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7,842 opportunities

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A Polish provider of mobile solutions for iOS, Android and Windows Phone would like to extend their market reach in the events branch, insurance industry and automotive industry

A Polish company that provides SFA / FFA (Sales Force Automation, Field Force Automation) solutions supporting business workflows “in the field”. The team combines the knowledge and experience required for developing and implementing dedicated... more


Development of high pressure sensor core-cell mass production technology

A South Korean research institute has developed a manufacturing method capable of mass production of pressure sensing cells. The technology is capable of mass production using SUS* (see below) sheet material of the same type as the wafer used... more

South Korea

Modular self-service software for hotels offered by a Polish IT company. Distributors from Germany and the UK are welcome.

An IT company from Poland providing solutions for the hotels and tourism market offers a modular self-service software that enables quick communication between the guests and the hotel. The offered system is a complex mobile solution that... more


A Polish producer of women’s repair and night creams is looking for distributors.

This Polish producer of women’s dermocosmetics works with a team of professionals with years of experience in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. All products are manufactured under a certified quality management system according to... more


A Spanish start-up company is looking for companies in the O&M (Operations and Maintenance) photovoltaic sector in order to test its innovative inspection software

Nowadays, the use of drones to perform an increasing number of tasks has become common in different sectors. Among other uses, drones carry out the inspection of big infrastructures (photovoltaic fields, power lines or roads, etc.) by taking... more


An Israeli leading fashion retailer is looking for franchisees

The company is known for exclusive features of design & high quality. They have a special design department with professional graphic designers & patternmakers. The company design team analyzes selling, attends fashion exhibitions across the... more


Bio-active complex of organic substances with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing effect on skin tissues.

A Czech SME is a biotech company carrying out market implementation of the knowledge and science generated in last decades in the field of novel bio-active substances research, offering cost-effective, advantage-providing solutions for pharmaceutical... more

Czech Republic

Polish company, a leading manufacturer of women’s underwear, is looking for distributors of lingerie

The company, established in 1989, has enormous experience and is one of the leading underwear manufacturers in Poland. The mixture of manual production and the aid of advanced industrial technology result in refined finish that meets the highest... more


A Polish innovative company with photonics technology is looking for R&D partners and distributors

A Polish company carries out modelling, fabrication, research and development of specialty optic fibres (including microstructured, photonic crystal, plastic and plastic microstructured), innovative optical fibre components and photonic devices.... more


Irradiation treatment system for food in public health and agro-industry sectors

Food irradiation is the treatment of food by a certain type of low energy radiation. The process destroys insects, molds, fungi, and pathogens that cause foodborne diseases or food spoilage. Food irradiation involves exposing the food to a carefully... more


Spanish company seeks distributors of wood pellets and olive pits

A Spanish company created in 2000 is specialized in commercialization, distribution and export of wood pellets and olive pits of high quality. Both products are 100 per cent natural and ensure maximum quality guaranteed. They have a high caloric... more


[EUROSTARS2] Looking for partners for developing integrated analysis platform utilizing cloud-based block chain for cyber-attack prevention and threat management of IoT devices

With the rapid spread of smartphones and Wi-Fi, the provision of various services using the cloud system and the possibility of new cyber-attacks such as APT (Advanced Persistent Threat: a network attack in which an unauthorized person gains... more

South Korea

Turkish manufacturer of suspended ceiling panels and conveyor systems is looking for commercial agencies.

The Turkish company was established in 2012 in order to manufacture and install ceiling floors. The company became a well-known brand in the local market after successfully completing many projects. The company’s wide range of products include... more


A Turkish company specialized in maintenance and test of high-voltage electrical installations is offering its service under a services agreement.

Generators, transformers and all kinds of electrical equipment used in high voltage systems of plants, plants and autoproducer plants must be tested and checked at certain periods before and during operation. Thus small-sized events can be taken... more


Ukrainian manufacturer of kitchen and household cleaning products seeks distribution service or manufacturing agreement

The Ukrainian manufacturer of household utensils was established in 2007. The company has solid reputation in Ukraine and abroad, specializes in the production of metal scourers(stainless steel), refusal sacks, sleeves and bags for roasting... more


French company making premium food gourmet giftboxes looks for distributors and retailers in the UK, USA, Japan, China and Korea

The French company supplies only premium products from French grocery brands and producers that never sold their products abroad before. It has contractualized with 50+ innovative French grocery brands. The products are usually a selection of... more


Turkish manufacturer of garments is offering its service as subcontractor.

The Turkish company was established in 2007 on an area of 4000 sqm. The company is specialized in manufacturing garments and has fabric, cutting, assembly and sewing departments in production facilities. The company’s wide range of menswear... more


Company dealing with metal products for waste management looking for partners for distribution and manufacturing agreement

Company located in Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina,is dealing with production of metal products. Main products are waste containers, but it also produces different metal products according to the orders and drafts of clients. In... more

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Romanian company specialized in designing and manufacturing mechanical parts and subassemblies is looking for cooperation under a manufacturing or subcontracting agreement

Founded in 2001 in Romania, the company is designing and manufacturing mechanical parts and sub-assemblies using Computer Numerical Control cutting, industrial fittings and high precision components. The materials used are: steel, stainless... more


A UK company is looking for distributors or agents in Europe and worldwide for a new range of domestic and commercial vacuum cleaners

This UK company was established in 2016 and the directors have a wealth of experience including exporting and working with manufacturing partners. They have recently launched a quality range of affordable domestic and commercial vacuum cleaners... more

United Kingdom

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