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Novel method for making Teflon® and other fluoropolymers hydrophilic

The wettability of polymer surfaces is an important consideration in some applications, for example where adhesion to the polymer surface is needed, such as when paint or functional coatings are applied to polymer substrates, or glue is used... more


A Czech manufacturer of custom made hydrogel ophthalmic implants is looking for distributors and/or business agents

This Czech company has more than 25 years of experience in producing standard contact lenses and custom made prosthetic lenses. Some of their recent products are hydrogel orbital and iris implants. Iris implant: This implant is a soft non-translucent... more


A Korean bio-healthcare company is looking for distributors of collagen film which can be attached on oral mucosa, for collagen absorption in human bodies

Established in 2012, this Korean company started as a food franchise company, providing Korean traditional food and since 2017, it has operated bio-healthcare food subsidiary, dealing with health functional food including red ginseng, garlic,... more

South Korea

Bosnian Herzegovinian company which produces a wide range of PVC and aluminium joinery and related products seeks distribution and manufacturing agreements

The company is a family one and it works in the municipality of Bijeljina, the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has been in the market for 13 years and has many years of experience in the field of business. The wide spectrum of... more

Bosnia and Herzegovina

A Chinese company is seeking European partners to work together for electronic shelf label (ESL) technology development under a technical cooperation agreement

This Chinese company is the core enterprise for the IT modules in its group company. It is devoted to R&D on circulation information solutions and aims to provide comprehensive information solutions for its users including software, hardware,... more


Polish company is looking for ecological products from interior and exterior finishing materials sector to be distributed on the Polish market

The Polish company with an established position on the market is looking for new products/technologies not present in Poland. The company has been active on the Polish market since 2001. The company is offering its products and services both... more


Belgian SME offers its expertise to participate on a H2020 call to foster the EGNSS data market uptake in a green, safe and smart mobility within the public transport area.

Reduction of CO2 emissions within the mobility and transport sector is a requisite for the cities to attain their CO2 emissions goals. The introduction of EGNSS (European Global Navigation Satellite System) data should lead to lower CO2 emissions,... more


French manufacturer of smart knee pad to practice rehabilitation remotely at home looks for distributors

The company has developed a CE certified medical device. It has been successfully tested and introduced in the French market. It allows home based rehabilitation while giving full control of the rehabilitation to the medical team (physiotherapist,... more


Romanian company specialized in cloud computing solutions is looking for partners interested in the offered services, under a commercial agency agreement

The Romanian company is offering hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Dedicated Server Solutions(DSS), rack hosting, cloud storage, electronic archiving, document management services for a vast array of companies.The hosting solutions are... more


Downdraft table suitable for standard and ATEX (ATmosphères EXplosibles) filter cartridges with self-cleaning system.

Downdraft tables are a type of workbench that provides extraction and filtration for welding and grinding applications. It is used in a wide range of industries such as aerospace, aeronautics, metal, etc. to work with different materials. Nevertheless,... more


Turkish producer of extra virgin olive oil seeks distributors

The company is a family business with a long tradition in olives and olive oil for 50 years in Turkey. The cold extraction processing technique and short times between harvesting time and processing allow a low degree of acidity that allows... more


PDF/graphic file analysis tool sought for conversion to machine-readable format

An Austrian engineering firm is looking for a solution to facilitate information processing and the analysis of data particularly in PDF and graphic format. When for example researching a topic online, most information is contained in free... more


Singapore manufacturer of respiratory wearable medical device seeks European distributors via distribution services agreement

The Singapore medical device manufacturer, is a provider of innovative solutions for respiratory health. The company has invented a small and non-intrusive smart wearable patch that is capable of performing continuous auscultation like a stethoscope,... more


A Korean company offers real-time & boundless location (indoors, outdoors, ground and underground) tracking system for pets

As the number of people with a pet is increasing, the pet-related market is also growing globally. In Korea, the number of single household and aged people are continuously increasing. Nowadays, more than 10 million people are living with their... more

South Korea

French company specialised in pathogens fight and hygiene improvement is looking for distributors cross Europe

The French company offers several ranges of products dedicated to hygiene practices. They have a range of single-use devices for collecting body fluids with absorbent pads. The objective is to make it the “gold standard” in managing body fluids... more


Turkish manufacturer of marine gearboxes is looking for distribution partners and commercial agents to increase market share

The Turkish company is a family company and produces 4 types of mechanical marine gearboxes, 5 types of hydraulic marine gearboxes, hiking planetary gearboxes and also gear deburring machine. The gearboxes differs between 10 to 60 Hp suitable... more


Bulgarian producer of electro-welded steel tubes seeks manufacturing, outsourcing and subcontracting agreements in several European countries

This Bulgarian company was established in 2003 in the North-eastern part of Bulgaria and is one of the fast developing companies in metal and metal processing sector in Bulgaria. The company’s main activities are production and processing of... more


Italian company manufacturing personal protection clothing is looking for distribution agreements

Italian company based in Naples specialized in the production of clothing, footwear products and accessories for personal protection wants to increase its market position abroad. For more than a decade the company is supplying its products... more


A Turkish manufacturer of electric appliances like fuse boxes, switches, sockets, grounded extension sockets and related accessories is looking for distribution service agreements

The company have a head office in Istanbul. They established a new production facility located in Hayrabolu district of Tekirdag on 5,100 m² open and 3,000 m² closed area in 2012. Establishing a new industrial facility for cable and plug groups,... more


Slovenian SME active in the textile industry is offering its products ranging from sewing threads and buttons to mounting press machines under commercial agency and services agreements, and is ready to provide technical consultancy in related fields

The company was established in 1984 as a family business first focusing on thermoplastics injection moulding. As a result of an increase in its activities and business network the company nowadays figures among the leading SMEs in the textile... more


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