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The Ukrainian producer of composite products on the base of glass fiber is looking for distributors and commercial agents.

The Ukrainian company has been on the composite market for 59 years. For many years it remained the only factory with a large research base in Ukraine, which produced products on the base of glass fiber. Based on many years of experience in... more


An Ukrainian creative web design and digital marketing company offers outsourcing agreements

The company is an IT development outsourcing company based in Ukraine with 5 years of experience in web development for the legal entities and private clients. The company is advanced in websites' development, mobile applications, online stores. The... more


Dutch company is looking for a manufacturer for textile/canvas bike covers

The Dutch company is specialized in the development, production, delivery and installation of products and turnkey solutions where canvas, foil and technical textiles are involved. The company has developed a cover for family cargo bikes. The... more


Partners sought for an Erasmus+ Sport proposal to reduce youth deviance and marginality

The proposal aims to prevent and reduce the problems of youthful marginality and deviance, through the promotion of a correct approach to sport. A Local Administration in Central Italy is designing a Small Collaborative Partnerships proposal... more


Innovative antimicrobial contact lenses for human and animal therapeutic purposes

Patients with chemical eye injuries and different type of eye infections typically suffer from pain, blurred vision and a red eye. Conjunctivitis is the most common eye infection. Corneal infection (keratitis) is less common but it has a serious... more


Italian SME engaged in research is looking for partners interested in financial agreements and joint venture agreements

The Italian company, founded in 2018, is located in Rome and is specialised in research. It has developed a high-performance, easy-to-use bioreactor that allows for cell culture in microgravity conditions, without mechanical parts inside the... more


A UK based company offers a social media type of functionality for smart devices:offering secure easy connection, tracking and management of sensors and beacons

The UK based company has experience of active participation in European funded projects in the areas of secure wireless communication and Industry 4.0 which, concerns the next generation of automated data collection and data exchange in industrial... more

United Kingdom

A Belgian company offering artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, data science and business intelligence services is looking for partners under a subcontracting or outsourcing agreement

The Belgian SME was established in 2019 and it provides AI, machine learning and data science solutions for companies and institutes. It was founded by a team of experienced engineers and business executives who want to apply their knowledge... more


Romanian company offering integrated 3D printing is searching for partners in the framework of a manufacturing or outsourcing agreement

The company is a start-up located in the western part of Romania offering a 3D printing alternative to a production chain for end products. To be specific, it offers every service needed to get a product from an idea stage to the end customer.... more


Spanish additive manufacturing (3D printing) engineering SME seeks partners under outsourcing, subcontracting or manufacturing agreements.

The Basque country based engineering company that was founded 5 years ago, provides a full rapid prototyping service to its clients along with an integral product-focused consultancy to effectively transform traditional manufacturing processes... more


Portuguese company seeks new products in energy, water and organic waste reduction for distribution services agreement

The Portuguese SME has nine years of experience in energy efficiency and sanitation projects, which includes the initial diagnosis, the presentation of solutions, cost estimation, the economic viability analysis / return of investment, search... more


Armenian company that offers high performance educational hands-on learning solutions is seeking partners as distributors and agents worldwide

An Armenian company is active in the field of industrial automation, systems integration, custom hardware and software development design education products, that help to increase the efficiency of the learning process. The product is an affordable,... more


A Romanian trade company is willing to act as distributor for confectionery products

The Romanian company was established in 1991 and they are one of the leading distributors of packed food products in Constanta county. The company has a wide range of products in their portfolio, over 100 producers, both imported and local brands,... more


A Polish trading company operating on the food market would like to start cooperation under commercial agency agreement to represent foreign food brands and products on the Polish market.

This Polish company, created in 2018, is made up of specialists with many years of experience in commercial activities on the food market. During this time, they gained, in addition to experience and knowledge, numerous contacts with the largest... more


A Polish company offers new, fast and easy technique to assess food quality under license or subcontracting agreements

This Polish start-up from analytical chemistry sector developed a new technology for trace analysis of various fluorescent compounds. It intends to create device and technology which would simplify and make food testing more available to small... more


A Belgian organic and dynamized beer brewery is looking for distributors worldwide in order to develop their markets

A Belgian brewer is looking for partners all around the world in order to distribute their products through distribution or commercial agency agreements. The craft beers offered are using pure and dynamized water. Also, they contains local... more


A Greek non-profit organisation that repairs old computer equipment for societal benefit seeks organisations willing to contribute such equipment through a supplier agreement.

A Greek non-profit social enterprise that was founded in 2015 collects outdated/disused computer hardware (mainly laptops and desktop computers) that are then repaired by the company’s volunteers and donated to elementary schools and junior... more


Japanese plastic drainage parts manufacturer for kitchen sinks and bathrooms is seeking for distributors in the EU, especially Germany and Italy

This Japanese company is the only company in Japan that specializes in the detailed manufacturing and selling of plastic drainage fittings and drain traps. They sell these products to Japanese kitchen, bathroom, and wash basin manufacturers.... more


UK company that produces premium quality sustainable food & drink containers is looking for agreements with commercial agents and distributors

The UK based company produces sustainable and premium quality products in the reusable sector. A key objective is to eliminate waste by removing it at the source. The range of reusable products include 4oz-16oz cups, 410ml and 850ml bottles,... more

United Kingdom

UK consultancy specialising in IT seeks partners in Europe under outsourcing or subcontracting agreements

The UK company has been operating since 2013. The managing director, who started his entrepreneurial journey as a teenager, has set up and managed a number of successful IT related businesses which have operated around the globe. This has given... more

United Kingdom

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