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An Ukrainian company specialized in manufacture of cushioned furniture is looking for trade intermediary services

The Ukrainian company has been operating on the market since 1999. It offers cabinet furniture and a large assortment of upholstered furniture of various styles. The creative approach to the design of various models, the high professionalism... more


Innovative job placement platform for companies and students to find new ways to work. Partners for distribution services and license agreements are sought.

A start-up from Germany has developed an online job placement platform where companies can assign projects and tasks to students. For their tasks companies can select students from engineering, economics and computer sciences and they can choose... more


Bulgarian company active in metal constructions and welding offers to be a subcontractor

Company from North-western Bulgaria with 10 years of experience on the market is specialized in the field of welding and metal constructions. The company is active in metal constructions, equipment and facilities for hydro power plants, equipment... more


Korean supplier of broadcasting equipment related to image processing and video transmission technology seeks European sales partner

Since its establishment in 2002, Korean company has specialized in developing and manufacturing HD broadcasting displays. The company is expanding its business to non-display field by producing PTZ Camera, 4K Cross converter, Matrix router,... more

South Korea

Bulgarian producer of steel products offers manufacturing or subcontracting agreement with European partners

The company was established in 2004. The company is located in northwestern Bulgaria and is very well known to the Bulgarian market.The company is specialized in: - metalworking, including: turning (details up to diameter of 900mm and lenght... more


Distributors in Europe and USA for innovative solution of traceability on glass

A French SME has developed a solution of traceability on glass to answer to industrials’ request. They worked with a research institute to synthesize a chromographic ground-freezing precursor programmed to be grafted on glass. This innovative... more


Dutch brewer of organic craft beer is looking for distibution partners in bigger cities in Europe and Asia

A young Dutch small scale brewer of organic craft beers, is located in Monnickendam, a historic harbour town in the greater Amsterdam Area. Beers offered are: Witbier (5% vol. alc.) Blond Beer (6% vol. alc.) Tripel (8% vol. alc.) Amber Ale... more


Greek SME is looking for a partner for further developing and exploiting the potential of its integrated location-based mobile application for tourism

The Greek start-up company invests consistently in designing, developing and marketing applications for mobile devices. The company presents a mobile application which allows the user to create digital pathways in order to enhance his/her tourism... more


H2020-SC3-RES-1-2019 : Companies with expertise in photovoltaics fabrication, power device, sensors are sought

The objective of the PROXY consortium is to develop a solution addressing the issue of efficient energy conversion. The consortium will develop novel approaches for the fabrication of power devices/ PV cells / sensors via the adoption of a new... more


An Israeli company is keen to act as a commercial agent of accessories and parts from the gas and camping market

The Israeli company deals with import, marketing and distribution of accessories and parts for the gas and camping market in Israel and the Palestinian Authorities. The company is searching for manufacturers and suppliers of thermocouple wires,... more


Manufacturer of thermal clothing seeks distribution and commercial agents

The Ukrainian company specialises in production and distribution of high-quality thermal clothing for the military, fishing and hunting, mountaineering, sun-protective, winter sports. The company is a large Ukrainian manufacturer of thermal... more


Bosnian company offers travel and tourism related services to foreign partners in EU and beyond under services agreements

Bosnian company was founded in 1991.The company operates as a travel agency and a tour operator for more than 20 years. It is licensed travel agency involved in all aspects of incoming and outgoing tourism and travel services. The company employs... more

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Peruvian organization supplying alpaca fibre, tops, natural yarns and artisanal knitting seeks distributors

A Peruvian organization formed by Peruvian entrepreneurs seeks to promote the quality of life for surrounding communities, with the purpose of increasing the power of alpaca caretakers in the market, working in a fair trade with socially sustainable... more


Technical partners wanted for gear motor with controlled or no backlash

The Italian researcher has developed and patented (but not yet granted) a gear motor with no or controlled backlash able to manage the clearance between the input motor shaft and the output shaft and to solve specific needs of industrial automation... more


A French SME is seeking distributors of a rehabilitation serious game platform for the elderly

This French company has conceived and developed a rehabilitation serious-game platform. Intuitive and easy to use, the platform offers a serie of fun exercises - developed by physiotherapists and expert physicians - for the upper and lower... more


Worldwide first kitchenware for fully automated and autonomous growth of vegetables, herbs and microgreens in domestic kitchens and haute cuisine.

An Austrian SME developed the worldwide first fully automated and autonomous kitchenware for modern kitchen to grow all desired microgreens, herbs and vegetables fast, reliable and without restrictions. The box can be manufactured in standard... more


Adaptive numerical safety assistant system for the stabilization of construction vehicles with high center of gravity

Construction vehicles with a high center of gravity are vulnerable to tip over in cases of sudden sagging of unfortified grounds which they operate on. Currently, safe vehicle operation mostly relies on the experience and proper training of... more


A Polish company offers precision tooling production including injection molds for plastic industry.

A Polish company founded in 2004 and employs 50 highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in this business. The company offers precision tooling production for plastic industry – injection molds including two component blow... more


A Polish company offers outsourcing services for the production of plastic items.

A Polish company founded in 2004 and employs 50 highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in this business. The company is looking for an industrial partners interested in cooperation in terms of outsourcing the production... more


An Indian company in the field of Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Cosmeceuticals is looking for distributors and agents in EU for their newly launched hair nutrient containing egg oil as main active ingredient.

An Indian company established in the year 2003, is a 14 year old innovation driven company with focus to provide solutions in the fields of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals. Being an export centric organisation their reach... more


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