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Software developer and solution provider offers international sales partnership

The German SME is an international developer of software solutions for medium-sized manufacturing companies. The company develops, distributes and maintains customized software solutions at five locations in Germany since 1994. The software... more


German company producing natural feed supplements for animals is looking for distributors

A German company, manufacturer of pure natural feed supplements and care products for animals (pets, horse, rodents, birds, fishes, farm animals), is looking for trade partners (distributors). Its natural feed supplements and care products support... more


Swedish SME is looking for distributors in EU for novel Foot Disinfection.

The Swedish SME is a material science company that develops and markets high performance products and materials within Nanocoatings, Agriculture and HealthCare. They have a growing base of industrial customers to whom they deliver products in... more


A Romanian software company is looking for outsourcing agreements

The Romanian software SME, with over 8 years of experience in the field of software development, has the headquarter located in Transylvania. The main activities include business to business and business to consumer software requirements as: - Software... more


Established Slovak research institute has developed an exceptional nanomaterial with unique photofunctionality applicable e.g. in photochemistry. The institute is looking for investors or companies interested in manufacturing of the nanomaterial

Above-mentioned research institute is one of the most respected and experienced research centres in Slovakia active in the field of inorganic chemistry research focused on basic research and education of new scientists. Nanocomposite materials... more


Ultra-short laser technology for surface texturing with various applications, provided by a French SME. Research cooperation or technical cooperation agreement with SMEs & research institutions from health, transport, space or optics sectors are sought.

The French SME is part of a multidisciplinary project that goes from the laser/matter interaction to fluid mechanics. They are gathering a federation of skills, in partnership with the local University, in the field of Science and Surface engineering.... more


A Korean manufacturer of optical lens is looking for German and Swiss technology partners capable of designing and manufacturing optical fiber and LED modules for subminiature cameras below 2.0mm used in disposable arthroscopes

A Korean company which was established in 2002 is specialized in developing and manufacturing optical element and lens. During the early years of its establishment, the company’s main products were camcorder, digital camera and DVD pickup lens... more

South Korea

Highly efficient Drug Delivery System (DDS) for drugs and biocosmeceuticals

Cell Penetrating Peptide (CPP) consists typically of appx. 10 to 30 amino acids, which could translocate intracellularly without causing any damages to cells. Thus they can safely deliver various desired Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)... more

South Korea

A Korean manufacturer of optical lens is looking for technology partner especially from Germany and Switzerland capable of designing and manufacturing needle sheath modules for subminiature camera below 2.0mm used in arthroscope

A Korean company established in 2002 specializes in developing and manufacturing optical element and lens. During the early years of its establishment, the company’s main products were camcorders, digital cameras and DVD pickup lens and mobile... more

South Korea

Romanian company offers for distribution media content management system for advertising videos and messages.

The Romanian ITC company delivers high-performance Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions on a single platform integrating different technologies, communication protocols and sensors to respond to the connectivity requirements... more


New Finger Wound Dressing

Some of the most common injuries are finger wounds yet surprisingly there is no presently available medical product that can treat them effectively that is practical for patient use. The types of finger wounds suitable for this dressing would... more


French chocolate factory is looking for importers and distributors of fine chocolates and especially for liqueur chocolates

The French chocolate factory was created in Champagne region in 1957. The company, that is not a wholesaler, only manufactures fine chocolates. Its specialties are liqueur chocolates and especially chocolate assortment in the shape of champagne... more


Improved strains for production of tacrolimus and analog compounds using genetic engineering tools and omics data

The organization is a Spanish biotechnological private non-profit research institute, founded in 1993, whose main activities are related to molecular biology and microbial biotechnology. The institution keeps close links with industrial research... more


Self-operated flood barriers for infrastructure and property protection

This Cyprus SME is owned and managed by professional engineers and architects and has a long experience in the construction industry and particularly in measures to limit the risk of flood damage and flood prevention. The SME also has a long... more


The Ukrainian construction company is looking for partners to spread their products on the international market under distribution agreement.

By developing the unique technology, the company is engaged in the design and construction of elite energy-saving eco-houses both in Ukraine and abroad. The patented technology is used during construction process and allows building in the shortest... more


Polish manufacturer of cogeneration systems is looking for agents and distributors

This small Polish company was established in 2016. Its main goal was to implement prototype device for regular production. The company introduced to the market a low-power cogeneration system, produced in Poland and based on Polish components.... more


Quality control device intended for contactless measurement of rims profile thickness offered for commercial or license agreement

A Czech innovation support centre from Moravian-silesian region has invented a new method for measuring rims profile. Modern method of rims production is flow forming. This device is intended for contactless measurement of rims profile thickness.... more

Czech Republic

8000 sqm prime logistics space for lease in Southern Sweden

A world-leading Swedish project development and construction company is looking for tenants interested to lease up to 8000 sqm of prime logistics space in Southern Sweden. The premise is located in the very heart of the region's new logistics... more


Swedish manufacturer of an innovative air duct system seeks manufacturing and distribution partners.

The heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning market has remained relatively unchanged for over 40 years. Efficiency concerns are placed everywhere except the ducts, which everyone accepts as a commodity. The ongoing update to regulations... more


Turkish medical company seeks coagulation and ablation device distributors

The Turkish medical supply company has more than 18 years of experience, operating in cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, interventional cardiology in addition to their expert field brain and spine surgery. The company works with almost all... more


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