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Bulgarian company offers complete solutions for the purposes of law-enforcement, border and customs control, civil protection, military, fire and rescue and airports under manufacturing agreement

Bulgarian private SME established in 1992 is looking for manufacturing agreement, subcontracting, and outsourcing agreement. Partnering with the industry leaders, the company delivers products and solutions for the law-enforcement, security... more


Chinese air-conditioning system manufacturer for commercial and large-scale use seeks distributors in Europe

The Chinese company was established in 2005, and its main business is development, application and promotion of automatic control systems. It is committed to the tall buildings' space heating, refrigeration, ventilation, humidification, dehumidification,... more


A Polish producer of mushroom growing equipment is looking for agents

The Polish company with established position on the local market has experience in the field of construction of machines supporting production processes of mushrooms. Their experience comes from working on technical solutions supporting the... more


Austrian engineering office and technical consultancy specialised in Ecodesign and circularity of products is looking for services agreements

This experienced Austrian SME provides technical services and consulting solutions that help its clients from various industries to evaluate and improve the environmental performance of their products and services. The development of effective... more


The Polish manufacturer offers wooden elements, wooden furniture and garden architecture

A Polish company was established in 1991 and is located in Eastern Poland. The company main activity is wood construction of various size: from tiny structures such as tree houses, shelters and summer sheds, cottages, wooden gazebos, garden... more


A Cypriot manufacturing company of functional furniture components is seeking commercial agency and distribution services agreements.

The Cypriot company, which was established in 2018, specializes exclusively in the furniture materials production. The company manufactures a series of components applicable to the furniture industry. Its product portfolio includes state-of-the-art,... more


A Slovenian company is offering a licence for in-wheel electric motor technology for electric vehicles

A Slovenian company is a developer and producer of advanced electromagnetic propulsion solutions for light electric mobility. Since their foundation in 2010 they have combined interdisciplinary expertise from different technical fields. The... more


Catalan startup offers open source hardware manufacture

A Catalan company, which has taken part in a scale up business support project run by the Enterprise Europe Network, offers industrial automation electronic devices based on open source hardware electronics. Their production plant is ready... more


Romanian company offers traditional jams and canned vegetable stew under distribution services agreement.

The plum spread is manufactured using the bain-marie system, in double walled kettles, through which it runs technological steam (indirect heat). The plum spread is a traditional product at his full maturity and it was certified by The National... more


Bulgarian research organization offers license for braille screen device

The Bulgarian research team is working mainly in the domain of 3D printing of historical objects and tactile matrices. The researchers offer a new technology for development of a braille display. The device visualizes Braille alphabet and graphics... more


Bulgarian research organization offers license for braille screen device

The Bulgarian research team is working mainly in the domain of 3D printing of historical objects and tactile matrices. The researchers offer a new technology for development of a braille display. The device visualizes Braille alphabet and graphics... more


French company producing exclusive cognac is looking for distributors of alcoholic beverages

Located in the cognac region in Western France, the company produces and distributes an exclusive cognac on local and international markets. After a wide experience in wines and liquors on the international stage as area manager, the producer... more


A Singapore medical company that develops endovascular products for the treatment of strokes or cerebral aneurysms is searching for distributors through distribution service agreement(s) to penetrate the European market

Established in Singapore in 2002, this Singapore company expertise lies in its innovative, life-saving and life-enhancing devices for the treatment and prevention of cerebral aneurysms. Their core product is a aneurysm occlusion device (AOD)... more


Ukrainian company specializing in development and release of water treatment equipment is looking for partners to cooperate under commercial agency agreement

The Ukrainian company is situated in the northern part of Ukraine. It has been successfully working in the market of water purification equipment since 1992. The company manufactures up-to-date electrolysis plants, designed for obtaining sodium... more


Distributors sought for a tiny, minimal removable house, made of cork and wood for a short-term accommodation. The SME also offers eco-house manufacturing under a manufacturing agreement

The Portuguese architecture company established in 2016 is responsible for the design of a prefabricated tiny house that can be transported and pop up nearly anywhere to offer an immersive experience in the outdoors. The startup chose cork cladding... more


A Lithuanian manufacturer of solid furniture, sports equipment and other wooden items is offering manufacturing and subcontracting

The Lithuanian company specializes in solid furniture, sports equipment and a wide range of wooden items manufacturing since 2003. The company's manufactured products include: - furniture for domestic household (kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms;... more


A UK company is seeking distribution partners for their premium organic agricultural biostimulants and fertilisers

This UK company manufactures high quality high concentration Rhizobium and Mycorhiza biostimulants/bio-fertilizers which are added to the soil to maximize the yield of legume crops – particularly soybeans, peas, lentils, chickpeas, vetches,... more

United Kingdom

Lithuanian company, specializing in producing wooden goods is searching for partners worldwide to work under commercial agency, distributor or manufacturing agreement

The company started its operations in 1994. Over the years at the development of production and technology, the staff has grown to 110 workers. For more than 24 years, the company has been producing high-quality wooden windows, doors, beds and... more


A UK manufacturer of stainless steel products seeks a bowl polishing machine manufacturer

The British company, based in the region of Yorkshire, has been involved in the manufacture of stainless steel products for 100 years. It has a robust UK market through direct supply and via an established network of distributors. The company... more

United Kingdom

Ukrainian company, which specializes in manufacturing of frozen vegetables, is looking for partners to cooperate under manufacturing agreement

The company is the largest producer of frozen vegetables in Ukraine. The company was established in 2003 with the attraction of foreign investments, which became possible thanks to the joint efforts of European partners and Ukrainian specialists... more


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