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UK-based SME seeks distributors and resellers for its digital physical activity service

Demographic changes within the general population include an increase in the numbers of elderly and people classified as overweight or obese. These are trends that are set to continue and so too will the increase in long term health issues associated... more

United Kingdom

UK-based university offers the capabilities of its movement analysis laboratory to companies working in healthcare and sports science

Several medical conditions, from osteoarthritis to neurological conditions, affect the way people move. In addition to this, movement can be adversely affected by injuries and even everyday stresses on the body such as those resulting from sitting... more

United Kingdom

UK-based University offers the use of core technical facilities and expertise for biomedical research projects

Innovation and bringing new technologies and products to market depends on ground breaking research and development. However this essential research can be held back due to lack of resources required to carry it out. In particular SMEs often... more

United Kingdom

UK-based SME requests analysis technologies for drug discovery

Various factors such as the increasingly aged population, demand for better healthcare and expiring patent portfolios is putting ever increasing pressure on the pharmaceutical industry to develop more and better therapeutic agents. This creates... more

United Kingdom

UK-based SME specialising in design and manufacture of mass spectrometers looking for distributors

Mass spectrometry is an important analytical technique with many different configurations and techniques allowing for application to many different research sectors. A UK-based SME specialises in the design and manufacture of high performance... more

United Kingdom

A Polish company, specialized in the production and trade of building materials, seeks EU distributors.

This Polish company has been present on the market of building materials for almost 30 years. Through this offer, the company would like to expand the market for its two products: prefabricated concrete elements and foam glass. Offered prefabricates... more


Swedish company with a logistics centre offering service agreements in warehousing, repackaging and distribution to European companies looking for a warehouse in Sweden

This Swedish company is offering service agreement within warehousing, repackaging and distribution. The company offers large storage capacity with thousands of pallet sites and work with high service levels at competitive prices. The logistics... more


Rotational moulding specialist sought to manufacture under subcontract

Maritime security continues to be an issue: despite the reduction of threats in high risk maritime areas, the risk of boardings and robbery continues. A Scottish SME requires a manufacturer that has a rotational moulding capability. The company... more

United Kingdom

Spanish family-run company specialised in the production of aromatic, medicinal and culinary plants is looking for distributors or commercial agents in France, Italy, UK, Germany and Netherlands.

This family-run enterprise was born in the late 60s with the firm believe that the agri-food industry should go hand-in-hand with the sustainable rural development, people’s health and the utmost respect for the natural environment. The company... more


German IT company specialized in the digitisation and automation of processes offers its service

The German company is providing IT services that are aiming at accelerating recurring processes through digitization with subsequent automation and at mastering new challenges efficiently and reliably with innovative tools. The process digitization... more


EUROSTARS-2: companies or R&D centres specialised in components for hybrid (thermal and photovoltaic) solar panels.

A Spanish company is working in the design and development of hybrid (both thermal and photovoltaic) solar panels. Its staff comes from a previous company and has a wide experience in this sector and technology. Currently, they have commercialised... more


Anti-lock braking system for bicycles with suspension fork.

When braking abruptly a cyclist may experience that the rear wheel of the bicycle loses contact with the pavement. Then there is a high risk of falling on or flying over the handlebar, especially in emergency braking. To prevent falls, the blocking... more


Italian wine brand company, focusing on the promotion of exclusive wine products, is looking for importers and distributors active in the and entertainment sector

The Italian wine brand company, based in Northern Italy, produces and promotes a luxury line sparkling wines, such as Prosecco DOC (denomination of controlled origin) Treviso, Prosecco DOCG (denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin)... more


Alternative to GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is sought for online tracking application

A Catalan company located in Barcelona is currently offering a global solution to manage races providing an online platform for inscriptions, results and live tracking. Participants detection is based on Standard NFC (Near Field Communication)... more


Distribution partners for Austrian biomass power plant sought.

An Austrian SME has developed a biomass power plant for decentralized supply of combined heat, heat and high-quality charcoal from low quality wood chips. The high efficiency biomass power plant is based on a novel (patented) gasification technology... more


Italian company producing a wide range of vegetable preserves in oil and pickles is looking for distributors

The core business of the company is based on vegetable preserves in oil and pickles. It has been producing for 50 years, providing attractive products in taste and package both to the retail channel using glass jar and to the one with... more


Luminescent polymer concrete technology for functional and decorative interior or exterior building applications

The provision of sufficient light for orientation and safety reasons in public or private places and buildings is a basic requirement in our society. Alternative solutions to electric lighting can contribute significantly to reduce energy consumption... more


Romanian plastic injection moulds manufacturer, specialized in electrical multi-pin automotive connectors and hot runner moulds, seeks partners requiring high quality, precision moulds under outsourcing or subcontracting agreements

Founded in 1993, the company is located in western Romania, at about 200 km to Hungary and Serbia borders. With a long experience in plastic injection molding design and related technical consultancy, the company expanded its activity and machining... more


Separation-Filtration Equipment and Plant

The separation-filtration equipment and plants are designed to separate the hydrocarbons from the polluted water and are based on the effects of gravitational and centrifuge forces in several successive steps, combined with the agglomeration... more


Sustainable low effort building system for production of polymer concrete blocks using locally available materials (e.g. desert sand) and their simple modular assembly to temporary or permanent buildings/shelters (refugee camps, slum clearance, ...)

A German SME has developed a novel sustainable building technology for the low cost and fast construction of simple buildings/shelters which are needed after natural disasters or for refugee camps, but also for permanent low cost housing in... more


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