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Romanian monumental painting company is looking for subcontracting agreements

The Romanian family company has more than 25 years of experience in the artistic creation activities – painting field but was founded under this form in 2013. The main activity of the company is the monumental art - the painting of the churches,... more


Polish company, leading producer of lingerie from Eastern Poland, is looking for distributors/wholesalers in foreign markets.

The Polish company has been on the market since almost twenty years as a leading Polish producer of luxurious women lingerie. Lingerie produced under the brand has been successful for years on many European markets. The company has also customers... more


Bulgarian software and application development company is looking for commercial agency agreements

This Bulgarian software development company established in 2015 has already satisfied the needs of numerous clients on the local (Bulgarian) market and is looking to expand its services abroad. The company is experienced in developing on-demand... more


A Turkish company has developed a wide area airborne surveillance system and is looking for joint venture partners

A Turkish company, with deep experience in surveillance systems in an aerial platform, has developed Wide Area Airborne Surveillance System (WAASS). This is a system used mainly in homeland security applications. It can also be used for search... more


A Turkish company is looking for manufacturers for plastic granule used for producing plastic bags

This Turkish company is located in Erzurum and has just established by four young engineers. The company produces plastic bags for pharmaceutical and food products. Therefore, the company is looking for manufacturers for plastic granule used... more


Area monitoring of neutron radiation

A well-known German research institute has made significant progress in finding a solution for the area monitoring of neutron radiation around those nuclear plants and equipment emitting ionising radiation (e. g. nuclear engineering, medicine,... more


A Turkish company offers customer oriented services in the field of industrial electronics and R&D projects.

The company was established in 1995 and since then, it has been providing customer oriented services with its diverse knowledge and experience in the field of industrial electronics. The company offers full military specification electronic... more


A smart voice assistant for the factory and industry 4.0

Voice assistants are best known in the commercial sector with products such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. They allow hands-free connectivity to friends, family and the internet. As they rely on cutting edge NLP technologies, their accuracy... more

United Kingdom

Polish wholesaler of agricultural products, as fertilizers and agricultural chemicals, is looking for new products to distribute

The company located in north-eastern part of Poland, specialized in trading fertilizers and agricultural chemicals offers distribution services. The Polish company offers both Polish and foreign agricultural products on the internal Polish market.... more


UK company seeks a Turkish manufacturer of exhaust systems and emission control systems for a manufacturing agreement.

This British company has over 50 years of experience in vehicle engineering with specialism in all types of chassis conversion and modification. Along with this, they design and supply emissions control and exhaust systems. With their “all... more

United Kingdom

Irish laboratory specialising in testing and analysis services for the agricultural, environmental and geotechnical sectors is seeking an analysis and testing laboratory partner, through outsourcing or services agreement

This Irish company is an established authority in the field of agricultural, environmental and geotechnical sectors and has become one of the leading laboratories for a range of sampling and laboratory analysis. The company provides a collection... more


Miniaturized ice detection sensor for aerospace and automotive applications

The Greek SME is a spin-out of a well-known university photonics laboratory that focuses on the design and manufacturing of opto-electronic sub-systems and provides turn-key solutions for a wide range of applications in the field of optical... more


Qatari company specialized in the manufacturing & trading of bedding is looking for distributors

The company in Qatar is a luxury range of bedding manufacturer company started early 2017 in Qatar as part of the expansion program of their mother company in Oman established in 1979, this company is one of the largest bedding manufacturing... more


Heat recovery technology based on the organic Rankine cycle and operating with temperatures from 85ºC to generate up to 300 kWe.

World industry consumes 68,871 TWh annually, 52% of the world energy consumption. A 50% of that energy is lost through the combustions gases, radiation and refrigeration systems. Technically, almost 40% of that energy could be recovered. This... more


Artwork display device with audio and mail services dedicated to non-cultural public facilities

A connected artwork device to be used outside cultural public areas has been developed in a major applied arts school in the Paris region, and a French spinoff company has been set up for its industrialization. A Technology Transfer Office (TTO)... more


A UK medical and scientific equipment manufacturer is seeking agents or distributors involved in nuclear medicine and the medical or scientific detection of radioactivity

The UK medical and scientific group has a broad product line for the life science, Positron Emission Tomography/Nuclear medicine and radiation safety sectors which includes: A range of multi-purpose digital radiation meters and monitors with... more

United Kingdom

A Turkish company producing cookies, confectionary and bakery products is looking for distributors

The Turkish company entered into the food industry with tahini production in Mardin, Turkey in 1926 and continued its operations in the Eastern Anatolia region until the middle 50's. The company established its factory in Istanbul, in 1957 and... more


Germany based SME developed a hydrographic measurement system and is looking for partners active in the harbour management sector under a distribution services agreement or a commercial agency agreement

In many of the world’s largest harbours, appropriate hydrographic survey is a necessary requirement in order to keep the fairways clean and navigable. The investigation of the soil by taking and examining samples and the associated dredging... more


Spanish company offers its distribution services for single use material and HORECA products

The company, with 4 years of experience in the sector of single use products, is based in Canary Islands (Gran Canaria), Spain. They provide a comprehensive and efficient service in the sector of distribution and commercialization of a large... more


UK company specialised in domestic and professional building and DIY products is looking for new suppliers of ceiling tiles

This UK company is considered as being one of the leaders on their market. They specialised in the distribution of construction and DIY material and products for both professionals and individuals. In order to broaden their range, the company... more

United Kingdom

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