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Slovenian wholesaler engaged in sales of meat products is willing to act as an agent to represent other companies’ products.

A Slovenian wholesaler, specialist in the production and sales of different meat and other food products, has been a leading national importer and distributor of food products for more than 25 years. They regularly cooperate with big and small... more


Swedish apparel company seeks a sewing factory in Europe that can offer high quality services and support in the production of primarily dresses

The Swedish company is an apparel startup that will be launched in Sweden during 2019 focusing on long-lasting high quality business attire for women, mainly dresses to begin with, but other items as well later on. The company is now looking... more


A Polish manufacturer offers wicker products and seeks distributors

A company with a well-known brand on the Polish market, operating since 2006, offers its services to foreign partners. Wicker products are a flagship Polish hand-made crafted articles made for many generations. Product designs are passed down... more


Russian company specialized in manufacturing of laser systems is looking for partners abroad

The Russian company was established in 2002 in Moscow. The company's products include excimer, CO2 and nitrogen lasers, diode-pumped lasers, medical laser systems, lidars, high-voltage power supplies and magnetometers. Nowadays, the company... more


A German company has developed a front wind vector field measurement system to reduce dynamic loads and increase annual wind energy production in wind farms

The offered wind turbine control unit is a new real time method with numerical modeling, process simulation, optimisation and forecast of wind energy measurements. The wind turbine control unit is a front wind vector field measurement system... more


Polish producer of herbal and fruit blend tea is seeking distributors and manufacturing agreement.

The company was established more than 20 years ago. At the beginning, they imported hibiscus and teas only. Throughout the years, the company has been investing in machine park, which allowed them to work on purification of imported products.... more


German company offers license or franchise agreements for file management and archiving system

A German company developed a file management system that offers consistent documentation and management of documents in an archive. Here the company responds to the needs of organisations who would like to save time and resources searching... more


Russian producer of the mutlicomponent gel consisting of natural cryoprotectors is looking for partners

The Russian company from Yakutia was established in 2014. Today, it is engaged in the production of multicomponent gel consisting of natural cryoprotectors blocking the process of crystallization of liquid at low temperatures. The gel contains... more


Russian software designer of an augmented reality platform is looking for partners or licensees, commercial agents

The Russian company from St. Petersburg established in 2013 has developed global technological platform that automatically generates a layer of augmented reality (AR) at any point on the globe and, therefore, unites the physical and virtual... more


Making sensors and devices IoT (Internet of Things) ready, in a way that is both user-friendly and manufacturer-friendly

The UK startup was founded by two engineers in chip design. They went to solve the typical problems challenging the uptake of smart home technologies, but also industrial IoT. The existing offerings talk about flexibility and customisation but... more

United Kingdom

A Polish manufacturer of CNC plasma cutting machines seeks distributors of their products

A company from central Poland operating in the metal industry is engaged in the production of CNC plasma cutting machines, screens, crushers and other machines for processing powdery materials. It sells its products in Poland and abroad. All... more


A tool for remote monitoring and management of machines, devices and their operators, developed by a Polish company, is offered for distribution

An engineering and software development company from northwestern Poland specializes in IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions. The firm has extensive international experience cooperating with partners from i.a. Scandinavia and the Middle... more


A 100% Italian (Tuscany) luxury shoe manufacturer seeks distributors and designers

Since 1968 the Italian company has been dedicated to the development of specialized artisan craftsmanship in footwear manufacturing. Extensive research of materials, accessories and most particularly methods and techniques of construction,... more


Looking for new solutions for an affordable and mobile surgical instrument set for caesarean delivery, laparotomy and open fracture treatment.

The Dutch SME is a not for profit company which is fully owned by a medical university in The Netherlands and is an incubator for this university, other universities in the Netherlands, in Europe and far beyond. The SME is building the next... more


Looking for improved ways of monitoring the patient inside and outside of the hospital, for better health outcomes.

Today, patient care delivery in hospitals is often inefficient, leading to high costs, less than desirable health outcomes and overworked staff. Discrete views of patient information can cause miscommunication and workflow inefficiencies which... more


Israeli company producing rugged routing switches for harsh environments seeks distributors.

An Israeli company specializes in electromechanical solutions in the defense & military sectors. Now they are first in the world to offer a rugged switch for various communication interfaces to get connected with computers in the field under... more


An Italy based start-up offers its worknet under financial and acquisition agreements

This Italian start-up has developed a worknet with the purpose to help who have an idea to develop and launch it on the market. It is often not easy to realize a business idea. This difficulty may depend on different causes: lack of skills in... more


Italian designer and manufacturer of marble interior design furnishings is looking for distributors and investors

An Italian designer based in Sicily with more than 25 years of experience in interior design, in the last 3 years has dedicated her talent to the study of marble as a precious material for the creation of furnishing accessories. Always considered... more


A French company manufacturing wooden toys is looking for distributors or commercial agents in Europe

The French company designs and manufactures eco-friendly building block toys for children from the age of 3 years old. The building blocks game is an educational game of geometry, maths and cooperation. The company has created the game in order... more


Russian company that is engaged in production of heated metal balls is looking for partners in order to sign joint venture and manufacturing agreements.

The Russian company from Lipetsk region was established in 2016 and specialized in production of grinding metal balls of III, IV and V groups of hardness (Russian state standard specification 7524-2015). The consumer segments of grinding metal... more


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