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Partner sought to jointly develop and commercialize novel active filter materials for health protection and fighting future pandemics

The German company is a growing technology-driven materials start-up, manufacturing and selling a portfolio of large-flake, few-layer E-Graphenes (electrochemically exfoliated graphenes) and formulations, tailored to integrate seamlessly into... more


The Slovak producer of buildings materials by using waste cardboard packaging is looking for distribution services agreement

The family company from Slovakia runs its business in recycling area since 2001. The company produces construction materials from a waste such as construction boards, fire resistant boards, sound resistant boards and different types of panels... more


Slovak SME patented technology for recycling of filter materials to obtain ecological premium quality activated carbon and special high-performance thermal insulation fabric and is looking for investor.

The company headquartered in Slovakia is the owner of the world patent aimed at the technology of recycling of filtration materials and recovery of activated carbon, resulting in two products: activated carbon as such and insulating material. The... more


The Ukrainian engineering company is looking for distribution or commercial agency agreements

The Ukrainian company is working in such areas as an electric drive control, technical safety and telecommunication systems. The firm has all the necessary in-house technical and production resources for the implementation of a range of works... more


A Moldovan company specialized in construction seeks supplier of raw materials under supplier agreement.

The Moldovan company, a well-known name among the major construction centers in Moldova was founded in 1999. The company is a dynamic developing company, during its activity it has gained trust and authority among the national construction companies.... more


Hungarian glass product manufacturing company with huge professional history is looking for new foreign partners in the frame of distribution services, manufacturing or commercial agency agreement

The company was founded in 1993 and has been dealing with producing borosilicate glass-based products for 25 years. Their first class raw materials are the DURAN glass tubes and rods manufactured by German and Czech factories. The Hungarian... more


A Polish company specialized in production of customized tools, machines and tooling is offering manufacturing agreements

A tool manufacturing company from Poland with many years of experience in design and production of special machines and plants, moulds and tools, prototypes and auxiliary equipment as well as testing and assembly devices is looking for foreign... more


Israeli developer of smart measuring tools for fashion, DIY and shipping industries is looking for distributors

The Israeli based company specializes in smart measuring tools and has developed a unique sensor-based measurement technology that helps its users in three main sectors: - Fashion retailing for online and physical stores, tools that help customers... more


A leading biotech Korean company specialized in producing high-quality diagnostic kit for COVID-19 seeks for global partners

Due to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread worldwide, many countries are requesting Korean-made test kits for the coronavirus and its stable supply is important in a pandemic situation. Since its foundation in 1992, the Korean... more

South Korea

Polish producer of natural fruit and vegetable cocktails is looking for agents and distributors

A Polish production and trade company engaged in fruit production in the central region of Poland, the largest orchard region in Europe. The orchards of the company grow in the immediate vicinity of the Lake-Olszyny Nature Reserve, an ecologically... more


Portuguese company providing industrial engineering consultancy offers their services for subcontracting and technical assistance in Portugal

Portuguese company, founded in 2018 and located in south Lisbon region, is looking for partnerships in the area of industrial engineering - equipment and services/ technical assistance. Company is searching for engineering/consultancy partners... more


Aqueous nano-suspension for the maintenance of private swimming pools reducing the use of pool chemicals is offered for distribution by a Czech company.

The Czech SME is a part of a group of companies owned by family members and visionary Czech experts in the field of nanotechnologies. It is focused on commercializing research and development in the area of nano materials and their applications.... more


An Italian company is looking for agents and/or distributors for its artificial vision and signal acquisition systems

An Italian company from the Lombardy Region manufactures artificial vision and acquisition systems which can be applied - for instance to the textile market-, visual inspection and quality assurance and scanners for detecting of conformity of... more


A German chips and snacks producer is looking for distribution service and commercial agency agreement

A German food manufacturer disposes of more than 100 years of success and experience in the development and production of snacks such as potato- and corn snacks, peanut flips, nuts and potato chips. Following the most recent trends as well as... more


Romanian manufacturer of educational children’s games and wooden gifts seeks distributors

An innovative Romanian start-up manufactures educational materials for children and wooden gifts for adults. Established in 2019, the Romanian company benefited from European funding for setting-up the production facility, fact that enabled... more


A UK SME who has developed an artificial intelligent debt management software using an innovative approach is seeking commercial agency partners.

The UK SME has developed a radical new approach to consumer debt management. It allows the ability to better engage with customers which results in an extremely cost-effective, entirely consistent method of successfully reclaiming assets at... more

United Kingdom

Italian SME specialized in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and electronics’ services for product development is looking for partners under outsourcing agreement.

The Italian company was established in 2005 mainly as a provider of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) services. Throughout the years, it became an innovation and service provider in the areas of design, verification and analysis of PCBs (printed... more


Slovenian manufacturer of equipment for measurement of physical and chemical parameters like gas concentration, emissions, respiration, flux and volatile organic compounds is looking for partners under a distribution services agreement

The Slovenian company has a long tradition in the field of measuring instruments and measurement techniques for measuring physical and chemical parameters for the needs of ecology, pharmacy and industry. In almost three decades they have grown... more


A Bulgarian company specialized in wood processing and manufacturing of wooden products is offering its services as subcontractor

A Bulgarian company with a long term experience in the processing of wood and manufacturing of wooden products is looking to expand its international reach. Since its formation, the company has strived to have a closed production cycle: from... more


Croatian company offers subcontracting or manufacturing agreement in the metallurgy sector and construction

A Croatian company specialized for manufacturing and installation of metal structures, which are being custom made, offers subcontracting or manufacturing agreement of metal products. The company is active from the year 1992. The company offers... more


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