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BBI2019 RIA Bio-based textile finishing and Polymer compounding

An italian research team is active in the areas related to synthesis, properties, characterization of synthetic and biological macromolecules and their applications in life science, rubber technology, advanced texiles, optoelectronics and pac.... more


A Slovenian producer of laboratory consumables and other plastic products is looking for representatives and partners for distribution

A Slovenian company is a specialized manufacturer and seller of plastic laboratory consumables, laboratory glassware and products for sterilization and disinfection. They have been operating on the market for more than 50 years and in this time... more


A Slovenian company specialized in development of magnetic nanoparticle clusters is looking for distributors in Europe

A Slovenian spin-out company of a leading Slovenian scientific research institute is developing and selling custom made magnetic nanoparticle clusters – magnetic nanobeads which are being used mainly in R&D departments of companies specialized... more


A completely novel CCU (carbon capture and utilisation) technology that turns large parts of the chemical industry carbon-neutral or carbon-negative

The chemical industry worldwide makes up 10% of the global energy demand, and it is responsible for 5.5% of global CO2 emissions. As the industry is so large and complex, the progress in meeting various climate-related targets seems to be much... more

United Kingdom

Ukrainian agricultural machinery manufacturer is looking for distributors under distribution services agreement

Founded in 1997 the machine-building enterprise located in the east of Ukraine. The company specialize on the development and manufacturing of production machinery for agriculture and processing production. Their equipment is used in all regions... more


A Czech manufacturer from the medical industry offers outsourcing the free capacity of their cleanrooms

This Czech company located close to the German borders has more than 25 years of experience in production of standard contact lenses and medical device industry; the company follows the legacy of the inventor of the modern soft (hydrogel) lenses.... more


EUROSTARS: A Spanish company is looking for an engineering company experienced in electronics and mechanical solutions

A Spanish research SME, focused on the development of analytical instrumentation in many fields with a large trajectory in security, is working on an Eurostar proposal which aim is to develop a sensor for screening in checkpoints based on a... more


Therapeutic targets in chemokine receptors to select useful compounds for pathologies treatment that intervene in chemokine responses

The residues responsible for chemokine-mediated receptor oligomerization are a therapeutic target that can be exogenously modulated in order to treat cancer metastasis, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases or HIV-1 infection. The specific sequence... more


Slovenian manufacturer of windows, skylights and sliding walls seeks distributors and commercial agents

The Slovenian company is specialized in manufacture of large sliding walls and skylights, windows and doors, made of wood or alu-wood combination. It is a company with 50 years of experience and it has cooperated with clients in Slovenia and... more


UK-based SME with innovative genetic carrier screen offering the technology to end users for testing and feedback

Every year many couples are confronted with the unexpected birth of a sick child due to a genetic disease. Genetic disorders can vary in severity - while some, such as cystic fibrosis, are relatively common and well-recognised, others are rare... more

United Kingdom

An Italian winery, located in Sicily and producing high quality products, looks for distribution service agreements

The Italian winery, built in 1904 in the heart of the traditional Marsala’s wine-cellar area, owns more than 120 hectares of vineyards located on a group of hills on the east of Marsala (Sicily) and has been producing high quality wine since... more


Innovative Bulgarian web development, branding and digital marketing company offers its services under subcontracting agreements

This Bulgarian results-driven company specialized in multilingual web services has a large portfolio and strong expertise in developing high-quality websites and effective branding promotion to build online presence and lead campaigns to success.... more


French SME owner of a collaborative platform, simplifying maritime container freight transport operations and processes for exporters & importers, looks for license agreements

Today shipping process is highly complex, painful and costly. This French company transforms heavy procedures and fragmented IT systems linked by emails, phone calls and papers into a secured centralized operational platform. With this digital... more


German research institute seeks partners to find new applications or optimise the process for their special formed tubes from densified wood

The research at the German institute is focused on innovative applications of constructions made of the building and construction material wood. As a part of the regional university, it is doing its research in close cooperation with research... more


Italian company from Sicily cultivating aromatic herbs used for producing digestive liqueurs seeks distributors

Italian company, based in Cefalù, 80 km far from Palermo, in Sicily, cultivates aromatic and officinal herbs which are transformed into blends employed for the production of aperitifs, bitters and liqueurs. The company produces the liqueurs... more


Israeli company specialized in the separation and treatment of industrial food waste is seeking partners for a joint venture agreement

Founded in 1994, the company took a leading role in the Israeli market for activities relating to environmental sustainability. The company treats industrial food waste, creating value while ensuring that nothing ends up in a landfill. The services... more


Remote electrocardiograph monitoring technology

Serbian start-up company and owner of IP rights has developed the remote electrocardiograph (ECG) monitoring technology. The technology enables cardiovascular patients to obtain prompt advice from experienced cardiologists, increasing the probability... more


Ukrainian company specializing in export of dried medicinal herbs, individual quick freezing and fresh berries is looking for importers and wholesalers in various EU regions to conclude commercial agency or distribution services agreement.

An enterprise is an esteemed and reliable partner in the trade of herbs, flowers, roots, and medicinal plants harvest. The firm is situated in west part of Ukraine. The company's clients are over 30 medium and large pharmaceutical, perfumery,... more


Moldovan producer of cookies is seeking for distributors

The company was founded in 2002 and is actually one of the most important manufacturers of wafers and biscuits in the Republic of Moldova. Starting with the production of sweet corn sticks, in order to meet consumer requirements and the need... more


High-performance chemical vapor deposition (CVD) silicon dioxide thin-film coatings for almost all metals and metal alloys

The German SME offers innovative thin-film CVD coatings including pre-treatment, coating and quality management as well as the development of tailor-made coatings for complex metal products, e.g. heat exchangers, calibration gas bottles, silicon... more


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