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Belgium company specialised in manufacturing resin for flooring is looking for partners under distribution, commercial agency or manufacturing agreement

The Belgian company is based at the heart of Europe and exists since 1960. Specialized in industrial paints manufacture since 50 years, the SME chose to develop a large range of flooring resins. The families resins supplied are: -Epoxy, -PU... more


New filter for removing tar, nicotine and toxic compounds from tobacco smoke

Tobacco use represents a major public health problem worldwide. More than 6,000 compounds have been identified in tobacco smoke, around 100 of which are recognized as toxic or carcinogenic by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Cigarettes... more


Ukrainian manufacturer of confectionery products is looking for distributors

The Ukrainian confectionary factory was established on the basis of the former bakery, where extensive modernization and reconstruction of production facilities was carried out, was built a new European-style workshop, modern flow-mechanized... more


Singapore medical contract manufacturer offering their contract manufacturing services via manufacturing agreement(s).

The Singapore company, is a well-known and leading medical contract manufacturer in Singapore and in the region. Since their establishment in 1988, the company has shifted their focus to providing one-stop contract manufacturing for medical... more


A Dutch multinational company in paints and coatings is looking for solutions to change or improve the way customers apply their products

The company was founded in 1792, headquartered in the Netherlands, operating in 80 counties, with 35.000 talented employees. Over the years it is has grown out to become experts in making paints and coatings and surface protection systems. The... more


Portuguese commercial agent in the textile sector is seeking overseas partners who wish to produce their products in Portugal.

With over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry working within a commercial agency agreement, the company offers a range of services which can be tailored to a bespoke level, depending on the business requirements. These include: -... more


An Italian association has developed an open source suite of hardware devices for electronic music and sound installations

An Italian no-profit association of music composers and makers, with artistic and engineering background, knowledge of sound technologies, electroacustic music and a passion for the creative use of technologies, has developed a suite of low-cost... more


Method for lead determination in food of plant origin using freeze-drying, ultrasound-assisted extraction and graphite furnace atomic absorption

A team of Romanian researchers is specialized in the application of analytical chemistry in directions as environment and health. The Romanian research institute has a remarkable endowment that allows approaching projects from research to prototype... more


Individual bus/truck production

Company factory is based on a quality management system tailored to the needs of bus production. As a manufacturer, company is subject to annual audits by the Ministry of Transport of Spain checking the compliance of all procedures and technical... more


A Polish company experienced in the design and manufacture of steel structures is looking for customers and trade intermediaries (agent, representative, distributor)

The Polish company employs over 50 employees and produces about 150 tons of final products each month. Due to the possibility of adopting both European and local standards, the company has many satisfied customers throughout Europe. The company... more


Polish manufacturing, trade and service company is looking for manufacturing agreement (subcontracting)

The company was established in 1992 in South Poland. Its name originates from its initial activity i.e. manufacturing environmental protection equipment. The company has 25 years of experience. Over years, the company’s activity scope increased... more


UK company offers bulk storage and distribution services

The UK company is a well-established SME providing flexible and comprehensive warehousing, fulfillment, pick-pack, mailing and distribution services supported by customizable IT systems developed in house. They have developed Innovative stock... more

United Kingdom

Ukrainian innovative production company produces underground (seismic) system of protection of any objects and plots of land of any size, which is capable of determining persons by their footsteps

It is important to gain time while it is under surveillance. The sooner appears the information about the intruder, the more time is left for reaction and counteraction. When using the Ukrainian system of protection, the sensors of early detection... more


Eurostars: Norwegian SME with a technology that reduces moisture in building constructions and fridge and freezer compartments seeking partner that can test and implement the innovation

The key objectives to be reached through the Eurostar project together with European partners (from Eurostar countries) that can implement and test the innovation in their existing product portfolio: Market 1: - Test and confirm that moisture... more


Distributors and agents are sought by Armenian wine producer

The wine producer from Armenia was established in 2016 and is located near Areni village of Vayots Dzor region. This area is wildly known due to the oldest wine production complex in the world excavated in one of the caves near Areni village... more


Distribution partners and commercial agents sought for innovative fully automated sampler robots for biomass materials

The Finnish company has developed a fully automated solution, which renews raw material quality management at biomass power plants, pulp mills and bio refineries. The sampler is a unique solution (European patent pending) that takes real-time... more


South Korean company offers a propulsion system mounted on an outboard engine considered safe from the propeller, energy saving and quiet, under licensing and commercial agency agreement

The Korean SME has developed a product that is easy to install on the outboard engine for the massive supply of products. It is also applicable to an inboard engine of a small ship. It can be applied to all types of vessels. The proponent has... more

South Korea

Encapsulation technique for alternative feeds in the aquaculture industry

The Singapore research institute has developed an encapsulation technology using the layer-by-layer (LbL) assembly technique to develop larval microcapsules. The institute has used stimuli responsive edible biopolymer-based materials as outer... more


German cell culture expert offers analytical services to industrial or academic partners in the field of biotech/biopharma

For the rational development of cell culture media and optimal cultivation of mammalian cell lines, it is essential to understand the cultivation processes in detail. Special analytical methods are available (utilizing e.g. ultra-performance... more


A Macedonian company specialized in steel constructions is offering to act as a subcontractor

Established since 1992, the Macedonian company is specialised in steel fabrication and building design. It manufactures variety of steel structures intended for industrial and commercial buildings of different sizes. The company also produces... more

Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of

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