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Wearable assistive mobility exoskeletons that will be affordable in non-medical markets

A small UK company is capitalising its know-how in exoskeletons. It was founded by researchers who have led a number of national R&D projects in the UK, Sweden and India, since 2011. The result of these projects is said exoskeletons are at TRL... more

United Kingdom

Spanish developer of maritime area integral supervision system seeks partners experienced in public tenders for joint ventures or subcontracting agreements

Spanish SME in the field of network of sensors in partnership with German and Swiss companies has developed a platform for supervision of maritime areas. Some application areas are fishing, nature reserves, wind farms, conflict zones and port... more


An Armenian company offers mobile trading equipment for the delivery of goods under license agreement.

The Armenian company offers a utility model, which is a piece of mobile trading equipment for delivering goods on the basis of a vehicle, which has cells for goods, that are installed in a row, one above the other. According to a utility model,... more


3D printed instrumentation for steam turbine maintenance

The present worldwide quest for renewable energy sources has focused a renewed interest in less exploited sectors, such as the geothermal one. Italy has a long tradition in geothermal energy plants, but many other European countries are active... more


Spanish water sports clothing manufacturer seeks for agents/distributors or manufacturing agreements

Spanish company located in Barcelona in 2007 by a well-known water polo player, designs and produce sports clothes and complements, mainly focused in water sports such as swimming and Waterpolo and also in triathlon and gymnastic equipment.... more


Realtime IoT (Internet of Things) based sensing solutions for automated critical data collection and management in air and water monitoring networks

A Spanish company, founded in 2014 by a team of engineers, new technologies and software programmers, works to put technology at the service of project efficiency and environmental sustainability. It has developed the only end-to-end system... more


Italian furnishing company is searching for new markets and financial partners

The company was founded in Italy in the 60s as a production of furniture and furnishings and established itself nationally and internationally, above all for the unique style of its products and the participation of important architects who... more


Romanian company, producer of natural jams and natural cold processed syrups, is looking for distributors.

Romanian company produces, based on its own recipes, natural jams from local fruits and also the first collection of natural cold processed syrups from Romania. The company has the advantage of a small family business - they can change fast... more


Herbal tea manufacturer is looking for a disinfection technology for killing bacteria and fungi found on raw herbal tea material

Lithuanian herbal tea manufacturer produces wide variety of teas. The assortment of teas comprises around 200 different products which are all high quality medicinal herbal teas. The variety of products are composed of around 100 different types... more


A Polish producer of yachts is interested in industrial partners for a subcontracting or manufacturing agreement

The Polish SME has been involved in the manufacture of yachts and composite molds intended, among others for the shipbuilding industry. The company designs and offers construction for boats, offers high quality boats models, and the final boat.... more


German SME is looking for distribution partners for its innovative self-controlling hygiene management system for medical and dental praxis

The German company is a consultancy for medical surgeons and dentists with the core competence in hygiene management. Their main subject is the validated reconditioning of medical devices and instruments and training of the medical staff and... more


Singapore commercial indoor/outdoor lighting company seeking European partners via distribution services agreement

The Singapore company is considered as a veteran in the lighting industry of Singapore. Established in 1997, the Singapore company has build strong reputable brand partners from countries such as United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea. The... more


A Polish industrial manufacturing company specialised in wide range of products and services is offering subcontracting

The Polish manufacturing company, established in 2000, is offering a wide and comprehensive range of industrial products and construction services. Its industrial sector operations are divided into three departments: Electrical which offers... more


[EUROGIA 2020] A Wind farm operator or Asset Manager is sought with experience in predictive maintenance in Turkey or other Eurogia countries for a labeled Project

A Spanish engineering company founded in 1984 with the aim of undertaking innovative projects in the electricity sector permitted the application of new technologies for controlling their facilities and information systems. The company has... more


LC-NMBP-31-2020: Spanish research institute seeks end-user partners and experts in the field of offshore wind energy generators and tidal power generators with specifics needs in materials.

A Spanish company, a non-profit private centre, has a large trajectory in international cooperation. The centre has coordinated 19 out of the 35 European projects in which they have been involved from FP6 to Horizon 2020 including LIFE and ECO-Innovation... more


Romanian garden furniture company seeks manufacturing agreements

The Romanian company, established in 2005, is an important manufacturer of garden furniture in the South Muntenia region. The Romanian company can execute the following products at the clients' request: 1. garden pavilions made of wood; 2. wooden... more


Lithuanian producer of organic dog food is looking for distributors

Lithuanian dog food producer was established in 2018. It offers organic, low-carb and raw-dehydrated dog food. It is made from 100% human-grade ingredients which come from sustainable and responsible farms. They are gently air-dried under 30... more


Czech distributor company offers beta-glucan of a very high-quality as a pharmaceutical and food supplement to manufacturers in Europe under subcontracting.

Cereal and fungal products have been used for centuries for medicinal and cosmetic purposes; however, the specific role of beta-glucan was not explored until the 20th century. Beta-glucans were first discovered in lichens, and shortly thereafter... more


A Lithuanian manufacturer of fragrances for personal, home, car and company's premises use is looking for trade intermediaries

The company is one of well known Lithuanian fragrances manufacturers. The company is experienced in manufacturing fragrances such as perfumes, home fragrances, car air fresheners and other scented products for people, home, car and etc. since... more


Italian company specialized in design and production of high quality and tailor made bridal dresses is interested in commercial agency or distribution services agreements

The Italian company is based in Sicily and is specialized in design and manufacture of high quality and tailor made bridal dresses. The production is inspired by the Sicilian tradition, in particular the Liberty style, but it complies with... more


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