilding is looking for subcontracting, outsourcing or services agreement

A Croatian company, active in the design and marine engineering field, has been providing consulting, design and engineering for the machinery and steel outfitting parts in shipbuilding since 2006. Their activities are consulting, design, machinery... more


German SME specialised in the acquisition and management of construction projects requests cooperation with construction companies mainly from Eastern Europe under a commercial agency agreement or subcontracting in order to sell their services in Germany

The German SME from the City of Frankfurt am Main is a family business which has been specialising in the construction sector for 25 years. The CEO and owner of the company speaks the Bulgarian language on native speaker level and is also fluent... more


A French commercial agent is looking for companies manufacturing technical products (technical materials, electrical/electronic devices) to sell them in France

Individual company created in 2013 with a contract as Commercial Agent with the leading company in the mass production of electrical contacts made of silver. These contacts are used by companies (OEM and smaller) which manufacture electrical... more


Optimized extraction of PLFA (Phospholipid Fatty Acid) from soil for gas-chromatographic analysis

A Romanian research institute from Transylvania is specialized in the research and development of analytical methodologies for a wide range of samples. Owning the latest generation research equipment, the Romanian research institute is able... more


Croatian manufacturer of innovative school artistic equipment is looking for distributors and commercial agents

Croatian manufacturer is offering its patented product to distributors and commercial agents in order to find new markets. The company is new on the market and is keen to establish strong trademark with their innovative products. They do not... more


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