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Complex e-commerce omnichannel platform for cross-border sales offered for co-operation based on commercial agency agreement, subcontracting or licence agreement

Czech IT company has developed e-commerce platform that help retail businesses with digitalization and administration of the core of their business from one simple administration. With this tool, merchants can be processed together with all... more


Ukrainian company specialized in the installation and service of industrial equipment seeks for partners under subcontracting agreements

The company is a professional contractor of the installation and service of industrial pipelines and process equipment for the production of beverages and food items offer subcontracting agreements to a company in a complementary and non-competitive... more


A Romanian company specialized in consulting services for imports from Asian countries is looking for partners to collaborate under subcontracting agreement

The Romanian company has been present on the import consulting services market since 2007. The company has accumulate experience over time and has developed a network of professional collaborators at the international level. The company has... more


Specialised Portuguese R&D organization supports companies through custom-design, development, testing and validation in different markets (industry 4.0, health and wellbeing) to deliver customized solutions under outsourcing or subcontracting agreements

Founded in 1991 as an initiative by the University of Coimbra, the Portuguese R&D institution is a private non-profit organisation which promotes innovation and the transfer of technology. Its department focuses in applied Research and Technological... more


Data analytics and business intelligence services for the life sciences sector are offered by a Bulgarian company under outsourcing agreement

A Bulgarian company delivers professional end-to-end data analytics and advanced data analytics, business intelligence and integrated planning consulting and development services to companies in the sector of medical devices, pharma and healthcare.... more


A Bulgarian producer of cold-pressed oils is looking for partners under commercial agency or distribution services agreements and is offering its products under a manufacturing agreement

A Bulgarian family-owned company produces healthy high quality oils from pumpkin and black cumin seeds by the method of cold-pressing. This way of production makes it possible to maintain all the beneficial properties of the substances they... more


Training suit for the improvement of sports performance based on functional training.

Spanish SME focused in the field of sports performance offers a training suit, which is a garment for functional training, based on the natural movements of the body, and not on isolated muscle training, since it has been amply demonstrated... more


Bulgarian micro manufacture offers exclusive wild-crafted cosmetic products to distributors and commercial agents

This exceptionable small factory is located in the hearth of the famous Valley of Roses in Bulgaria known worldwide for the unique complex of favorable climate, soils, clean and preserved nature, which gives the globally renowned qualities of... more


Bulgarian company which manufactures concrete products is interested in business partnerships under manufacturing and distribution services agreements

This Bulgarian company was founded in 2000. The main activity of the company is production of various concrete products. The technological production equipment belongs to the world's leading German manufacturer.The plant is unique in the region... more


A Korean manufacturer of PNA (Peptide Nucleic Acid) technology-based mutation detection kits and oncology molecular diagnostic kits is seeking distribution opportunities to expand its market abroad

With the cutting-edge platform technology, the Korean SME has been leading the molecular diagnostics market in Korea since 2013, based on PNA, Peptide Nucleic Acid. The company has expertise especially in cancer-related molecular diagnostics... more

South Korea

Ukrainian producer of aluminium structures and ‘smart’ glass products is looking for partners under subcontracting and manufacturing agreements

The Ukrainian company, which was established in 2012, produces innovative glass at affordable prices for the European market. Its products are: Smart Glass - laminated translucent glass using liquid crystals in the form of PDLC ( Polymer Dispersed... more


A UK market research company offers market entry and market expansion research services via outsourcing agreements

Based in the North of England, the company has been offering strategic market intelligence services and customer insight / feedback services since 2003, although its staff have many more years experience through previous roles. The company has... more

United Kingdom

Energy-Efficient Wagon Construction

It is well known that especially on the top side of open wagons, like hopper wagons, even at low speeds air flows are created that counteract to the forces that accelerate the wagon. Current approaches to enhance the aerodynamic behaviour of... more


A Lithuanian company specialising in wood processing and wood products offers production under manufacturing agreement

The company established in 2008, in Lithuania is a family business with the main goal to provide quality service for their customers. The company has modern wood processing machines and equipment to ensure that best quality goods are made. The... more


A Romanian research institute is searching for partners for industrial applications development of mesoporous TiO2 (titanium dioxide) in the frame of a technological cooperation agreement

A Romanian national R&D institute is focused on the development of advanced materials (nano and micro-materials) by different synthesis methods (hydrothermal, sol-gel, and solid-state technologies). The institute has experience of over 10 years... more


The Ukrainian company that manufactures wheat flour, pasta and confectioneries is looking for distributors

The company was created back in the year 2000. During their very first days, they have established the values of the company which revolves around manufacturing the highest quality products for the consumers. In the past 20 years, they have... more


A Bulgarian software development company offers its services under subcontracting or outsourcing agreement

A Bulgarian company working in the field of software development wants to further expand its activity internationally through appropriate partnerships. It can serve its partners in every step of their IT projects: - analysis and design, - UI/UX... more


Spanish developer of assistant robot in spinal surgeries seeks partners for validation and industrialization.

The SME was created in 2017 as a spinoff project of an industrial corporation specialized in the precision manufacturing of mechanical components/assemblies for aerospace applications. It was born as a result of various R&D projects which concluded... more


A culture platform to cultivate muscle tissue for functional screening and high resolution imaging

Skeletal muscle tissue supports essential functions, e.g. breathing, swallowing and limb movement. Strategies to improve muscle function were historically tested in non-human animal models, but in recent years, there is a shift to enlisting... more


Improved examination of blood microcirculation with protective cap for video microscopes

Life-threatening illness in critical care patients is often accompanied by changes in microcirculation (circulation of the blood in the smallest blood vessels). Given that a sufficient micro-circulation is crucial for oxygen supply to individual... more


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