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Automation Portuguese company is interested in establishing distribution services agreements

Portuguese company establish in 1982, specialized in equipment, systems and solutions for industrial automation is seeking for international partners. The company offers a wide range of products and systems with applications in different solutions... more


Technology solution for the management and maintenance of palm trees, plants and crops

The Spanish company is a start-up located in Gran Canaria island, specialized in technical solutions to manage and check palm-trees, plants and crops maintenance needs. The technology is based on digitising information of the plant and consists... more


Method for diagnosing Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT)

Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) is a rare disease (estimated prevalence is 1-5/10.000) with autosomal dominant inheritance that results in arteriovenous dilatations in skin, mucous membranes and internal organs, with propensity... more


Portuguese company specialized in integrated automation systems wants to establish manufacturing agreements

The Portuguese company was established in 2005 and is specialized in integrated automation systems for the development of special machines, industrial systems and electrical cabinets. The company designs and delivers innovative engineering solutions... more


A Slovenian manufacturer of multifunctional modular wooden box furniture seeks distributors and agents

A small Slovenian company specialized in manufacturing of multifunctional modular wooden box furniture is looking for trade intermediary services (distributors or agents). The company offers multifunctional modular wooden boxes for cats and... more


A Polish company producing pneumatic nailing tables for pallet production is looking for distributors in the European Union

A company from Poland established in 2017 is a producer of pneumatic nailing tables of their original project. These pneumatic nailing tables are universal machines ensuring maximum comfort of use, improving everyday work in a production plant,... more


Polish company is offering metalworking services including stamping (cold press) and tool development under manufacturing or subcontracing agreements

Polish Warsaw-based company with more than 50 years of experience, specialized in stamping (cold press) and tool development, as well as other connected services is looking for clients interested in stamping and dye manufacturing. The company... more


3D design tile manufacture seeks distributors or/and agents

The Hungarian brand is created to celebrate the permanent strength and playful diversity of the material of concrete. The devotion to concrete has been manifesting in a collection of luxurious design products. They manufacture 3D design tiles... more


3D printing of flexible electronic circuits and small objects made by advanced materials

A Greek SME is active in the scientific field of mechanical engineering and especially in advanced materials. The principal motive for the Greek company is the implementation and optimization of applied research leading to added value composite... more


Protein nano- or microparticles as artificial inclusion bodies for drug delivery

This research networking center gathers some of the main Spanish research groups in biomedicine, located in more than 100 institutions as universities, hospitals, and technological centers distributed around the country. Bacterial inclusion... more


The Ukrainian inspection company offers its services to conclude an outsourcing agreement

The Ukrainian inspection company has experience in providing quality control services for industrial products in metallurgical and engineering, oil, gas, and energy sectors. The company's specialists are ready to carry out work on technical... more


A Polish platform connecting customers and suppliers is looking for producers or distributors of medical equipment

The Polish on-line platform implemented in 2008 is a marketplace for sellers and buyers of the medical equipment. For sellers it gives an easy access to the distribution channel in Poland. They add their products (unlimited number of items)... more


Processing and moulding of plastics with capacity of manufacturing large quantities offered under a subcontracting agreement

The Slovenian family company is specialized in the processing and moulding of plastics. It has been operating in this field for 30 years and combines broad experience with constant modernization of industrial processes. It is a fast-growing... more


Poland based software house specialized in creating innovative solutions for data processing, data visualization and process management seeks partners under subcontracting or outsourcing agreement

Founded in 2011, the Polish company from Wroclaw is progressively growing, now having +40 experts on board including developers, designers, testers, UX specialists, analysts. The company has broad experience in building non-standard models... more


Slovenian manufacturer specialized in innovative ergonomic products for sedentary and standing work with computers and laptops is looking for distributors

Slovenian company established in 2018 have been intensively addressing the issue of how to prevent or at least reduce harmful effects caused by prolonged forced posture when sitting. The company is specialized in innovative ergonomic products... more


Producer of energy and environmental-related technologies, especially combustion and NOx systems to enable heavy fuel consumers to meet international environmental standards in particulates and NOx emissions, is looking for distributors

For many years the company has been one of the leading suppliers of all heavy fuel industrial accounts in Israel of the above self formulated additive. They offer not only the product but also regular service to ensure optimal use of the additive... more


Looking for asset & grid management solutions for utility grid operators.

The Dutch company is one of the main electricity and gas distribution companies in the Netherlands (DSO), with over 6 Million grid connections. The energy transition is changing the demands on their grid: decentralized renewable energy being... more


Desalination technology: an environmentally friendly system that can create drinking water from the sea at the same time generating electricity and basic chemicals.

An Italian researchers group, that is going to start a company in the short term, has developed a desalination technology which is effective, environmentallly friendly,and economically profitable. The technology is able to treat all the concentrated... more


Polish manufacturer of various types of metal containers offers subcontracting and manufacturing agreements

A Polish company established in 2016 specializes in manufacturing of steel transportation and storage containers, baskets, as well as various types of steel constructions with a wide range of application. Their offer consists of a large selection... more


A Russian company is looking for a technology for the production of solid recovered fuel to be used in the generation of electricity

The Russian company from Moscow was created in 2017 to create infrastructure in Russia for the treatment of solid municipal waste, including 1-2 hazard classes (batteries, mercury lamps and accumulators). The company has all the necessary permits,... more


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