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Slovenian SME offering advanced analytical platform for enhanced rich data visualization (SQL, OLAP, IoT streaming, …) and ML (machine learning) algorithms seeks commercial agency agreements and license agreements partners

The Slovenian company has more than 15 years of experience in the field of analytics, provides professional assistance during the implementation of the system, helps to improve processes and prepare data for the best possible support in business... more


Complete solution for the use of beehive air with approval as medicine device

With the growing demands of everyday life, the interest of many people to get involved in their own health and well-being is increasing. This also enlarges the demand for holistic health services. The German company has been working for many... more


Covid-19: French manufacturer offers innovative protective and antibacterial textile masks under a distribution services, commercial agency or a license agreement

A French family textile company founded in 1946 has never ceased to develop and innovate for several different markets and in this period of Covid-19 has oriented its manufacturing activity and has developed an innovative, protective and antibacterial... more


Danish content production studio is offering Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality solutions for projects within healthcare, tourism, education, museums, cultural heritage, training, simulation, and more.

This Danish award-winning team has worked with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications since 2016. The team has over 20 employees and have worked on over 200 VR & AR projects, for clients within multiple industries (marketing, healthcare,... more


A Chinese company offering a hospital smart bedside card system solution seeks European partners via a distribution services agreement

This is a Chinese company specialised in professional display and embedded intelligent software application R&D and manufacturing. The company is committed to bringing screen vision and human-computer interaction solutions to people’s daily... more


Turkish IT company offers customer-tailored technology and services for clients in different fields of the sector, under a commercial agency

The Turkish IT company has developed [and also represents] software solutions for all major and minor business sectors, namely banking and financial services, health, logistics and transport, retailing and wholesaling law firms, audit and accountancy... more


Bulgarian producer of fire rated inner doors is looking for international cooperation under distribution services agreement, commercial agency agreement and license agreement

The firm started in 1990 in Brugge, Belgium as a production firm of sliding doors for the local Belgian market. In 2000, the Belgian firm started production of invisible doors with distribution in Belgium, Holland and France. After the publication... more


A Slovenian producer of chilli sauces is looking for agents and distributors.

The company has started with the small production of homemade hot sauce. During several years and with a great deal of joy and love, it has developed the unique recipe for this sauce. The product quickly gained considerable interest among people... more


Bulgarian paper and cardboard packaging manufacturer is looking for international partners under manufacturing agreements or subcontracting

This Bulgarian company started its work with paper and cardboard packaging in 1999. They have an extremely modern production base. The company has developed and produced paper and cardboard packaging for a wide range of products and industries.The... more


The Ukrainian company specialised on wooden beehives and frames production is looking for distributors

The Ukrainian company that located in eastern Ukraine is offering a production of the wooden beehives and frames in different dimensions. The quality corresponds to the EU regulation's demands. The company has 5-years experience both in Ukraine... more


A Spanish football club is looking for smart solutions to harness the power of stadiums for the promotion of entrepreneurship in tourism

The coronavirus outbreak has paralysed the tourism industry devastating economies that are largely dependent on this sector. In many otherwise popular tourist destinations, hotels have been deserted and restaurants, bars, tourist attractions,... more


A Polish producer of electronics is looking for new partners based on distribution services agreement.

The company is a leading manufacturer of smartwatches in Poland. The company’s team are professionals with high competences in the field of the latest technologies. What distinguishes the company is the constant hunger for knowledge and the... more


Polish producer of premium-quality jarred meat products is looking for agents and distributors

A family-owned SME from the north-western part of Poland has been operating in the food industry for nearly 25 years. It's specialised in the sale of processed meat products and has a local chain of eight stores. The firm has recently broadened... more


A Lithuanian company specialized in commercial vehicles installation, conversion and other vehicle bodies production is offering its manufacturing services

The Lithuanian company is specialized in the production of commercial transport, minibuses/vans modifying and equipment installation according to customer requirements since 2018. Its main activities areas are: • Vehicle bodies production: rigid... more


Romanian manufacturer of wooden interior decorations seeks international business partners under distribution agreements

A Romanian company manufactures wooden interior decorations for office and home use. The company’s product portfolio includes: - lampshades: available in different sizes ranging from 15x15 cm to 40x40 cm; - candlesticks; - boxes for tea, tobacco,... more


Peruvian company specialized in production and merchandising of textile garments is looking for distributors in Europe.

The company was founded in 2012 and is located in Lima, Peru. They design and manufacture textile handmade garments for women, including all knitted in jersey, braids, jacquard, intarsia, ribs drafts, fully trendy. They work with fibers 100%... more


A Romanian manufacturer of tourism promotion products and traditional souvenirs seeks international partners under distribution services agreements

The Romanian company has been established in 2005 in the West Region of Romania as a family business. The enterprise is specialized in designing and manufacturing a wide range of tourism promotion products. The items produced include souvenirs,... more


German specialist for yard management and factory logistic systems is looking for partners to run pilot tests of its software and hardware solutions

The German yard management specialist provides an efficient automated factory logistics system. From the entrance to the loading ramp, they offer hardware and software solutions for self-registration, vehicle weighing, time slot management,... more


A Slovenian high quality woman’s leather handbags producer is looking for commercial agents and distributors

Family-owned leather goods company since 1968. Well known in Slovenian fashion circles for many years. Regular cooperation with recognized Slovenian fashion designers and participation in fashion shows. Limited editions and unique products.... more


Israeli manufacturer of high-quality plastic materials and composites for construction, building, packaging, sealing and infrastructure industries with vast array of products is looking for distributors.

Israeli based manufacturer specializes in manufacturing of plastic materials and composites for building construction, sealing and infrastructure industries. The company has a vast line of products and manufactures products with the highest... more


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