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Small Italian company, specialized in sartorial lingerie dedicated to soft and large shapes, is looking for investors or manufacturing agreements

Small Italian company, located in Tuscany, is specialized in sartorial lingerie dedicated to soft and large shapes. The brand was born in Florence, a city appreciated everywhere in the world or fashion and clothing. Women's lingerie plus size... more


An Italian powder coating manufacturer with over 40 years of experience is looking for foreign distributors and commercial agents

The company is a SME, established in 1973, based in the Northern Italy (Ferrara area), and specialized in the production of powder coating equipment, this type of painting is part of the field of industrial painting. Throughout the years, two... more


Polish manufacturer of metal stamped parts offers manufacturing agreements

A Polish company has been operating on the domestic and global market since 1984 and boasts experience in the field of advanced engineering and mass production with assembly. It employs 134 employees and conducts business activities in the areas... more


Italian SME with patented rainfall monitoring system to prevent hydro geological emergencies seeks distributors and commercial agents

An Italian innovative start-up is specialised in developing technological solutions for hydrogeological risk management, urban mobility management, citizen and institutions safety and business safeguard. The company has developed and patented... more


A Turkish manufacturer of rack cabinets and datacentre accessories is looking for distributors and commercial agents in Europe.

The Turkish company was established in 1963 and it is a manufacturer and exporter of 19” rack cabinets, datacentre accessories. The company designs, manufactures, dyes, finishes and packages the products in its factory located in Kocaeli - Turkey.... more


Romanian company specialized in metal furniture production is looking for distributors on the EU market.

The Romanian company's main activities are: manufacturing and marketing of cold working of metals and metallic constructions, producing more than 200 items for Romanian and foreign market: It is specialized in the cold working of metals and... more


Romanian producer of metal containers for various purposes is looking for distributors/buyers in the EU countries.

A Romanian company established in 2005 is specialized in the production of metal containers for various uses, including for street collection of textile waste for recycling. The supplied containers are made of galvanized sheet (0.8 to 1.5 mm... more


A Lithuanian company specialized in the production and trading of freeze dried food is looking for trade intermediaries or sales representatives

Lithuanian company was established in 2016 and it is specialized in the production, packing, retail and wholesale of freeze dried food - berries, fruits, vegetables and spices - which grows in Lithuania, such as strawberries, apples, cherries,... more


A Bulgarian manufacturer of kids fashion apparel is looking for distributors and brand agents worldwide.

An experienced Bulgarian apparel manufacturer for kids' fashion is looking for distributors worldwide to expand their international reach. The company has been shortlisted for a Junior Design Awards in 2018 and is producing their fresh kidswear... more


A UK supplier of fashion sports apparel seeks agents and distributors

Formed six years ago, the company has a robust market within the UK designing and supplying high quality leisure rugby attire to major Premiership rugby club fan shops via a number of licensing agreements. It also has markets worldwide supplying... more

United Kingdom

Polish manufacturer of plastic films and flexible packaging using flexo print technology seeks financial agreement

A Polish well-known family owned company active in the field producing polythene films, film sealing, flexo printing and solventless lamination and recycling is looking for a financial investor in exchange for shares in the company. The company... more


Low-loss transition between optical layer waveguides of different thicknesses

In transitions between dielectric optical waveguides of different thickness, modal mismatch usually causes radiation losses and optical backscatter. Taper structures, which can produce a gradual, quasiadiabatic transition between the waveguides... more


Russian manufacturer of fibreglass pipes, pumping stations, sewage treatment plants seeks distributors

The Russian company from the Moscow region was established in 2007. Today the company develops and manufactures fiberglass pipes, pumping stations, sewage treatment plants by the method of continuous winding of fiberglass, due to which the highest... more


Russian manufacturer of dietary and diabetic food products is looking for distributors

The Russian company from Moscow was established in 2000. Today, the company manufactures various ecological dietary, diabetic and vitamin-fortified foods. Ensuring the safety of food products during the production is carried out using procedures... more


New composition for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson

Neurodegenerative disease is an umbrella term for a range of conditions which primarily affect the neurons in the human brain. Neurons are the building blocks of the nervous system which includes the brain and spinal cord. Neurons normally do... more


Hungarian manufacturer and trader of gourmet high quality smoked, cured bresaola/ham and salami products seeks distributors

The company was established in 2014 in south Hungary. Since its foundation the company has been focusing on the mission to produce the best possible quality red deer, wild boar, grey cattle and water buffalo salamis and bresaolas/hams based... more


Romanian designer and manufacturer of unique jewellery seeks distributors

The Romanian company is a newly established start-up, set by a young, talented female artist with the goal of creating unique handmade products for women. The company from Transylvania specialises in creating jewellery and textile accessories... more


Germany company seeks distributors for intelligent LED lighting and lighting controllers for industrial image processing and machine vision systems

Automated industrial processes require continuous control of quality and technical parameters which is often realised by image data capture and processing. But in order to provide meaningful, continuous highly precise imaging respective intelligent,... more


Armenian producer of wine and vodka seeks distributors

This Armenian producer of wine and vodka was established in 2001. The company is located in one of the regions of Armenia, which is known by its oldest wine making traditions. The company produces 4 types of wine (red dry, red semi-sweet, white... more


Polish company specialized in industrial electricity and automation seeks manufacturers

The Polish company is concerned mainly on the design, installation and delivery of an electric installations and automation in food (i.a.dairies), pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Moreover, the company performs complete electrical and ICT... more


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